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CHAPTER 4Fredrick Samuel residence….. I reluctantly enter the house, I don’t wanna come here but dad forced, so he shouldn’t blame me for breaking the poor girl’s heart. What I didn’t expect is to see that stupid, ugly girl I saw yesterday when I was trying to get a taxi. “You?!” I exclaimed when I see that stupid girl. Don’t tell me this is the girl I’m engaged to. I stared down at her with narrowed eyes, I was hoping I’d never cross paths with her again. She dared challenge me because of a taxi, hmm. I guess I’ll get my revenge on her now. I take slow intimidating steps towards her, as she herself takes one back. Just then my Mom cuts in. “I can see you already know each other” she said. “No!” “Yes” I glared at her for saying yes. With her big eyes, ugly face and stunted growth who won’t deny knowing her. God please don’t let her be the girl I’m engaged to, I can’t accept that. My Mom release a nervous laugh, then turned to me. She pulls me down by my ear and whisper to me. “You promised to behave yourself!” Then she turned back to the ugly girl and her parents. “Eva, come let’s go in” she said. I look at the ugly girl and scoffed. So her name is Eva. What a lovely name, it’s a shame its bearer is not as lovely. Mom holds Eva, no. I’ll call her ugly Eva. Mom and ugly Eva heads towards the dinning table where I see different dish laying on the table. “Sit next to me dear” Mom said and help ugly Eva sit on the chair next to hers. Dad sit opposite mom, same thing with her parents. Now the only seat left is the one opposite ugly Eva. I glared at the chair and grumpily sit down, then I raised my head and transgress my glare towards her. Her gaze meets my glare and she quickly looked away. I smirk. At least she’s scared of me. Mrs Samuel dish out the food and we all dig in, well they dig in while I watch ugly Eva eat. I see her hands shaking, I can tell she’s trying to keep her cool. “Rose, you put your foot on this one. It’s so delicious” Mom said. “Thanks, I just tried my best” Mrs Samuel replied. “Son, you made the right choice. I bet Eva will be a good cook like her Mom” my dad said. I didn’t say anything, I just stab on my salad imagining I’m actually stabbing ugly Eva Right now. Ugly Eva look at me to see my reaction but she face back down to her food. “Fred has really grown, I could hardly recognize him. He’s such a fine man” Mr Samuel said. I forced out a smile, just to be polite. “So Fred what do you think of Eva, isn’t she beautiful?” My Mom asked me. I looked at ugly Eva again, trying to find a trace of beauty but I didn’t find none. Are they blind referring to her as beautiful? f**k! I can never be attracted to her. But since they are forcing me, I’ll grant their wish. After all, I’ll use this marriage as an opportunity to take revenge on her for trying to challenge me yesterday. I’ll slowly break her heart everyday until she’s lost and can’t find herself. I’ll make her regret ever meeting me. “Fred? What do you think of Eva?” Mom asked again. I forced out my brightest smile ever. “She’s beautiful Mom. My type of woman!” I pretend to be happy. Eva “She’s beautiful Mom, my type of woman!” Fred said with a smile. This is the first time I’ve seen him smile since he came in. I notice he is gentle with his Mom, but rude to his dad. I don’t know why I keep having this feeling that I should be scared of Fred. But hearing him call me beautiful brought a smile to my face. I thought I would never see my Greek god ever again, but it turns out that he’s my husband. “Eva, what about you do you like Fred?” Mrs Russell asked me. I take a peek at him, but quickly avert my gaze when I see his harsh glare. “He’s ok, I like him” I said shyly. From my perherial view I see Fred smirk slyly. “Good. We are here today choose a date for your wedding, since you are already engaged since childhood” Mrs Russell explained. My Mom and dad look at me happily, nodding their heads for me to say yes. Just when I open my mouth to speak, Fred cuts me off. “I don’t wanna choose a date” he said. Everyone looked at him in surprise. “ What are you saying Fred?” His dad asked in an angry tone. “I mean, I don’t want to hold a big wedding. Why not just get the papers from the court, both of us will sign it and we’ll be legal husband and wife. Then we’ll start living in the same house, gradually try to know more about each other. Then when our love has grown, we can have another wedding ceremony, a big one” Fred explained. I look at him in adoration. He’s so thoughtful and have a mature mind. “Yes, that is actually a brilliant idea” my Mom said. The others nod in agreement. “ In that case, next week we’ll get the papers and get your signatures” Mr Russell said. After much discussion, they finally came to a conclusion that Fred and I will live in the same house untill next week, when we’ll get married. I’ll move to Fred’s penthouse, tomorrow evening. Judging from his expression I can tell he doesn’t like the arrangements, maybe he’s against couples living together before marriage. “Eva, take Fred on a stroll to the garden” Mom suggest. I nod and stand up. Fred too stand up and walk towards me. “You two have fun” Mrs Russell said and pinch Fred’s cheeks playfully. “Mom!” He whined, I giggled at how childish he sounds. He throws me a look that says shut up and I quickly shut up my mouth. “Now go no, don’t keep your fiancee waiting” his Mom said. He nod. I expect him to take my hand and leads me outside, but he didn’t. He just rushed out on his own as if he knows his way around. Anyway I rush after him. We arrive at my mom’s garden, this garden has been here since before my mom got married into the family. My great-grand-mother was the owner, then she passed it down to my grandma, then my grandma passed it down to my mom. Now that I don’t have a brother, I wonder how they’re going to keep up the tradition. I see some daffodils, I pluck one and puts it behind my ear. Then I turned to Fred with a smile. “How do I look?” I asked him. He looks at me and scoff. “Ugly!” He replied. The smile falters from my face and I remove the flower from my hair. “So… What do you like to do in your leisure time?” “I believe that has nothing to do with you” “ Oh!” I swallow the gulp in my throat. Why is he being indifferent. I’m trying to initiate a conversation. “Look, I know what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to prove that you’re a girl of good character, when you clearly know that you’re not. Remember how you argued with me in the street yesterday, a well mannered girl will never do that. Ugly, listen. I just agreed to this marriage because of my Mom, I don’t want to break her heart. We can be husband and wife on papers, but don’t expect me to play the good husband” I can feel my eyes itching. “You can just tell her that you don’t want to marry me, she won’t you, right?” I asked. If he’s not happy about our engagement, all he have to do is say it. “Do you think it’s that simple? Imagine your Mom happy face, when she knows you are getting married. Then you’ll tell her that you don’t want to marry the guy she chooses for you, she won’t force you, yes. But can you bear to see her heart broken?” He’s right. I can’t simply tell my parents that I want to cut off the engagement, they have do much faith in me. After all, no one’s heart is made of rocks. He’ll open his heart to me in no time. “Ugly, I’ll head back now. If you’re wise you’ll follow my advice” he said, then he left. I’ll follow his advice, I’ll gradually make him fall in love with me.
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