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CHAPTER 3 Eva The Samuel’s resident… Later in the evening. I walked out of my bathroom with my pajamas already on, I climbed onto my bed and cover myself with my blanket. I looked at the small alarm clock on my nightstand, it’s 7:20pm. I’m still at my parent’s residence. Mom insisted I stayed here until tomorrow, when Fred and his parents would come. I hardly have memories of Fred and I when we were still kids, I wonder if he’ll even remember my name. Right at that moment, a knock on my door brings me back to reality. The door open and my mom step in, her usual gentle smile on her face. I quickly sit up right. “Darling, you didn’t come down for dinner. Are you not hungry?” She asks. I shake my head, no. She sits on the edge of my bed and lean forward, a small frown on her face as she examine my temperature with the back of her palm. “You don’t have a fever, so why aren’t you hungry” she wonders. I remove her hand and pass her a smile. “I didn’t wanna eat cause I’m on diet, I don’t wanna get fat, you know” My mom looked at me with narrowed eyes, she starts to look at me all over, measuring my arm with her palm. “Mom, what are you doing?” I asked. She placed her hands on her waist and stands up. “Young lady, have you seen yourself in the mirror lately? You are so thin, I fear you have any weight” she said. “Mom…. “ She raised her hand and stop me. “If you continue going on diet Fred will hardly recognize you cause you’ll have no flesh left in you, you’ll be as tiny as a mosquito and I’ll….. “ I stand up from my bed and move closer to her. I place my hand on her shoulder. “Mom” I interrupt her. She looks at me in a disapproving way. “I promise I’ll stop my diet as from tomorrow” “You better. I don’t want Fred and his parents to think we’re too poor to feed our daughter” she said. I nod and smile. She sighed softly. “Now I want you to go to bed early, so that your face will bright up tomorrow and your beauty will glow. The Russells will know that my daughter is the most beautiful of all God’s creations” Mom said. I rolled my eyes. Sometimes I wonder if Aubrey is my long Lost sister, cause honestly she and my Mom are very much alike. They like exaggerating things. She leads me back to my bed and tucked me in. Her tucking me in, brings back my childhood memories. I always used to get scared when it’s dark, so then Mom used to tuck me in and sing for me until I fall asleep. I’m still scared of the dark now, but since I’m kinda grown-up now, I sometimes listen to music on my headset or I sing until I’m tired, then I’ll fall asleep. “Ok, darling. I’ll let you get some sleep” I nod. Mom leans down and place a kiss on my forehead and I giggled. “Good night, baby. Don’t forget to say your prayers!” She said. “Yeah, good night, Mom” I replied. She head towards the door and step out. I was selecting a song to listen to on my phone, when my laptop suddenly starts to beep. I drop my phone and reach for my laptop. I put it on my lap and see it’s Aubrey facetiming me. I quickly answer her, even though I know I’m gonna get an earful from her. “Hi, Aubrey!” I said cheerfully. “Don’t you ‘hi Aubrey’ me! I told you to call me immediately you arrived but you didn’t, is that how a good friend behaves? Wait…. Don’t tell me you’re just arriving, did you stop elsewhere? For God’s sake why are you not saying anything?!” I chuckled at her questions. “You haven’t given me the chance to say something” I told her. She sneered. Then turned to someone behind her, I can only see the person’s pants so I couldn’t tell who it is. Then she adjust and the person squatted, that’s when I know it’s Sean. I frown. What is he doing at our apartment at this time of the night?. “Hey, Eva! I heard you went home, how is your trip?” He asked. “It’s fine?” I replied him. I turned my gaze to Aubrey and give her a questioning look. “So, remember Sean invited us to his boyfriend’s birthday party” Aubrey said. I nod my head for her to continue. “So, they’re kinda having the party at our apartment since you’re not here, and I said I can’t leave the apartment alone” she explained. Hmm. It’s a good explanation, right?. Just at that moment, a guy jumps into the view, a big boyish grin on his face. He’s got blonde hair and blue eyes like Barbie Ken doll. “Hi, there” he waved at me. “Hi, I guess you’re Cameron” he nods. “But I’ll call you Ken. Anyway, happy birthday. Sorry I couldn’t celebrate with you in person” I said. He simply smiles and wave it off. “Oh, please. I’m happy I get to see your face on my birthday” he said then he winks at me. Hmm. He sure knows how to flirt for a gay. Aubrey moved her laptop from them and start to chase them away. “That is enough. I want to have a girl’s talk with Eva” “Sweetie, I’m gay” Sean told her. “So?” She asked him with a daring glare. “So you can say anything in front of me, duh!” He said as if it’s the most obvious thing. I see Aubrey pick up something, but before she could hit Sean with it, he’s already gone. She eyes the direction he runs off to for some seconds, then she finally turns to me. I laugh at their cute fight. But when she sends me a glare, I shut my mouth. “So, Eva. Why did your parents asked you to come?” She asks me. I sigh and pinch the bridge of my nose. “Well, you know I’m engaged, right?” “Yeah, I know. Are they calling off the engagement?” She asked me back. “No” She raised her eyebrows, urging me to continue. I cleared my throat. “I’m getting married” I told her. She doesn’t say anything. She just stays silent, looking at me blankly. I guess she is wondering why my parents decided to get us married now, truthfully, I’m also wondering it. After a long moment of silence she said. “Well, it’s a good thing. Now you won’t have to dream about that notorious Playboy and heartbreaker” “Aubrey!” “What? Even though I don’t know who Fred is, or how he looks like, I prefer him to that player. So I’m happy for you” she told me. It’s true that Aubrey doesn’t know Sean, because Aubrey moved to our neighborhood the month Fred and his family travelled. And also I think I should be happy that I’m getting married to my childhood sweetheart. It will save me from getting my heart broken by ‘my Greek god’. I yawned sleepily. I really need to get some sleep, the trip back home was tiring. I spent three hours on the bus. “Aubrey I’ll have to call it a night. I’m feeling pretty tired” “ Oh, ok. I’ll see you tomorrow?” “ Yeah. Good night” “ Good night and dream about Fred” she said and wink at me. “I wish I can even remember his face” I muttered under my breath. I shut down my laptop, put it back on the nightstand. Then I cover myself with my duvet and fall into the lala land. The next morning….. I’m in my room getting ready to go downstairs, though my mom has long woken up to prepare breakfast and some snacks awaiting the Russells. I wore a tank top and a high waist short skirt, though it’s not too short, it stopped at my mid thigh. I think I should apply a little make-up, but first I need to check out myself in the mirror. I stand in front of the mirror. I look beautiful the way I am, it’s better I go with my natural look than to apply some artificial beauty to my appearance. After making up can be hard work. “Eva! Come down here, Fred and his parents are here!” I heard my mom called from the living room. “Coming Mom!” I replied. I check the clock in my room, it’s 9:18am. They are quite early, I thought they wouldn’t be here until at it’s noon time. I looked down and noticed my hands are shaking, I’m suddenly feeling nervous. Why is that? It’s not as if Fred is some kind of monster that’s gonna attack me the moment he sees me? I mustered up enough courage and head downstairs. I meet my parents standing by the door, talking and laughing with an elderly man and woman. They seem to be exchanging pleasantries, I guess they are happy to see each other again after a long time apart. I head towards them, putting on a smile on my face. “This must be Eva” the lady said immediately she sees me heading toward them. “Yes. This is our daughter” Mom replied. She reach out her hands for me. “Come, honey. Let me take a proper look at you” she said. I move closer to her. “Good morning, Aunty” I greet her. She smiles and holds my face in her hands. “Oh, dear! You’ve grown to become so beautiful, I can hardly recognize you” she said. I turned to the man and greets him too. “ Good morning, uncle” “Eva is really very beautiful, Fred is so going to be head over heels for you” he said. I blush. “Yes, yes! Eva is just his type, I believe they are match made from heaven” the lady said. I smile shyly. Before his parents are speaking highly of him, I can tell he’s a good man and won’t give me a hard time. Hopefully our marriage will be peaceful. “Kate? Where is Fred? Didn’t he come with you?” Mom asked looking toward the door. “Yes, he’s…. “ “Good morning, Aunty!” I hear a deep aloring voice say from behind me. The voice sounds familiar, it’s just the same as ‘my Greek god’. I turned around and slowly raise my head to see the owner of this seducing voice. My eyes grows bigger than an orange when I see the owner. It’s my Greek god. “You?!” “You?!” We both exclaimed shocked. Oh no, this can’t be. Don’t tell me he is Fred. He can’t be the Fred that I am engaged to.
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