The Dragon King's Dark Angel


Christina McQueary Fantasy

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#Royal Romance Contest
Book 1 of the Red Thorn Series
King Atreyu is known as the most ferocious dragon king to have ever reigned over the Red Thorn Kingdom. Having ruled over the kingdom since the young age of 18 without the love of his fated mate turns Atreyu into a monster only capable of showing compassion to a few select dragons. How will King Atreyu react when he finally finds his fated mate in the worst situation imaginable?
Genevieve is a dark angel who gets captured by King Gideon of the Dark Mountain Kingdom. His pack of dragons are known for their heinous acts against women, and Genevieve learns firsthand that the rumors are true. Will Genevieve be able to live through the abuse she endures at the hands of the savage dragons from the Dark Mountain Kingdom?


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47 - Crowning Ceremony

King Atreyu

    The rest of the week went by without any problems.  The final preparations were done, and everything was ready for Genevieve’s Crowning Ceremony.  I was thrilled to have Genevieve stand by my side as Queen of the Red Thorn Kingdom.  

    In addi……