Fated: The Belted Series

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An enchanted realm falls victim to a grave attack, and their only hope is their young princess who managed to escape with a handsome guard. All while the clock is ticking for her to choose between her soulmate or her duty as new queen. Join her on her journey as she uncovers vile truths about the people she trusts and the men she loves. She finds new and old friends and a hidden truth about her parent's death lurking in the shadows. Will she choose love or marry the enemy?

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Fated: Belted: Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Belted 7 days. 168 hours. 10080 minutes. That's all it took to ruin my life. That is all it took to realize that everything I have ever believed in, was a lie. Trust no-one, love none and forget the past. The words ringing in my ears as I watch my blood pool around me. I cannot breathe, yet I have never felt this kind of peace. I hear his name echo through the walls of this empty house as I watch my belted mate turning his back on me. I would have never loved him the way I know I could love, but my God, would I have loved him more than he would ever be loved by anyone else. I feel my body tingling, the hair raising as I finally let go. The gash in my throat slowly bleeding less and less, my sight fading into a blurry haze. Could I find comfort in knowing my people are safe? Would I ever rest peacefully? It took a mere 7 days to shatter my hopes, my dreams, and the man I love. We will be joined once again, and I will reign terror on the place I once found solace. This is just the beginning. The first day I saw Hunter Reyes was not the first day we met. It was, however, the day my life changed for the worse. His big green eyes, his wavy blonde hair, and his sun-kissed skin glimmering, almost sparkling. We were only 5 at the time, but I knew from the second our eyes met that we would be belted together. I couldn't explain why, but my soul was yearning. "Insignia!" I jump at the sound of Callie's voice. I turn to see her bright blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair perfectly complimented by her warm smile. We have been friends since preschool. Nobody quite understood why, but we had an instant connection and became inseparable. Callie quickly locks her arms around me and yells at the top of her lungs "Happy birthday!" I smile shyly as people around us start to stare. "Shhh Callie, people are staring." I whisper as I pull her closer. "So let them! It's not everyday your best friend turns 17 and gets to choose whether she'll be belted!" Her eyes sparkle as the words escape her mouth. I nod at her nervously. Today is a big day. Since the beginning of time the Capital has given us the choice to be belted to our soulmates, or to be belted to our talents. Our ancestors believed in love, but in modern times it had become a norm to be fated to a talent or a career, and settle down with an unknown soul, rather than belting with your true soulmate. The risks that come with it are just too big for some people. Callie tilts her head a little and stares deeply into my golden hazel eyes. "What?" I quickly divert my eyes down. "Sig, don't tell me you're going to choose career." Her words felt cold, almost as a warning. "Callie, I know what you're going to say-" She quickly cuts me off. "We've been dreaming about choosing love since the day we met. How could you even consider not to? Once you get belted to a talent your life is never the same." Callie had a habit of talking faster when she got passionate, or really upset. I sigh at the thought of losing the chance to feel the same destined love my parents felt. Everyone who knew them, knew that they were belted. The bits I could remember of them, made it clear to me too. I sigh once more and look up at Callie. "Of course I'm choosing love Cal." I smile at her softly feeling guilty for lying. I wasn't lying completely. I just didn't know what I wanted yet. We start to make our way class when suddenly the hairs on my neck stood up. I didn't even have to look, I knew who it was. It's happened everyday since I was 5. Hunter was close. I stop in my tracks and feel Callie gripping my hand tightly. Hunter was a year older, and had chosen his fate to be his career. Hunter was one of the most talented warriors our realm has ever seen. He had worked so hard that people were convinced he was going to be the next guardian of Calfai. I had always believed that we were destined to be together, but after Hunter chose to be a defender, I felt hopeless. If my gut is right, and I choose love. I would be considered fateless and potentially lose my right to stay in the Calfai realm. Luckily, I still had 7 days to decide what I will do before my honor ball. I feel Callie's grip tightening and before I could stop myself I turn to find Hunter only a few feet from me. I had so much love for the man, and yet the most we have spoken was the day my parents passed away and he hugged me tighter than anyone has ever hugged me. For a while I convinced myself that he felt the spark too because we barely looked at each other since. Then again, I was only 9. "Princess Insignia." Mr. Juddson curtsys everyday still. I've stopped trying to get him to just call me Insignia. I smile and greet him softly. I follow Callie into defense class and watch Mr. Juddson demonstrate disarming. The rest of the day goes by in a blur. After school I see the car waiting outside like it does everyday. "Hi Brady." I smile at the driver. "Hi Princess. Miss Callie." Brady sweetly replies. He has always been such a loving face after a long day. His grey hair and neatly shaved face covered with his big dark sunglasses has always implied some type of mystery behind him. The drive home it felt like were driving for hours. Callie kept talking about the honor ball and how excited she is for me to find my mate. I sigh at the thought of being rogue. A realm without its next rightful Queen would surely be the next realm to go extinct. A revolution would ensue if the Capital chose wrong. If I choose wrong. My talent has always been being able to cure illnesses, something that would benefit Calfai greatly seeing as most of our people have lost their talents. Doing mundane jobs to keep our society running, and making Calfai more vulnerable for vicious attacks. I look up and see the palace that once was my home, still as glorious as the day I left to live in the cottage behind it. After my parents death I couldn't bring myself to go live there. Callie's family took custody of me and has raised me as their8 daughter ever since. Our people frowned upon it as Callie's father was an advisor to the King, not a blood relative. As far as I know, I didn't have any. I moved into the cottage when I turned 16 to start my transition as Queen. I hug Callie in the car goodbye and make my way to the cottage. I open the door and feel a strong gaze watching me. Before the deviant could touch me I grip his arm slam him up against the door. "What the hell are you doing, Insignia?!"

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