The Millionaire's Girl

Fireheart_bella Romance

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"Stay away from my son! This is all your fault!!!"
Mrs Vanessa Lancaster screeched as James was being led away into the intensive care unit.
Ashley was glaring at her and from the look on her face and the rest of James's family, Cherry was not wanted at all.
Her chest constricted with pain as she watched as the Doctors barked orders at the nurses while rushing James into surgery. It was all her fault, she thought as she turned back hastily and left the hospital.

He was the rich handsome playboy who was obsessed with her. She was the nerdy school teacher who believed in fairytales. James Lancaster although he didn't believe in love or happy endings, falls for Cherry Watson agat the wishes of his family. As their relationship grows and James starts to realise his love for Cherry. Cherry has to decide if she would be able to endure the pain and drama that came with falling in love with James Lancaster.


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