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It's a LGBT 18+ Book. you were warned.

Adam was kidnapped when he was still a child, and locked in a s*x house unlike any other. There, s*x slaves were not human. Adam was a werewolf. Clients, wealthy human, men and women, secretly frequented that house, which the police, created by the werewolves council, tried to discover and shut down.

One cop in particular, an alpha who vowed to end that monstrosity, subject himself to the unimaginable, to find and save those creatures, and close that den of pain forever.

One creature in particular he wanted to save. the shewolf who had a white wolf, which he saw deflowered live on the deep web. the wolf's sad eyes were etched in his head forever.

What Drake didn't imagine was how special that wolf was, because she was the only wolf in the world that was born inside a male werewolf.

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Chapter 1
There was a world outside the packs that almost no werewolf knew about. No, I'm not talking about the rogues. They knew as much as the pack wolves. It was a secret underworld, unknown to anyone who didn't belong. Huge s*x houses visited only by the rich and powerful, where supernatural shapeshifters and other creatures were used to satisfy their darkest desires. Men and women who possessed great wealth or were in a position that made them unique in the world were invited to avail themselves of services that were not offered anywhere else in the world. They went in and out incognito, left fortunes and f****d or were f****d by all kinds of creatures that existed in the world. The dirty desires of the wealthy led them to have s*x with shifters of all kinds, in human or wild form, with demons, vampires, fairies, elves and even dwarves. None of the creatures offered as s*x toys to humans were there of their own free will. All were kidnapped from somewhere in the world, implanted with GPS and an invention by the owner of the establishment, which made it impossible for any of the victims to turn against wealthy customers. There weren't just supernatural victims. There were also human victims, but these were rarely used for s*x. They served to appease the most macabre fetishes of some clients. They were used for vampires to drink blood, while patrons delighted in watching life slip from the eyes of these human captives. Shifter lions attacked them and ate their bodies. The Shifter Bears ripped them apart. All to the delight of the rich and sordid customers, who had been watching the pain and fear of those who ended up dead. Any kind of s*x or s****l fantasy was possible to satisfy in that house, and that was what kept it secret and successful. What all captives had in common, whether supernatural or human, was their beauty. They were all creatures unlucky enough to be born with beautiful bodies and faces that made c***s and pussis throb when looked at. There were no days of silence in that house. Every day, cries of pain or pleasure were heard. Victims' pain and clients' pleasure. No customers crossed paths, no one knew of anyone else that the space frequented. And the more secret it was, the greater the success. The various groups of raptors that were spread around the world, looking for the most beautiful specimens, did not worry about the age of the victims. If one was selected, it made no difference whether they wore a 30-year-old or a 10-year-old beauty. They served everything the "payers" required. That's what had happened to Adam. One day he was coming home from the human school his parents enrolled him in, and the next day, he was screaming in pain when a fat old man paid for his virginity. It had been several years since that day, and Adam had lost any hope of escaping from that hole. He was keeper in the same room, and then, he was on all fours, in another room, when someone used his hole to come. He was used by both men and women. In fact, he was one of the most sought after, since he arrived there. His light blond hair, almost white, and his electric blue eyes, in a beautiful innocent face, drew attention from an early age. Owning a big c**k helped too. He was obliged to shower every time he returned to his room. Bath that includes washing inside. He was obliged to work his body in a gym, for 2 hours that were deducted from the few hours he had to sleep. When he shifted for the first time, it was inside a cage, broadcast over the Deep Web, where hundreds of humans paid to watch the pain of the first Shift and the auction for the first opportunity to f**k the new wolf. Adam has had no luck. Against all odds, and as the only werewolf in the world who had a female wolf, Cora was often used for s*x. Especially, what went on the Deep Web, and was paid in gold. Cora was a beautiful wolf, white as snow and with emerald green eyes. She was big, but because she had never run in the woods or seen the moonlight, she was submissive and depressed, never speaking to Adam, and only helping him heal the wounds that aggressive s*x had inflicted on him. The days were always the same. He would be taken to clients' rooms, never knowing what kind of s*x awaited him, and then return to his room to wash up and wait to be taken to the next one. When he was allowed to sleep, he dreamed of his parents, and the pride they took in him. With his pack and with his friends, and during the moments he dreamed, he felt happy. Then he would wake up, and the day would repeat itself in the same way. Adam didn't cry. He had no more tears to cry. He didn't speak either, because even Cora didn't show her presence. One creature, two identities, both destroyed when their beauty was coveted. Then there was Drake. He was as close to a police officer as you could get among werewolves. He worked for the King's Supreme Council, and he was the best agent they had. The disappearance of young werewolves worried the packs, and when an alpha's son joined the missing person's register, they had to act and create a department dedicated solely to finding and saving the missing. For years, they hadn't found any leads, but since Drake had joined, and convinced them to let other species join the group, several groups of smugglers had been caught in the act and many creatures saved. No wonder Drake had a price on his head, and had suffered several assassination attempts. Drake was very smart, and he managed his team efficiently. He didn't sleep twice in the same place, he didn't have relationships with anyone, and he practically lived like a monk. Drake was 23 years old, and his mate had died before he found her. He felt his heart stop beating, and he never looked for a chosen mate, due to his profession. No one knew what his pack was. The danger of the pack being attacked to get to him was tremendous. The only thing he did in his spare time was let Duke, his black wolf with red eyes, run around in the forest. Yes, he was an Alpha, but his father held the title until he returned. It was the promise he made to himself one day when he was investigating pages on the deep web and accidentally came across the auction of a white wolf's virginity. The sad eyes of that strong and beautiful animal broke his heart. He wanted to know who the werewolf was. Knowing the human part of that creature. And from that day, he lived to destroy that den of slavery and pain.

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