Book Review: Best Friends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste


Ashley Grey has two best friends—Blake and Ryan. Everyone in Western High knew they were inseparable. For years, Stacey had been keeping her feelings for Blake, who is in a relationship.

But a kiss will change everything, and the question is: how long will their friendship last with their hearts involved?

Part 1: Characters Of Best Friends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste Novel

Best Friends Shouldn't Know How You Taste Ashley Grey

Green-eyed, seventeen-year-old Ashley Grey has been a best friend to Blake and Ryan for as long as they can remember. She’s your typical nerd with glasses, shy, innocent, and a bit introverted, who miraculously became best friends with two famous guys in Western High.

Thanks to these outgoing, gorgeous guys, Ashley could somehow leave her comfort zone as long as Blake and Ryan were with them. They made sure she was never let out and tagged her along with them.

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But I like her positive attitude and gut for calling out girls who try to talk ill behind her. They were insecure girls who tried their luck with Blake and Ryan but failed. They accused Ashley of desperately sticking with the two boys to keep her company which is quite the opposite.

Best Friends Shouldn't Know How You Taste Characters

Blake and Ryan are two handsome Italian and cool best friends of Ashley. Blake, with his striking blue eyes, had dated almost all girls in Western High. The same thing with Ryan. The only difference is Blake is now in a relationship with Tracy, who always has a sour face for Ashley.

Everyone assumed Tracy was Blake’s miracle girlfriend. He stops changing girls after they become together, but that’s not the real deal. Tracy is not the real deal for Blake. It was Ashley Grey or Ley for him and Ryan. Or Bambina (baby in Italian) for Blake.

Part 2: About the Best Friends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste

Best Friends Shouldn't Know How You Taste

Best Friends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste is the fourth installment in a YA series by Demiah13. It follows the story of Ashley, a book nerd with a stash of erotic books under her bed. She has two gorgeous male best friends, and one of them is the man she doesn’t dare admit she sees as more than just a best friend. Blake is in a relationship, and Ashley never wants to stand in between. Besides, she’s nothing compared to the women her best friends had dated. They would never look at her that way.

Sneaking for a night party leads them to a dare. A harmless dare ends up with Blake and Ashley kissing each other. Blake later admitted they could not stay being just friends now that he got a taste of her. This is when their stolen kisses and heated moments will begin, leaving Ashley questioning what relationship she could really offer to her two best friends— or lovers.

Part 3: Why Readers Love Best Friends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste

Novel Best Friends Shouldn't Know How You Taste

Except for the typical best friends falling in love with each other tropes, Demiah13’s book Best Friends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste is loved by many readers because of the characters. The trio has so much chemistry readers wouldn’t be surprised if they actually fall in love with each other. Their feelings and personalities are what you will usually find in books with the same theme, but Best Friends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste feels real.

The characters are relatable, and the tensions between Blake and Ashley are built from the beginning until the sparks of romance start to grow between them.

There are hot, breathtaking scenes between them, but considering the genre and the targeted age, the author is very careful with mature scenes. Still, you will not feel like anything is lacking in the story.

Best Friends Shouldn't Know How You Taste Read Online

It is a fun, light read, and the dialogues are smooth. One moment you’re laughing with the characters’ remarks, another moment, you’re balling your eyes out crying.

This book, Best Friends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste, was so good that you will definitely reread it just for fun!

Part 4: Alternatives for Best Friends Shouldn’t Know How You Taste

Book Best Friends Shouldn't Know How You Taste

If you want to hear more about best friends being more than just best friends with romantic love and heated moments, check out these books!

4.1.The Best Friend Agreement

For the sake of their friendship, Ivy agreed to pretend to be Ryder’s girlfriend for the ex-girlfriend who dumped him over his older brother. She believed it was only natural for her to help her best friend. Will a supposed fake agreement become real? Or will it ruin them as sex becomes everything?

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4.2. My Bestfriend And His Brother

A friendship between a guy and a girl. But the girl found herself attracted to her best friend’s brother. When things seemed to be getting real between them, she realized her best friend had fallen in love with her two. Now, she’s torn between the possessive love of two brothers. Which love will win? Who will she choose?

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Best Friends Shouldn't Know How You Taste Novel


4.3. My Bestfriend The Nerd

Another best friends falling in love novel, but with an opposite role. In this story, the female lead is a cheerleader, popular in school, and experienced. While her best friend since she was two years old, Nolan, grows up to be a nerd. No friends. No experience.

Completely opposite of her. Entering college and being roommates will change something in their relationship. In a bad way or a good way.

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4.4. My Ex-Bestfriend Is Now A Bad Boy?

All is set for college for the main character in this story except for meeting her ex-best friend, Drew, on campus. The sweet, caring guy she once knew was gone. Drew is the bad boy on the campus with trouble trailing behind him. He’s a stranger to him. And what is more surprising? He doesn’t recognize her at all.

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Best Friends Shouldn't Know How You Taste Demiah13

4.5. The Best Friend’s Contract

Another deal between best friends who only wish to help each other. Aidan is a billionaire and CEO whose mother persistently sets him on a date with random women. But Aidan is not ready for marriage yet. Luckily for him, Kenna is her best friend, a doctor too busy to find someone to love. Aidan is prepared to make her part of the contract so his mother will stop nagging him. But what will Kenna say to this?

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