A thing beyond forever

Little One Romance

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Sarah and Brad are living a happy married life according to everyone around them, They are rich, have successful careers and are in love with each other. Everything, however, is not as rosy as it looks from the outside. Sarah is lonely and desperate for her husband's time while he is busy at work always! Their sex life is not even half as exciting as it was while they were dating. Rhea, Sarah's friend, and co-worker has hots for her husband and she finally is successful in creating a huge misunderstanding between them. Matt's presence doesn't help as Brad, consumed by his own insecurities, thinks Sarah is cheating on him and therefore makes her life a living hell while sleeping with Rhea in the meantime! The arrival of an unexpected new family member changes their dynamics all the more! Soon, Brad realizes how wrong he was( with the help of family and friends) and does all that he can(in bed and otherwise) to get Sarah back. But, Jake, Sarah's childhood friend looks like her new love interest and his baby's new daddy. Is it too late or will Brad be able to get her back?


Tags: BillionairePossessiveSexArrogantBadboySunshinePowerfulDramaSweetBxG
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Sarah’s Pov


"I forgive you and forgiving you means that we will never bring this up ever again. Not in our future fights or even think about it. You won’t feel guilty or the need to make up to me for anything and I will not feel the need to punish you for this ever in the future. Okay? We have had enough of both of those already, I……