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After he heard my words, he screamed and pounced on me with rage. His wrath made him maule me and I let him take out all his fury on me. But the moment his rage got out of control and crossed his limits, my blood boiled and all the truths erupted out of me like a volcano.

The truth struck him right on place and he fell back. His eyes turned blood red with shock and despair. The hatred had already vanished but the rage was making him go crazy. He growled his heart out hard and I hugged him close to my heart to calm him down. But intead, he pushed me away, cupping my face with his strong hands and placed his rough lips on mine, kissing it so hard that the he could taste my blood. His sudden attack on me got my nerves fire. A tingling feelings which was so hard to be suppressed swept through my blood and as it hit my head I realised what it meant.
Holy shit, he was my second chance mate...
When the alpha of alphas ends a megalomaniac who wanted the reign for himself, it put start to a vengence tale. One night was all it took to change the life of the royal heirs.
Years later,the arrival of a lone wolf who has a hidden agenda will shake up the whole lycan world by digging up past mysteries that will put forth an enigmatic chaos ...

But what will happen when it gets entangled in past relations and mysteries while it goes rogue????


Tags: revengealphalove-trianglesecond chancemanipulativeheir/heiressmysterywerewolvesbetrayaldisappearanceRoyal Romance Writing Contest
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The rest of the day was a hectic task of preparations and decorations which covered the whole mansion. Gosh, Tasha’s taste was way out the world that made it almost impossible to be exacted. As she hated too much girly kind of things, everything had to be simple and classy but who knew, simple was the new impossible!!!