Through Countless Reincarnations


IreneKim Fantasy

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Their love story started in the 19th century. Lucian is a demon who makes contracts in return for souls. Genevieve is a young lady with a heart's desire to avoid an arranged marriage and comes seeking Lucian's help.

Their love story comes to a temporary end when tragedy befalls her and Lucian embarks on a quest to find her again. But every time he finds her, she dies almost immediately and never reaches 18.

Then one day in modern day London he encounters her again and she doesn't die. It almost seems like this time is the one. However there is something darker at play this time and nothing is as it seems.


Tags: billionairereincarnation/transmigrationlove after marriagearranged marriagebadboyCEOtragedysweetWriting challenge
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Seventieth and Final Meeting

The day started out like any other. It was a work day so Lucian was woken by his alarm clock, he got out of bed and went to the bathroom whilst Genevieve fell asleep again. Then he went back into the bedroom and woke her up. Genevieve was a heavy sleeper and needed an extra push to get out of bed. That was their normal routine and they didn’t te……