the story of the side character on the isekai world


Charles Cabardo Fantasy

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This is a story of a side character who lived in another world love story, so it's like this he is in love with his childhood friend and his childhood friend is a princess as they grow up, he wanted to confess. Still, the demon lord revived the kingdom needs a hero, his childhood friend Bussy to summon a hero on another world. How can he confess in this chaotic time? Um, I will change this if I come up with something better


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hello everyone my name is William Robertson I am the main character of this story. today I will how I met fl and how my love story goes I guess? so anyway I will tell you how my life on as a side character on another world this how it goes 

long long ago There's a boy who got lost in the palace, but he found a beautiful garden in the ……