Broken - Hearted bad boy

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Callie and Blake, two people that go to the same high school but don't run in the same circles...Blake is everything Callie hates in a person...he is your typical bad boy who gets what and who questions asked, well everything except Callie.

Callie is one of the few girls in the entire school who does not fall under Blake's spell. She has a boyfriend, Blake does not interest her in anyway. When Callie's boyfriend Ryan moves to the other side of the world for a year Blake takes this as his chance to get the one thing he could never get...Callie

Senior year and everything changes. Enemies become friends...lovers become enemies and secrets are spilled that breaks hearts but what Blake did not expect when he decided to pursue Callie was he would fall for her in ways he promised himself he wouldn't...that he would end up being the one with the broken heart.

Welcome to the broken Hearted - bad boy.


Tags: Love-triangleSexOpposites AttractSecond ChanceHighschoolPlayboyDominantBadboyStudentDramaTwistedBxG
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