The Alphas Choice

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Alexis is a human with a bit of a messed up past. Her father left her and her mother with nothing. They move from the city to a small town, away from alexiss abusive ex boyfriend. That is where she meets Lucas. Future Alpha of the blue moon pack. He knows she is his fated mate but is not too keen on the idea of having a human as a mate. He starts to fall for her and that is when he meets Mia, A beautiful she wolf, an alphas daughter from another pack, he feels the fated mate connection with Mia as well.

The moon goddess gives him a choice between the 2.

Who will he choose?

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Chapter 1
"Hurry up Alexis you are going to be late" "Yessssssssss mother"   I roll my eyes and take one last check in the mirror before walking to my door heaving a massive sigh before clutching the door knob of my bedroom door and walking out to greet the annoyed face of my mum.   "Seriously Alexis it is your first day" "Your the one that made us move in the middle of my senior year, so give me a break here"   Her face softens. I know she feels bad about it. But I still like to bring it up as often as I can. I know it's not all her fault either. She moved because of me too. Moving because I got in a relationship with the wrong guy. A man that hurt me so bad. Mum thought that bringing us here would give us a fresh start. Away from him, away from what he and I would do to each other. Leaving all my friends and everything else that I know. I know she got a promotion and the cost of living is a lot better here, we were struggling to make ends meet in the city after my darling father ran off with his 19 year old receptionist and cleaning out all joint bank accounts when he left. I clench my fist just thinking about it. If I could drain half my blood and give it back to him, I don’t want his genes, he can keep that all to himself. I think very little of so called love. Mum thought he loved her. She thought he would always look after us. Thought that he cared. Well she really couldn’t have been more wrong, could she? I hug her quickly. I am still annoyed at her but I know it isn't really her fault.   "Do you want me to drive you?" "It is 3 blocks I am fine to walk" "Okay baby, I love you, stay safe"   She kisses me on the cheek and continues.   "Have fun" "Ahh yeah I am sure to"   Yeah I am sure to, really what could be more fun than starting at a new school in the middle of year, walking into a place that already has well established friendship groups and clique central. I grab a muesli bar and a banana and head out the door. I can't help but drag me feet along the footpath taking my sweet ass time arriving at my doom. I have gone to school with the same group of people since I was in kindergarten. This is a completely new experience for me, not one of those 'i am really looking forward to this new experience' type of things. I take my headphones out as I arrive at the office. I walk in. The lady at the desk looks at me.   "Yes?"   Wow all pleasantries here.   "I am Alexis Hall it's my first day."   She hands me a map a class schedule and without saying anything more goes back to her very important job of scrolling through her f******k feed. I can’t help but admire how some people earn their money, I thought you had to work to earn a living, apparently not. That gets another eye roll from me. I think by the end of the day my eyes are going to be sore. I look from my class schedule to the map. I get totally lost on the way there and end up being 20 minutes late I apologize and introduce myself to the teacher and sink into my seat as I dump my bag on the ground. Well so far so good. Busting in, in the middle of class, so smooth. I don't even pay attention to the teacher. I study the map of the school trying to get my head around it, working out where the rest of my classes are. I won't make this mistake again. I make it through my first few classes and it is lunch time. I grab my lunch and sit out on the lawn soaking in the sun. Headphones in. I take this chance to actually look around at some of the other students. I am glad it doesn't look too stereotypical. Everyone looks pretty normal. I do seem to notice a large proportion of rather cut looking guys. That surprises me. I never see that in my old school. In my gym yes but no one at my old school wasn't that interested in working out. Maybe there is nothing else to do here. Lunch finishes and I get up and make my way to class. A hand grabs my arm from behind. I swing around to look who grabbed me and I am faced with the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen. Her long blonde girls cascading down her back her electric blue eyes catching mine. Her absolutely perfect face. One that you would think is a airbrushed heavily photo shopped photo. Her smile so kind and genuine.   "Hi, I am Kira" "Hi Kira, I am Alexis"   I swivel around further to shake her hand. She laughs as I do. I am not really sure what is so funny.   "How are you finding Blue Moon High so far?" "Umm it's okay I guess"   She keeps making small talk my now my back is aching from the weird angle I have it twisted in. I actually breathe a sigh of relief when the teacher comes in. I shoot Kira a smile and turn to the front. I am not used to such pretty people being so nice to me, I thought anyone that looked that good is just guaranteed to be programmed to be a b***h. After class finishes Kira comes up and links arms with me. I look at her. So strange, I had no idea we were so familiar.   "What are you doing after school?" "I have heaps of things to do"   She looks sad but then picks up again.   "Come sit with me and my friends at lunch tomorrow"   I smile at her, how can she be so friendly? But since the loner life is not as much fun as one would think I accept her offer.   "Umm yeah sure"   School finally finishes and I set off on my first task. I drop my stuff at home and get dressed properly and start trying to find a job. I get a phone call half an hour later from one of the bars I visited. Waitressing job, done and dusted, that was easier than expected. Now for the most important thing on my list. I drop through the local gym and check out the facility. Done and joined. I lay in bed satisfied with my days accomplishments. I wake up the next morning a little more eager to go to school, at least I don't have to be a loner at school. I head off there with a little more spring in my step. I get through classes until it is lunch. I nervously walk out to lunch, it feels weird going to join a group that I have only talked to one girl for 2 minutes. Maybe she has changed her mind. I look around and locate her. Her blonde hair would stand out anywhere. She sees me and jumps out of her seated position. Jumping and waving me down. I can't help but smile at her way too over enthusiastic demeanor. That is not me in the slightest but I can appreciate that in others. I walk over to them and smile. Kira say.   “Hey everyone this is Alexis”   I wave and smile.   “Alexis this is everyone, this is Oliver.”   She points at a boy next to her. He has dark hair that is shaved close to his head. Green eyes and looks pretty fit. He hardly glances up at me before starting a conversation back up again. Kira continues.   “Don't worry about Oliver he is a bit of a d**k. This is Stan.”   She points at a guy with longer dark hair and dark eyes. He gives me a smile before returning to the conversation with Oliver.   “And this is my twin brother Lucas”   She steps aside to reveal the most handsome guy that I have ever has the pleasure of laying my eyes on. My eyes connect with his magically electric blue eyes. His tasselled blonde hair, sits effortlessly on top of his head. His flawless sun kissed skin tightly drawn around his strong jaw line. Perfect plump lips and down his strong neck. He is so well built. I have never seen a 17 year old look like such a gym junkie before. I can only suspect that he is on steroids or something crazy. He gives me a half smile then looks back at his lunch. Kira motions for me to sit next to her. I do.   “I am so happy to have a girl to hang out with these boys are so surly all the time” “I don’t really know if I am much better really” “Sure you are.”   I am glad she thinks so.

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