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CHAPTER 5 Eva Fred and I walk back into my parent’s house, they have finished talking and it seems like they were waiting for our return. “Finally you guys are back!” Mrs Russell said. “Did you two have fun?” My mom asked. “Yes, Aunty!” Fred said quickly. I stare at him with my mouth wide open. Fun he said? When I was trying to start a conversation, when I was asking him questions he didn’t answer any of them, all I got from him was a scolding. Now he’s lying! I continue to stare at the way he told the lie fluently. He meets my stare with a challenging glare, I couldn’t hold up his gaze, so I waver away. Fred’s parents stand up from their seats. “So, we should get going Samuel. We have to meet up with our lawyer to start preparations” Mr Russell said. He shake hands with dad. “ No problem!” Dad replied. “We’ll see soon” mom said as she gives Mrs Russell a hug. I hear Fred mutter something under his breath, I don’t know if I got it right. But it sounds like “thank God”. Then he starts rushing towards the door, but his mom called him back. “Fred?” “Yeah” he replied grumpily. She look between Fred and I. Fred give her a confused look, me too, I’m also confused. Why is she looking at us?. Seeing that Fred isn’t getting her sigh, she rolls her eyes and turns to me. “Eva, aren’t you going back to the University today?” She asked me. “Yes, Aunty” I answered. “Then you and Fred should go together” “What?!” Fred exclaimed. Then everyone turned to face him, noticing everyone’s gaze on him, he released a nervous laugh. “I mean, it’s a very good idea, but I don’t have enough gas in my car. I’m not sure it’ll last for three hours drive” he said. “Oh, that’s bad” his dad said and I see Fred smirk. “But you came with your credit card, right?” He taps his pants pocket, check his jacket’s pockets then he shake his head. “No, I didn’t” he said. I scoffed mentally. He’s just looking for excuses not to go with me. “Well, I’m in a good mood today. So I’ll give you my credit card, use it” his dad said and give his card to Fred. “But dad…..” “Thank me later” his dad said. Fred glared at the card in his hand, his jaw clenched. Then he rushed out with a tight smile. Hmm. I pray this guy doesn’t kill me after our marriage. I turn to my parents. “Mom, dad. I should go now, I’ll call you guys when I arrive” I told them. They give me a brief hug and kiss my forehead. “Take care if yourself” my Mom said. I nod and head outside. Fred I walked out the house angrily, I enter my Ferrari and close the with a very loud slam. I’m so damn angry. Why must ugly Eva go back with me? I was trying to avoid her but dad wouldn’t take the hint, that’s why we don’t get along. I see ugly Eva come out of the house and head towards my car. She reached for the back door. I wind down and stuck my head out. “Ugly, what are you doing?” I asked her through gritt teeth. “I.. I.. I..” Why the f**k is she stuttering! “Can’t you talk? You’re already ugly enough, speak!” I see her flinch back a little. “ I wanna get in the car” she said almost in a whisper. “ And what do you think am I, your driver?” “ I don’t…. “ “ Get in the damn front seat!” “Oh!” Then she brings her dumbass to the front and get in. Then I set off going on 99 MPH Eva Fred didn’t give me time to put on the seatbelt. My eyes grow wide in fear at the speed he is going on, my breathing became rough. I lean back on the chair and hold the seatbelt for dear life. “F-fred…” “Don’t say my name!” He yells at me. I nod frantically trying to figure out how to address him, cause I don’t wanna anger him more and make us crash. “Can….” I pause and close my eyes. “Can you please slow down?” I hear him laugh sinisterly. “Nope!” “But I’m scared” “That’s not my problem” “But…” “Shut the f**k up! I don’t want to hear your annoying voice” he yells then he slams on the brakes and I feel him increases the speed. “Do you have a death wish?” I asked. “With you, yes!” What kind of human being is he? Doesn’t he care other people’s emotions?. I open my eyes as I feel tears running down my cheeks. “Oh my God! We’re gonna crash! We’re gonna die! I don’t wanna die! I’m too young, I’m too young to die…. “ “Ugly! Shut up! This is how I drive my car, so deal with it!” I closed my eyes and starts praying for our safety. Journey that’s meant to take three hours, took us only 1hr 30mins. And finally we made it to LA safely. He stops the car in front of my apartment and I step out. I released a long breath that I don’t even know I was holding. This is the worse car drive I’ve ever had. I turned to Fred and raise my hand to wave him, but he glared at me and I drop my hand. Just when I turned to head to my apartment, I remembered something. I turn back to Fred. “Excuse me, can I get your house address?” “Why?” “I’m supposed to move in this evening” He frown and look ahead for a moment. “I’ll ask someone to come get you” he doesn’t wait for me to say anything, he drives off in his insane speed. I sigh and head toward my apartment. I open the door and step in. Aubrey isn’t home since I use my key to open the door, I guess she’s at work right now. I hope she gets back before I leave. I slope on the sofa, and close my eyes to get some sleep. Whenever I’m on my period, I feel tired and dizzy. I hate my life. A little sleep and I’ll get something to eat. I wake up to the ringing of my doorbell. I rub my eyes and peep through the window, a loud gasp leaves my mouth at once. The outside is dark. Then my head snap to the wall clock, it’s already 6:53pm. How did I managed to sleep for that long?. I hurried to the door and see a guy almost my age, or maybe a few years older than me standing by the door, with his hands in his pocket. He has a smile on. “Hello” he greets me. “Hello, are you looking for someone?” I asked. “ Yeah, she goes by ugly Eva!” He said. Ugly Eva? I unconsciously touched my face. He chuckled. “ Ok, from your reaction I can tell you’re Eva” he said. I nod wordlessly staring at him. “How did you know my name?” “ Fred sent me. So where’s your luggage?” Right. I almost forget about that. Wait…. I haven’t even pack my stuff. “Can you please wait for, erm…. Ten minutes?” I asked him. “ Yeah, sure” he replied. I close the door and dash to my room. I take out my luggage and start to pack the most important things I need. The first thing I put in is my pads and tampons, I don’t joke with that, especially not now. I pack my body wash, hair wash, and towels. Pack some of my clothes, then I enter the bathroom to wash myself and change. Only girls can relate here I step out and drag my luggage out with me. Then I remembered that Aubrey still isn’t back, I’ll make sure to call her later. I open the door and step out. The guy takes the luggage from me and drag it to the boot. He opens the door for me and I enter the car, I smiled at him. “Thank you” “You’re welcome” then he gets in and start the car. The drive is in total silence. I keep thinking about my life. Just yesterday I was a single girl who just admitted into the most popular University in LA. Now, I’m an engaged girl, who’ll get married in two weeks. What a luxurious life!. The car slows down and park in a garage. I open the door and step out. The building in front of me is so big, with Russel written on top. I guess the Russells have this penthouse, after all they are filthy rich. I wonder how my parents get to know them in the first place. The guy lead me into the building, he use his key card to open the door and we both enter the house. I look around in awe! The living room is literally trice the size of my apartment. Just when I want to admire the beauty of the living room, I see Fred walking down the stairs towards us, well towards me. I didn’t notice that the guy is long gone. “I see you are here” he said. I nod. I take in his dressing, he’s dressed in all black. He is very different from what I saw in the morning, here, bad boy vibes surrounds him. This was how he was dressed the first time I saw him. “Good. I won’t be here to give you a tour, cause I’m not even cut out for that. Your room is upstairs, count two rooms, the third one is yours” “ Thanks” I take my luggage and made to go up, but he stops me. “I’m not done yet. If you wanna live with me in peace, you’ll have to follow some rules” Rules? Really?. “ 1. Don’t call me by my first name, it’s Mr Russell to you. 2. Don’t touch my stuff. 3. Stay away from my room. 4. I have lots of girlfriends you are not allowed to question anyone when they come in. 5. Don’t bring your friends to my house. 6. Don’t let me see you anytime I’m around. Your ugly face is disgusting” I sigh. All these rules are not even reasonable. But it nod in agreement anyway. “Ok” Then he head towards the door. “I’m going to a club, I’ll bring in one of my girlfriends. Don’t let her sees you” then he left. Jerk! Even though I love him, I’ll make sure to avoid anything that will sabotage our relationship. I drag my luggage upstairs to settle in my room. Wait… He didn’t tell me if it’s too room after or two rooms before. Ugh! What am I gonna do now. I enter the first room I see, then I fall into the bed and close my eyes. This better not be his room.
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