Vengeful love .


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Alina was back in town with only one thought in mind , her revenge . Revenge from those who not only troubled her but ruined her life to the point that she didn't want to live anymore . Thank god , she lived . Otherwise , who would have punished those cruel stone hearted people .
She had a perfect plan to punish those who hurt her . The only problem in her perfect plan being Max , a boy she had fallen in love with who betrayed her in the worst way . She trusted him with all of her secrets and what he did was scream them out to the world . But what if the feelings she had for him are still there lingering in her heart . And no matter how hard you try it's not easy to let go . Is it ?
Would things go as she had planned ?
Or will the troublemaker herself fall in trouble ?

Alina : My mind battled against my own heart . I knew he was no good for me that he had broken my heart , ruined my life in the worst way possible . He turned my dreams into nightmares which troubled me every now and then . Yet everytime he came closer my heart would beat faster , my insides would melt and the plan of my revenge would get weaker by the end of the day . His brother on the other hand was trustworthy , charming and sweet but somewhere I knew I would always choose him.

Max : I had never imagined that I would again be able to fall in love . With someone so similar to her. It was like she was here with me , I could feel her presence.But I knew they were different . Mia and Alina could never be the same person .


Tags: twistedseriousmysteryrealistic earthschool
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Conflicting emotions.

Max :

" How dare you ? " , her eyes narrowed at me . I wish I could run away .

She took a bold step towards me and I covered my cheeks to prevent myself from getting slapped . The slap I expected didn't come instead her soft hand caressed my chest. The moment I removed my hands thinking I was saf……


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