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A bastard like him shouldn't have her ...
A woman like her shouldn't be wasting herself on someone who doesn't know how to treat a lady.
She does not interest me what they think, she will be for me.
I am the one who will make her enjoy it and worship as the goddess that she is.
Go ahead, you can judge me ... but I want and want for myself, my brother's wife.
And I won't stop until I get it.

My name is Santino Lux and this is the story of how an unusual woman snatched away the calm and peace that she had in my life. Alexa Bell came to me in the simplest way possible and without doing anything to get my attention, but my brother was the trigger that the passion that existed in me focused on his girl, and in his attempt to be better than me, he committed the mistake of unleashing a forbidden love between her and me.

Alexa Bell could not avoid falling into Santino's clutches and finding herself divided into two loves that will make her see both sides of the coin, two very different men who possess her with opposite intensities ...

Love does not announce its arrival, it simply passes and its consequences, reactions, and effects are as unpredictable as the future itself.
Was it that bad, improper, or shameless to fall in love with your brother's girlfriend?

Find out in this story full of drama, romance, and rivalry.


Tags: love-trianglefriends to loversdominantgoodgirldare to love and hateCEOdramatragedycitycrime
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Nor could he be sure. The funeral was two days after the announcement of his death. Notice only, the authorities and the medical service did not find him. Not Santino ... not Alexa. Luke's frantic attack took place in the parking lot of one of the motels on the outskirts of Kuri. The "bastard" only shot once, before falling into one of those psy……


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