Unknown Betrayal

Rafah Suspense/Thriller

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Can men and women really just be FRIENDS? Or is there more to it than friendship? What happens when you put culture over religion? Well, you can find out through the journey of Zaynab Abidemi, a loveable woman who has won the hearts of many, but it soon turns against her when it starts to affect her friendship with one of her best friend, Aaleyah Olatunji.

Will her closeness with a certain someone be the destruction to their marriage?

Follow her as she experiences a series of events through friendship, betrayal and love triangle.


Tags: Love-triangleKidnapIslamLove after MarriageKarma/DestinySecond ChanceFriends to LoversDominantPowerfulTwisted
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Chapter 30


“So your not pregnant? Your just acting like that for no reason?“,I raise an eyebrow at Aaleyah who rolls her eyes and continues feeding Azeez.

“Did I ever tell you that I was pregnant? Did I tell you to start assuming rubbish?“.

Is she serious? I swear this isn’t the same Aaleyah that I married.

I sit beside her an……