Being his halal

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A Dreame featured story.

Meet Annur abubakar you typical arrogant, playboy billionaire, but what if there's more to this playboy, after all looks can be deceiving. And there's hatina, your loving, kind, beautiful Muslimah. Like they say opposite attracts, but what if this opposite doesn't attract and are forced to an arranged marriage. Wouldn't that be like fire on a mountain? Or would they learn to live with each other, beating all obstacles in their path?

"Don't worry she's nobody. Let's go". Annur spoke and my heart fell into pieces. What was I thinking? That he would actually want to be nice at least just once? Wow I was so dumb to believe that. I feel so used and embarrassed.

Hey, you. Yes you reading this right now.... Come on just give it a try, I promise you won't regret it. Come on guys, I'm doing this for you, and this is pure hard work, please show some love.

I'm not the best writer, but I still try to learn better as I can, and I can only do that, if you guys are willing to let me try.

Thank you.


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Being his halal.