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There's only one person I can compare Lucs kiss to, Jake. While Jake was always stiff and sloppy, Luc is a forceful presence that demands to be answered too. My eyes are closed and my hands curl into his shirt where they brace against his shoulders. With his fist in my hair, he forcefully angles my head in the direction he wants, and I let him. I test my tongue against his, shiver because Jake never kissed me like this. I let his tongue explore my mouth, and he let me do the same to him. I'm sloppy, but I can't find it in myself to be embarrassed. 

The warmth that seeps through my core makes my legs shake and I'm happy he's there to hold me up. 

His knee pushes my legs apart and grinds against me, and his shirt rises higher. My shorts peak out and I gasp at the firm muscle pressing between my legs. 

"Luc," I moan. I mean to say it, normally, with an even tone to force him, both of us, to come back to reality, but the moment my lips parted his hand trails up my thigh and grabs my backside. He squeezes my ass, grunting after I moan his name.

"Come on, sweet cheeks," His voice is husky, thickened with lust. He pulls away from me, and I whimper. I don't care if it's because Jake cheated on me with my mom, and I needed a rebound, a distraction. 

I bite my lip and shake my head. Now that he's out of my head space, I can think properly again. 





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