Fire & Snow

A. Silove NewAdult

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Aydan was a blazing fire, come too close to him and risk being burnt. He was what parents warned their children to stay away from. From his ridiculously good looks to his utterly smart mouth, Aydan had it all. However, there was one thing he did not do, and that was be attached to anyone. Then he met Neva, she was everything he was not and he could not help but want her and her innocence.

Neva had one plan: get through college with no distractions and not get into trouble. Sounds simple enough, wrong!

In a bid to raise money for her tuition, Neva agreed to work as an assistant but what she did not know was just what she was getting herself into. Then she met Aydan, smart, very out-going and ridiculously hot BUT a huge player with no regard for any of his actions. He was a raging fire that burnt everything it touched and Neva knew well enough to stay away or risk being burnt in the process. And she planned to stay away from him at all costs.

But what happens when fire meets ice? Will the fire melt the ice or will the ice quell the blazing fire?


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