Arranged To Marry The Beast


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She was the bride of the Beast.

On her eighteenth birthday, he'd come for her.

She was arranged to marry and given to the legendary Son Of The Moon before she was even born. He was entitled to everything that's hers, her heart, mind, soul, her lips, her body and her innocence.

But she wasn't his mate and he didn't love her, not even one tiny bit, but he was going to own his virgin bride forever.

Her mother had taken something from the Beast, and as punishment, she had to sacrifice her only daughter to him.

Blaire, who has never been kissed or had a boyfriend, finds herself stuck in the palace of the King who wants nothing but to destroy her for what her mother did. She has to be in love with him after a year of marriage, or she gets killed. But how can she love a Beast?

*what to expect*

"You did not let Lucas kiss you, right? Blaire, look at me when I'm talking to you!" Jessica could already imagine his wrath.

Without a doubt, she knew he was watching.

The Son of The Moon was always watching.

Blaire gave her brief side glances, she was too ashamed to look her mother in the eyes. "No, Lucas did not kiss me, mommy, no one has ever kissed me."

"Good girl. You know who your lips and innocence are reserved for, right sweetie?"

Blaire nodded yet again, her eyes falling to her exposed thighs. "Yes mommy, only my future husband can kiss me, my innocence is reserved for the King of Amborwa."


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