When Stars Collide (English)


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Jeon Jungkook the the youngest member of the biggest boy group in the world, BTS. Talented and handsome. Korea's golden maknae.

while he started to love

Lee Aaliyah Aera, the No. 1 Hallyu Star and the only daughter of the most richest family in Korea. Beautiful, talented and kind hearted.

When two people fall in love but at the wrong time. Will everything work out in the end?

This is a fan made story. No harsh reaction please. Just ignore if you don't like.


Tags: possessiveage gapheir/heiressK-popdramasweetbxgfirst loveBTSactress
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Chapter 02

I woke up and my whole body aches. This is my last day here in Mandeok-dong. I'm thinking of doing what to do list before heading out to have my breakfast of the day.

I will get myself ready first. I took a bath. I missed soaking in a bath tub, maybe after my escapade that's the first thing I will do when I return home.

For today's ……