CEO's Encroachment


In the hustle and bustle of the bustling city, there unfolds a tale of tangled love and hate, with its protagonists being a pair of destined entangled lovers.

In this story, there is a girl named Huai Nian. She used to be the girlfriend of the male lead, Xi Ziyue's nephew, Xi Ye. Their love was once sweet, seemingly impervious to any storms. However, fate played a cruel joke as Xi Ye cheated on her, leaving her heartbroken and forced to break up with him.

Then, a domineering yet affectionate man entered her life, he is Xi Ziyue. He is a successful CEO, and his pursuit is not through words, but through actions. He has been silently watching over Huai Nian's growth, shielding her from the storms, although she had never noticed.

Huai Nian thought her relationship with Xi Ziyue started from the moment he began pursuing her, but it was not so. Their bond had already existed; she just hadn't realized it. Slowly, she also fell in love with this domineering yet deeply affectionate man.

Xi Ziyue is a man lacking in security; he always wants to confirm Huai Nian's love for him. So, he tests her again and again, trying to find the genuine love deep within her heart. And Huai Nian, through these repeated confirmations, finds herself loving him more and more.

Their relationship develops naturally, although there are obstacles along the way, their love for each other grows stronger. In this bustling city, they embark on a moving story of love and growth.

On this journey of love, what trials will they face? Can their love withstand the test of time? Let us step into this captivating story together and explore the path to their happiness.

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The dimly lit room exudes an ambiguous atmosphere. The fragrance of wine mingles with the scent of roses, drifting through the air. The woman chuckles softly as she gently caresses his face, from the deep brows, to the handsome nose, and down to the firm chin. "Your face... so seductive..." Her gaze is mesmerizing, staring at him as if entranced. He embraces her soft waist, his muscular arms tense, the deep darkness in his eyes suppressing the flames of desire. She is his little girl... Is she inviting him to taste her essence? He slowly lowers his head, lips touching hers, tentatively exploring, tasting her sweetness. He is devout like a disciple, she is a tempting devil, her tongue grazing his teeth, conquering territory... Unprecedented pleasure surges through every nerve ending, engulfing his entire being. In the moments before, he coaxes her with a trembling voice, "Say my name..." "Mmm..." "Xi Ziyue." "Xi... Zi... Yue... En..." The soul-stirring voice lingers in his mind, and with a start, Xi Ziyue awakens from the dream of ultimate pleasure. He sits up slowly, his robe in disarray. The sensual contours of his face during the dream gradually return to coldness as he wakes. Nonchalantly, he gets out of bed and heads to the bathroom to freshen up. This body has its own self-regulating mechanism, revisiting old dreams to relieve desires. He's accustomed to it. Xi Ziyue lights a cigarette, takes a deep drag, picks up his phone, and sends a message, "Give me an update on Huai Nian." After a moment, a man in a suit and leather shoes emerges from the wardrobe, his leather shoes making crisp sounds on the polished wooden floor. "Mr. Xi." "Mr. Xi." The foreign servants bow ninety degrees along the way, following behind him. Descending the stairs, entering another room with an oval-shaped door adorned with cartoon characters, brimming with childishness. The servant pushes the door open, and he strides in, his voice deep, "Guapi, get up." On the big bed in the center of the room, a blue cartoon quilt bulges, moving a couple of times, emitting a couple of grunts, as if trying to break out, but then falls silent. Xi Ziyue picks up the blue school bag on the desk and throws it towards the bulge, "Get up!" The quilt is suddenly thrown open, revealing a little head. What was a sweet dream turns into the stern voice of his father descending from the heavens, bringing with it a multitude of monsters and demons, causing him to reflexively wake up. The young boy murmurs with closed eyes, "Get up... Guapi, get up..." The servant approaches, lifting him out of bed, surrounded by several servants tidying him up. Before long, the little trendy boy, dressed in D&G kids' clothes, holds his father's hand and bounces off to the dining room. The European-style dining table is set for breakfast. Milk, fried eggs, nuts, cheese, vegetables, quinoa, croissants, ham, arranged perfectly, with coordinated colors, and exquisite plating. The bright sunshine of the American West Coast pours in through the carved windows, casting a glow on the table. After breakfast, the father and son are about to leave. Suddenly, the little boy exclaims, "Wait!" He turns around and runs into the toy room. Moments later, he comes out with a pair of blue frog sunglasses in hand. The villa door opens, and Xi Ziyue steps out with his son in his arms. The boy puts on the sunglasses, and a team of staff approaches. He pushes up the frames and hums softly, "Uncle, am I cool?" The head assistant, with a dignified expression containing a hint of amusement, replies, "Cool as can be!" "Will she like it?" "Sure!" "?" Xi Ziyue raises an eyebrow, "Last time you gave gifts to Lily, didn't you?" The little boy shrugs, "That's in the past." A carefree look as if he no longer cares. Several staff members hold back their smiles. The driver opens the car door, and Xi Ziyue gets into the car with his son, driving him to school. Everyone around Xi Ziyue knows that although Mr. Xi is busy with work, he never skimps on spending time with his son. If he stays in a country for more than a month, he always takes his son with him. His devotion to his son is evident. A notification sound from his phone, his highly efficient subordinate responds promptly. Routine reports on her family, career, and life, everything is fine. But this time, there's an addition. Three months ago, she started dating Xi Ye, they've met each other's parents, and Xi Ye officially proposed last week. Xi Ziyue's deep eyes stare at the phone screen. The woman Xi Ye likes... is her... "Little uncle, I've got a new girlfriend. This time I'm serious, thinking of marrying her. Would you like to meet her sometime?" This message was sent by Xi Ye half a month ago. Xi Ziyue looks out of the car window, his expression unreadable. After a long silence, he says, "Guapi, miss Grandpa?" The little boy thinks of his kind and gentle grandfather and cheerfully responds, "Yes!" "Good, we'll return to the country tomorrow." --- In city S. At ten in the morning, after a weekly meeting, three female bosses walk out of the conference room together. "Tomorrow, I'll personally go to the factory to take a look." Huai Nian flips through the details in her hand, speaking as she walks. "Darling, you're the most hardworking bride-to-be I've ever seen. About to marry into a wealthy family, yet still struggling for our little store. Admirable, really!" Her partner Shen Menglan, also her close friend, couldn't help but comment. Shen Menglan nudges Yuan Yawen beside her, seeking agreement, "Don't you think so? At this time, Nian Nian should be more concerned about which bridal shop has the most beautiful wedding dresses, which diamond ring is bigger and shinier, and which island to go for the honeymoon!" Yuan Yawen smiles and lips, wearing a set of milky white knitted dress, making her look even more quiet and elegant. Huai Nian is puzzled, "Who said I'm getting married?" "Don't tell me you've broken up?" Shen Menglan looks shocked, "You had such a grand proposal just a week ago!" Yes, just a week ago, that young master rented the huge LED screen in Times Square, loaded his Ferrari with roses air-freighted from Ecuador, and, in front of everyone, held a diamond ring, kneeling down, giving the woman the sense of ceremony she desired. "We haven't broken up, but getting married too quickly, let's wait a bit longer." "Other women who catch a golden turtle son-in-law are eager to marry him as soon as possible to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. Yet you, hesitating and dragging your feet, what are you thinking? It's not you who'll suffer losses. Even if it ends in divorce, the compensation he'll give you will ensure you're worry-free for a lifetime." "Am I worried about my livelihood now? Am I struggling to make ends meet, waiting for people to come and help me out of poverty?" "I can't talk to you." Shen Menglan rolls her eyes dramatically. Huai Nian laughs, "I know you mean well." As the two banter, Yuan Yawen walks silently beside them, not saying a word. Her hands involuntarily tighten around her skirt, a hint of determination flashing in her eyes. Huai Nian and Shen Menglan enter the office side by side, Yuan Yawen follows them, closing the door behind her. "Huai Nian, I'm with Xi Ye now." Out of nowhere, this statement plunges the room into silence. Shen Menglan, who was about to sit down on the sofa, freezes in mid-air. Huai Nian's hand trembles, but she manages to steady the coffee cup in time, though the spilled coffee scalds her hand. She looks at Yuan Yawen in astonishment. "Wen Wen, it's not April Fools' Day, why are you joking?" Shen Menglan's face is a mix of shock and amusement. "I'm not joking. Here are some photos. Want to see?" Yuan Yawen remains calm, and there's even a hint of relief in her eyes, as if she's been waiting for this moment. She takes out her phone and opens the album. Shen Menglan steps forward eagerly, snatching the phone. Inside are many bed photos, with the handsome man sleeping soundly while the woman takes selfies with his exposed body from various angles, her face full of smiles, all sweetness and tenderness. Huai Nian steps forward to take the phone from Shen Menglan, who turns away, abruptly tossing the phone aside, "Don't look! Disgusting!" With a sharp c***k, the phone rolls on the ground, the screen cracked. Shen Menglan goes up to Yuan Yawen, grabs her arm, and scolds her sternly, "Are you so desperate? You even slept with your best friend's man!" "What's it to you?" Yuan Yawen is furious, struggling with her, "Let go of me!... " Huai Nian picks up the phone from the ground, and looking at those photos, it's the first time she's seen her boyfriend's *... The commotion in the office attracts attention from outside. The assistant pushes open the door and turns pale with fright. What's going on here? Two bosses are wrestling, and there's one sitting on the floor in a daze... "Ms. Huai?" she calls out tentatively to the seemingly calm boss. Huai Nian regains her composure, takes a deep breath, dismisses the assistant, and gets up to pull Shen Menglan. "Shen Menglan, you're just Huai Nian's lapdog! Always wagging your tail behind her!... Besides biting and barking like a mad dog, what else are you capable of!" "I don't sleep with other people's men! I don't dig into my own sister's wall! I don't become a mistress!... Do you have any shame? And you still have the nerve to argue! Shameless!" "Blue Blue, calm down." Huai Nian, who exercises regularly, is strong, and soon restrains Shen Menglan. Yuan Yawen takes a few steps back, her long hair disheveled, looking disheveled. She adjusts her hair, straightens her spine, raises her chin, and looks Huai Nian in the eye, "In matters of the heart, it's not about who comes first. I really like Xi Ye, I gave him my first time. He said you don't love him, so let him go." Huai Nian bites her lip, her smile tinged with sarcasm, "When Xi Ye returns, we'll have an open and honest conversation. As long as he chooses you, I won't interfere." Huai Nian's generous attitude makes Yuan Yawen lose her previous pride. She grits her teeth, "Huai Nian, I really dislike your calm and confident appearance." After four years as classmates and three years as colleagues, it's the first time Yuan Yawen has shown such resentment in front of her. After Yuan Yawen leaves, Shen Menglan can no longer contain the chaos inside her, and begins to rant, "I never thought she'd be that kind of person. Usually so elegant and peaceful, turns out she's holding back her maliciousness! Can't trust people anymore! Morally corrupt, rotten to the core! Nian Nian, this time I'm on your side! If you want to confront her, I'll accompany you!" Huai Nian watches this bold and straightforward girl, and the warmth surging in her heart dilutes some of the discomfort. She sighs, "You're silly, why bother meddling in my affairs with her." "She can do such things, she doesn't care about the friendship between the three of us anymore. Why should I care about her? Nian Nian, don't give up. Xi Ye won't like that green tea b***h! He only sees her as a playmate, and she wants to fly to the top like a phoenix..." Huai Nian sighs, "One hand can't clap alone. Besides hanging onto Yuan Yawen, isn't Xi Ye at fault too?" "Xi Ye made the mistake all men make, but he has qualities other men don't! He's the little prince of Dongyao! Think about it, Dongyao!" Shen Menglan emphasizes these two words with great emotion, its significance is truly extraordinary. Dongyao Technology, a manufacturer of communication equipment, an ICT solution provider, ranked among the top fifty in the BrandZ Global Top 100 Most Valuable Brands. Dong yao's communication devices, electronic products, and information services and solutions are found in every corner of the world. As a private technology company, Dongyao is undoubtedly the entrepreneurial myth of this era. After calming down a bit, she continues, "Not only is he rich, he's also tall, handsome, young and promising, charming and generous. He's the epitome of a domineering CEO, think about how many women would be after him..." "Yes, yes, he's perfect." Huai Nian acquiesces, cutting off Shen Menglan's words, "But now he's cheating, I need to think about how to handle this." Huai Nian picks up her phone and leaves the office, heading to the private lounge. She stares at her phone, scrolling and locking repeatedly. Finally, she dials Xi Ye's number. "Darling, miss me?" The phone is quickly answered, a deliberately lowered, intimate, and sexy voice comes through the earpiece. Huai Nian sighs almost imperceptibly, "When are you coming back?" "As long as you miss me, I'll be right in front of you." Huai Nian's lips curve into a smile tinged with sarcasm, "Don't delay your work. I have something to discuss, wait till you're free to come back." "Talking about marriage?" His tone rises, light and cheerful. "Talking about Yuan Yawen."

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