Breaking Her Walls

Imaan00 Romance

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Sophia's abusive past continues to haunt her. All she feels is emptiness and wants to find a way out of it.

She wants to chase her demons away but the darkness has trapped her in a thick, choking blanket. And she feels helpless.

Follow her journey as she grows up and finds out about the reality of life.

And possibly love.


Tags: SpiritualPossessiveRapeIslamArranged MarriageArrogantMeangirlKickass HeroineDramaTragedy
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. . . TEN MONTHS LATER . . .


“Sit down, Abdallah. The baby won’t go anywhere.” I chastise as Abdallah continues to hold ‘the baby’, gently swinging him around.

He cuts me a glare. “His name is Zayaan, not ‘the baby’.”

“No. I don’t like that. I’m not naming my son Zayaan.” I make a face, sipping……