Royal Academy: The Beginning

Royal Academy: The Beginning


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Eliza's POV

"She's not ready for the life you planned for her mother!"

I heard my mother's hushed protest as I walked towards my father's study.

"She is almost of age, she needs to know about the prophecy" my grandmother's soft but fierce voice replies in an urgency that elicits a resigned sigh from my mother .

"Henry we can't send her there! She's never been that far up north." my mother pleads with my father.

"I know Jane, but your mother is right, she needs to be close to the elders". The sound of defeat in my father's voice scares me.

"Eliza is gifted. She was born for this special purpose" my grandmother replies as I push the door open.

"And what purpose might that be?" I ask, opening the door and facing my parents and grandmother.

"Elie, we were just talking about-" began my mother.

"I heard what you were talking about mom. I want to know all of it. Right now"

" Come sit child" my grandmother motioned to the spot on the couch next to her. I notice my parents exchange a look before facing us again. I sit next to my grandmother folding my hands on my lap.

"Many years before you were born, the elders of our pack consulted the royal Oracle. The Oracle proclaimed that a she-wolf born to our pack would bring peace to our kind. She would be destined for a mate of royal blood and bear the mark of the gifted."

My fingers of my right hand reach for my birthmark at my left wrist.

"When you were born you had that mark on your wrist" my grandmother's warm, wrinkled hand touches my left hand.

"That mark is an exact replica to the symbol of the elders" my grandmother continues.

"So what does that mean for me? I'm only 16. I still have two years before my first change"

" Indeed you do sweetheart, but there was one thing we haven't told you until now" my father interjected.

My mother walks towards me and crouches infront the couch, taking both my hands in hers.

"Elie, please understand that everything we did until now was what we was best for you" a single tear flows down her cheek and she swipes it away quickly before continuing.

"Mom, what's going on. what haven't you told me?" I ask, looking between my mother and father.

"You were born gifted, child. You are destined to bring peace to our people. But you cannot do that from here. You must go to Crystal Lakes. You must train and prepare for what is to come"

my grandmother looks at me solemnly.

"Wait, what!? I'm not leaving and going anywhere! I need to be here with you for my first change!" I stand from the couch and clench my fists at my sides.

"Eliza it's not that simple, your change requires you to be with the royal Oracle. At the Crystal Lake's pack house." my father replies.

"Elie, honey listen to me." my mother tries to embrace me but I step out of her reach.

"Why do I have to leave?Tell me now."

My mother sits on the couch, holding her head in her hands.

"You are not only of wolf blood child" came my grandmother's voice in the corner.

My jaw hangs open as I look around the room. Shock and confusion taking over as I try to process what I'm hearing.

"What are you saying? Am I some sort of freak?" tears start blurring my vision.

"Oh honey, no no no" my mother walks towards me and rubs her hands up and down my arms to calm me. My father gets up from his desk and walks around it towards us.

"What am I then? what haven't you told me?"

My grandmother stands and looks at us. My parents stand beside me, each holding one of my hands

"I am Georgina White. Former queen and head elder of the Fae. You my dear child, are of fae royal blood."

A gasp escapes my lips as beads of sweat speckle my forehead.

Life as I knew it was never going to be as sweet and simple as I was hoping it to be.

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