A Love To Kill

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Jenna’s junior year was a nightmare. She had a stalker that did unimaginable things. She went through something that no woman should have gone through. She was raped.

Now on her senior year, she wishes for a memorable one.

Ever heard of ‘Be careful what you wish for’? Because in the middle of her senior year Jenna began to receive bloody roses, with a note saying...

A Love to Kill....

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 She was running as fast as she can. She’s running for her life in the dark woods of their little town. “Jenna...”   She can hear his muffled voice calling out to her. She was crying, she was scared and she was worried for her friend. She tried to look back if he was still following her, but no one was there.   She thought she finally escaped him, but she was wrong. Because the moment she looks back ahead, she slammed to a hard chest. Dread filled her once she realized she did not escape him, he caught her. “Aaaaah!” She screamed, but it was cut short when the masked man in front of her punched her in the gut.   She coughed up and fell on the ground. The masked man then grabbed a pair of handcuffs and put it on her, before he carried her like a sack of potatoes. The man carried her towards an abandoned cottage, and inside he places her on a chair and tied her up. “You shouldn’t have run from me Jenna.”The masked man said.   She looked up and glared at the man in front of her. “f**k you! Where is Anthony?!”She screamed. “That little mouse ran away from here the moment you untied him!” The man sneered.   Somehow, Jenna felt relieved that her best friend was able to escape. She’s sure he will call for help. “Now let’s forget about that little mouse, because I just caught a parakeet.”He said, and then he removed the cloth cover in front of her.   Her eyes widened to see her other best friend tied to a chair with a cloth tied to her mouth. “M-Maggie.”   Her best friend groaned as she regained her consciousness. And when she realized where she was or that she was tied to a chair, she began to panic. “Maggie, listen we’ll get out of this. Don’t worry.”She told her best friend, but Maggie looked terrified. “I am not going to let you get out of this place.”The man said. “Please, let her go. Kill me instead, just let her go.”She pleaded.   The man laughed out loud. “Why would I kill you Jenna? I love you. I kill those who makes you sad, those who hurt you.”The man said, and then he turned towards Maggie who looked more terrified now while shaking her head.   The man then grabbed Maggie’s hair as he held a knife on her throat. “Did you know that Maggie here, fῦcked your boyfriend a couple of times. They are cheating on you, that’s why I killed Daniel because he clearly doesn’t love you.”The man said.   She cannot believe what she heard. She looked at her best friend who was crying in front of her. “Why?”She asked lowly. “Because Maggie here is a jealous little b***h. She was jealous of you my love.”The man said, and then he slashed Maggie’s throat.   Jenna screamed when she saw blood sprayed from her best friend’s throat. Maggie choked as blood spilled from her jugular. And the man looked like he was not done yet; he stabbed Maggie several times in the chest.   Jenna screamed at him to stop but the man just laughed and he pushed Maggie’s lifeless body on the floor.  “Now it’s just you and me my love.”The man said and then he placed the knife on the chair Maggie previously occupied. And then he grabbed a cloth and put it on Jenna blindfolding her.   She tried to fight him but she was bound securely. Once she was blindfolded, the man removed the rope around her and the he grabbed her and pulled her towards a certain direction. And then she was pushed on something hard, the floor maybe.    When Jenna felt the man crawled on top of her, she felt his lips on her neck. She tried to fight him but he grabbed her wrists and held it above her head. She cannot over power him; she’s tired rendering her weak. All she can do is cry and beg for him to stop. Her pleas are were not heard or better yet ignored. All she did was cry as the masked man got his way with her. She was a mess, she was used, and she was ruined. ******************************   When she woke up, she’s still blind folded and her whole body ached like she was beaten. But the most painful part was her womanhood that the man used several times before leaving her alone until she fell asleep.   She was lying there waiting for her death when she heard hurried footsteps towards her direction. “Oh my god!”   A male voice gasped, and then footsteps came to her and the blind fold was taken off her. Jenna groaned and slowly opened her eyes, as a silhouette of a man appeared in front of her. “Jenna are you alright?”   She heard a man’s voice, and when her eyesight become clearer, she realized it was a man in policeman uniform. A person she knows. “G-Gary...” “You’re safe Jenna. Anthony told me to come here and save you.”He said.   She smiled softly relieved that her best friend managed to get help. She closed her eyes again, falling asleep as the policeman was calling for back up.  

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