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CHAPTER 2 Fred Russell’s Mansion….. I was in the restaurant eating with my friends when I got a text from my dad, asking me to come home. I text him back that wasn’t gonna come, but he said something that set me off. So I board the first taxi I saw and head straight home. That stupid girl almost delayed my trip back home, she’s lucky I didn’t have the time to teach her a lesson. She should pray to heaven that we should never cross paths again. It’s 7:15pm and I just arrived at my parents mansion. I ring the doorbell and waited for a few minutes, before my Mom open the door. A smile spread on my face when she sees me and quickly pull me to herself. “Oh, my baby boy! I missed you” she said. “Mom, I only went back to school just few weeks again” I told her. She freed me from her tight grip and smacked the back of my head. “Ow!” “Even if you left few weeks ago, it feels like forever!” She said. I raised my head in surrender and she laughed. “Come on in. Your dad’s waiting for you in his office” she said. My face goes blank. “I’ll join you guys later, let me get some snacks” she head toward the kitchen. I simply nod, I step into the house and head upstairs to my dad’s office. I knocked on the door and hear dad say ‘come in’. I open the door and enter in. My dad sits in front of the TV in his office, watching the news. I walk straight to him and sit opposite him. “Good evening, dad” I greets him. He look away from the TV and face me. “You’re here. Have you been watching the news lately?” He asked. I didn’t say anything, I just kept quiet. The thing is, my dad and I have never had that close father and son relationship. And I don’t give a damn. “You’re all over the news, Fred” he said. “Dad, don’t start” “ Oh?” He raises his eyebrows. “Why won’t I? Are you afraid to hear truth?” He asked. I scoffed. “What truth?” “So you don’t even know the truth about you. Everytime I listen to the news these days, they’re either talking about how you’re whoring about, or about how you destroy different hotels properties” I clenched my jaw and stand up from the sofa. “I’m not whoring about, dad. I have every right to enjoy my life anyhow I want it” I said, I’m starting to get angry now. I’m tired of my dad controlling my life, telling me what to do and what not to do. I wanna live my life as a carefree guy. Dad laughed sarcastically. “Right! I wonder how you’ll keep our empire at the top with this behavior of yours” he said. Ha. As if I care about his empire. “I don’t want you company, I don’t want anything to do with it” I replied. “You…. “ He raised his hand to hit me, but Mom small hands stopped him. I guess we’re too engrossed in our argument that none of us notice my Mom come in. My dad look at my mom, taking deep breaths, as if to calm himself down. I rolled my eyes. His father of the year act is getting more boring with each breaking day. “Raphael, calm down” Mom said to him calmly. “How can I calm down, this boy is getting me crazy!” “I know. But let’s sit down and talk like adults, please” It was silence for a moment, then my dad slowly sits down. But anger is still clearly on his face. After dad sit down, Mom turned to me and glared at me angrily. “Fredrick! You shouldn’t talk to your dad rudely” “Is he really my dad?” I asked. That infuriated him. “ Do you hear that?” He asked Mom. “Frederick!” Mom called me. From the tone of her voice I can tell that I am starting to offend her. I sigh and sit down grumpily. “Fine. Let’s cut to the chase, why did you ask me to come home?” Mom gives dad a cup of coffee, then she turns to me with a smile. “Well… Fred, you know you are not getting younger. You’re the heir to your father’s empire, and with this lifestyle you are living, out board of directors and sponsors won’t take you seriously. So your dad and I have come up with an idea that will make them value you” she said. I look at her impatiently, I want her to tell me whatever nonsense idea they have come up with. She looked at my dad, telling him to continue. “Son….” “Don’t call me that” I interrupt him. He pretends like he didn’t hear me, then he continues. “We have decided that you’ll get married before you inherit the empire” he said. “ What??!” What do they mean get married? I’m still at my peak and I still want to enjoy my life as a bachelor. I’m far from ready to settle down, infact, I didn’t plan on getting married for another 6years. “And we have found the perfect girl for you” Mom said. “No! I’m not gonna get married to someone I don’t know!” Mom smiled. “I know, hon. That’s why we arranged your marriage since you were a kid, the girl you’re getting married to is your childhood friend” Mom explain. My childhood friend? I never had any friends when I was growing up as a kid. I was always a loner in my childhood. “Why would you arrange my marriage since I was a child?” I asked angrily. “Because you asked us to” dad said. “When the f**k was that? How come I don’t remember?” “Honey, it all happened when you were a kid. You always talked about how much you want to marry her, and you were so happy when we engaged you two” Mom explained. I couldn’t say anything. I just looked at them as if they are crazy. “Tomorrow, you are coming with us to pay her and her family a visit. Also so that you two can see each other” dad said. I stand up from the sofa. “I’m not going!” I told him. He simply laughed and wiped his eyeglasses. “Well, you don’t have a choice” he said. “Of course, I do. I own my life” I challenge him. “Not anymore. If you don’t come with us, I’ll deactivate your credit card and deny you access to all of your accounts” he threatened me. I frown and pumped my fist. I grind my teeth against each other and breath heavily. So he wants to force me into marrying someone, hmm, I’ll grant him his wish. I’ll give the girl a wrong impression and she’ll call off the engagement on her own will. “Fine! I’ll go with you” I said through gritt teeth. Then I angrily head towards the door. Just when I hold the handle, Mom asked. “Where are you going, Fred?” “Back to my penthouse!” I answered without turning back. “But it’s already late and it’s two hours drive back to your penthouse” she said. “ I’ll be fine, Mom. Good night!” I didn’t wait for her reply, I open the door and left angrily. I’m gonna break another poor girl’s heart tomorrow. Well it’s not my fault. Eva The next morning…. “Mom! I’m home!” I called as I step into my parents home. Our home is small but warm and homey, no matter where I go, no matter how fancy my life is there, I always long to come back home. Mom rushed out with dad following closely behind her. She pulled me in for a tight bear hug. “My baby is finally back!” She kissed my cheek. “How are you doing kiddo?” Dad asked me patting my back. “I’m fine dad, how are you? Is your back still aching?” I ask. My dad shakes his head and jump to prove how good his waist his. You see, my dad was a stroke patient. So we restrain him from doing hard work, to prevent him from having waist pain. “I’m very strong kiddo, all thanks to your Mom” he said. I smiled and embrace Mom one more time. “ Alright, let’s go inside” Mom said. We all head inside. I dropped my small bag on the table and take off my jacket. Mom and dad sit on the chair opposite me. “Have you eaten this morning, Eva?” Mom asked me. “Yes. I ate some pancakes before I came” I replied. “Good. Health is our top priority” dad said. I look at them curiously, wondering why they sent for me. “ Dad, Mom. What is it that you wanted to discuss with me?” I ask them. Mom and dad exchange looks, them dad laughs nervously. Mom shift on her spot. Their reaction and expression is making me feel uneasy. I wonder what they wanted to say that is troubling them this much. “Eva, do you remember Fred?” Mom asked. “Fred?” I asked. “Yes” she replies. Then it strikes me. Fred was my childhood friend and we’ve been engaged since childhood. But he traveled after our engagement, the only memory of us I have is how we enjoyed playing under the rain and how much we love building sand houses on the beach. “Yes, I remember him” I said. I see mom play with her fingers and she only does that when she is nervous. Dad rub her back and gives her an encouraging smile. “Well, we’ve come to a conclusion that since you’re both at the right age for marriage, we’ll make it official” she said. She studies my expression, I guess she’s trying to see if I’m surprised or not. But I’m not surprised, I’ve always known that this day would come. I mentally smacked my head. I have forgotten so soon that I’m engaged, I’m thinking of another guy already. “What do you say, Eva?” Dad asked. I put on a smile on my face and nod. “It’s fine by me” I replied. Mom looked at me shocked. “Really?!” She asked. “Yes. We’ve already been engaged since childhood, so marriage is expected” I see mom and dad released a long sigh. “ Thank God for your open mind” dad said. I sigh. I guess I’ll never see that guy from the restaurant ever again. My poor heart will just have to accept my childhood husband. But I really wish I could have a chance with that Greek god from the restaurant.
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