Be My Little

Little One Erotica

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A stressed girlfriend is almost forced into being a little by her dominant boyfriend, while she does everything in her capacity to not be dependent on him. They are a loving couple but they keep on fighting because Mila is unable to let her guards down enough to be vulnerable in front of someone and just sit back and enjoy being pampered and loved! Guess, That's gonna change :) Also, there is a cross over of characters from other books, so read all of them while you are at it!


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New Friendships

Jared comes the next morning along with Penelope, Sansa, and Carlos. They bring in so many get well soon cards and gifts for Mila and my princess looks so happy!

 After so long it feels. All she has been doing ever since she woke up in the morning was a cry. It was a fight giving her that suppository. Jared changes her drip while she ……