the rise of the hybrid


Kim osas LGBT+

15701 reads

"I cant do this, its going to hurt" Eric said while trying to push Ryan away
" trust me I am going to go easy on you, trust me you wont feel any pain I promise you' you will feel pleasure nothing but pleasure". Ryan said as he kissed Eric gently.

*************************************************************************************witnessing the death of his mother at the age of six, Eric vowed to avenge his mother's death and to kill the mysterious vampire on black. fate made him meets his arc enemy Ryan the vampire. Together they both decided to find the mystery man on black and avenge Eric's mother. Will they be successful in their quest or will Eric find the truth that will haunt him forever.


Tags: dominantbxbwerewolvesvampirecampusothersbetrayalenemies to loversWriting AcademyWerewolf/Billionaire LGBT+ Writing Contest ⅡStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
Latest Updated
Book two is out

Good morning loviles,

  Thank you for giving me sometime to rest and think about the book two, I am here to announce that book two is out and I uploaded it and it titled "The Hybrid's Curse”.

    The book will updated three times a week, I want it to be perfect and more better than book one. I hope you all will journey……


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