The Billionaires Wife


Eva, is a nineteen year old student.

Who met and fell in love with Fred on the first sight.

But Fred on the other hand never wanted to have anything to do with her.

But then they found out they were both betrothed to each other.

Fred never wanted it but has to do it because of his parents.

And it turns out Eva's parent were not really her biological parents.

Do you think Fred is her brother?

What if they turned out to be siblings what would happen to the child she's carrying?

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CHAPTER 1EVA’S POV “Earth to Eva!” A bang on the table brought me back to reality. I looked at my best friend (Aubrey) and pass her a shy smile, I look around, luckily no one is looking our way. “Did you heard a word of what I just said?” She asked. I shake my head. She sighed and glared at me, I know why she’s glaring at me. Aubrey hates to repeat her words, and the surprising part of it is that she loves talking a lot. I mean A LOT!. “I know you didn’t hear me, how many times will I tell you to stay out of your lala land in daytime?” I didn’t say anything, I just blink my eyes as she speaks. “Will you say something?” She asked feeling frustrated. “Ok, fine. I’m sorry, you were saying?” She shake her head and take a sip from her milkshake. “I said professor John asked you to come see him tomorrow morning, before class” she said. I nod. “Ok” I replied. I take a bite from my hamburger and begin to chew. “Why does he want you to see him? Did you skip his class today?” Aubrey asked me. “No. I guess he just wants to remind me of his textbook, he’s been bugging me to buy it” “Hmm” she hummed. My eyes move to the other side of the restaurant, and I lock gaze with a handsome guy. Two other guys sits next to him, the two guys are chatting but he’s just sitting quiet, furiously typing on his phone. I don’t know why….but I find his angry demeanor hot!. He wore black jacket and black pants, his hair stylishly gel, which makes me wanna reach out and run my fingers through them. His jaw clenched and eyes coated in anger. He’s got the bad boy vibes, and I find myself loving it. A finger snap in front of my eyes and I wake up from my wonder Land. “Eva, why do you keep spacing out on me today?” Aubrey asked, she placed her hands on her hips and an angry scorn on her face. “I didn’t space out” I defended myself. She rolled her eyeballs. “Yeah, right!” My eyes move to the hot guy again. This time he’s already drop his phone on the table and he’s looking at our direction. When his gaze meets mine, he sends me a wink. I blush. I use my hair to cover up the blush, but Aubrey caught. “Why are you blushing?” She asked. “Nothing” I said, but my eyes move again. Aubrey follow my gaze and see that I’m staring at the hot guy. She quickly move my face from there, and puts her chair in front of me, blocking my view of the hot guy. “Don’t tell he is the reason you’re blushing” she said. Shared on w******p by Martino. I just blush more. “Eva, you can like any guy but him” I frown a little. “Why?” I ask her. “Because he is bad news” she answered. “Bad news? How did you know that?” She sighs. “Trust me, I know he is bad. He is not the type of guy you’d fall in love with, he’s a heartbreaker” she told me. I chuckled. “Aubrey, you’ve only been in this school for what, two weeks and you already know about him?” I asked. “Yeah, I need to know the right circle of people to get tangled with. So please and please, promise me you’d stay away from that guy” I roll my eyes. “ Fine. I promise you” She lifts her pinky finger. “ Pinky swear?” “What are you? Like five?” “Do it, Eva” she said. “Ok, ok. Pinky swear!” I cross my pinky with hers. Just then her phone starts to ring. She glanced at the screen and stands up abruptly from her chair. “Shoot! I’m late for work, Peter is so gonna kill me” she said. I smack my forehead. Aubrey always like to exaggerate things, she’s not late at all, she just wanna put out some drama. Just listen to this. “Oh no! How many minutes late, Aubrey?” I asked. She checks her phone time. “I only have 35minutes left” she replied. See what I told you? She exaggerate things. The walk from this restaurant to her work place is just ten minutes, so get still have 25minutes extra. I take her hand in mine. “Don’t worry, sweet Aubrey. You’ll be the first person to enter heaven” I told her. We both laughed. She picked up her purse from the table, I too did the same. Then we stand up and head out, though not before placing our bill on the table. Almost out of the restaurant, I unconsciously looked the hot guy’s way, but he and his friends are no longer there. I guess they’re gone. “So, I’ll be going to work from here. You head home and rest, I’ll tell Peter that you can’t come in today, that you’re…..sick?” “Yes, please” I said. I don’t feel like going to work today, I’m on my period and I swear to God. Me seeing my period is worse than a pregnant woman in labor, it hurts like hell. “Okay, take care of yourself” she said. “You too” she gives me a brief hug and walked off. Just when I’m about to board a taxi, I heard the voice I dreaded most. “Hey, Eva!” Oh boy Mr Rude Eva My gaze follow the hand to the guy’s face. I noticed he’s that guy from the restaurant, I feel my heart skip and start to beat abnormally. Looking at him up close, he looked more handsome. With his shape jawline, square face and gray eyes. My gaze falters to his chest, his muscles bulging out and his athletic physique. This are exactly my sperk. He removes his hand from the handle of the taxi, and stands up straight to his full height, which I guess to be 6ft3. His shadow towers over me, which makes my 5ft2 very short. His gray eyes pierce into my brown ones, I see anger in his eyes and I almost cowers away from his intimidating look. “Scram!” He said, his voice compliments his looks. His voice is deep and sounds pleasing to the ear, I can listen to him talk all day without getting tired. “I said scram!” He repeats. I furrows my brows in confusion, then it clicked in my head that he’s actually asking me to step away from the car. “B-but..” I stop and cleared my throat. Why am I stuttering. “But I stopped the taxi first” I said. “Really?” “Yeah” I replied. He smirked and turned back to his friends who I didn’t notice where standing behind him. “Did you hear that, guys?” He asked them, they all nod in affirmation. He takes intimidating steps towards me, but I didn’t step back, I stood my ground. He leans towards me and brings his mouth closer to my ear. “But I reached for the handle first, and if you know what is good for you, you’d find another taxi” he said in my ear. He stands straight and head towards the taxi. He reaches for the door but I hold his hand before he could. “Let go of my hand if you wanna live” he ordered. “Why should I let go? And let you go with the taxi? No, that’s not gonna happen” I said. His jaw clenched and his fist clenched so hard, he looked at me with his anger filled eyes. He aggressively removed my hand and push me, I lost my balance and fall flat on my face. His friends begin to laugh, as I look around in embarrassment. Humph! He is handsome but rude and arrogant. “Now, let me make something clear to you. Don’t ever cross my path in this school, cause if you do, I swear I’ll make your life a living hell” I wanted to give him my comeback but one of his friends beat me to it. “Fred, don’t be like that. The poor girl has a crush on you” He growled lowly at his friend and he shut his mouth immediately. I should be angry that he oppressed me and embarrassed me, but I’m not. I find myself blushing at his friend’s comment. I slowly stand up from the ground with a smile on my lips, I dust off the dirt from my clothes. Just when I’m about to walk away, from my perherial view. I see him looked at me with a disgusted expression. “I’ll never give someone like her my time, she’s not my type” then he enters the taxi and the driver drives off. His friends look at me mockingly and also walk away laughing. I should be angry, but I told myself that maybe he behaved this way because he’s angry. I can’t judge him with this, I’ll still study him. But I won’t get close to him, since I already promised Aubrey. I stopped another taxi and head home. The drive him wasn’t a long one. I step into I and Aubrey’s apartment, inside is dark. I turn on the lights and head to my room. I take my bath and change into something else, then I head to the kitchen to prepare dinner. Later that evening…. I’m in the living room doing my literature assignment, I’m writing an essay. And believe essay may seem so easy, but it’s the hardest of all subjects to me, I hate writing essays. Just when I’m almost done, the door open and Aubrey walk in. She drops her backpack next to the couch and slopes on the down. She lay back and groan tiredly, massaging her shoulders. I laughed. “Ok, I know that expression. The café was packed today” I said. “Hmm” she hummed. “I would have said sorry, but my pain is far worse. My period is killing me” I told her. She doesn’t say anything, she simply stands up and strode to the kitchen. “What did you cook?” She asked. “Rice and mushrooms stew” I answered. She grin and gives me a bear hug. “ Ohoo! You know me so well, Eva” she said. I nod and pat her back gently. “Of course! Mummy knows what’s best for you. Now be a good girl, go to your room freshen up and come back for dinner” I said with a sickening smile. She pouts, batting her eyelashes, then finally nod and rushed to her room. I dish the food and placed them on the dinning table, I sit down and wait for Aubrey to come back. Not up to five minutes, Aubrey comes back and sits opposite me. Then we begin to eat. “Aubrey, Sean invited us to his boyfriend’s birthday party tomorrow” Aubrey dropped her spoon and look at me in surprise. “Boyfriend? I thought they already broke up” she said. “He’s moved on already from that Cameron to another Cameron” I said. She laughed and choke on her food. I quickly pass her a glass of water, she takes few gulps and she’s okay. “Wow! I’m so curious now, I want to know how this Cameron look like” she said. Just then my phone rings. I picked it up from the table and see it’s my mom calling. I press the answer button and bring the phone closer to my ear. “Hi Mom!” I chirped happily. Since I got admitted in this university, today is the first day I’m hearing from my Mom. “How is my baby girl doing?” She asks. “I’m good. How is you and dad doing over there?” “We’re fine….but…” She trails off and then it was silence. “ Mom?” I called, she doesn’t answer me. But I can hear shuffling, like she’s walking around. Then I hear she and dad talking in hushed voices. What are they talking about? “Mom?” I called again, and this time she answered. “Eva, dear. We want you to come home tomorrow, can you that?” She asks. I furrow my brows. “ Why? Is everything alright?” She laughed nervously. “Yes, everything is fine. We just have something to discuss with you and we can’t talk about it in phone” she said. I nod, then I remembered that she can’t see me. “Ok” I replied. “Good. Take care of yourself” then she hang up. I wonder what they want to discuss with me. Mom sounds nervous…..Hmmm tomorrow I’ll know why she’s so nervous.

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