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[COMPLETED] This is the sequel to Dragon Alpha's Last Mate! No one can believe it. Marina, daughter of Daemon and Elle, is going to be the first female Dragon Alpha, and not everyone is as excited as she is.

That's why the Air Alpha led a campaign to try and make sure her mate becomes the Alpha when Marina finds him. Of course, that doesn't sit well with her. Follow Daemon & Elle's children as they work to secure Marina's Alpha Birthright, and find themselves along the way.

This book is 18 and up, so expect there to be steamy scenes, as well as graphic battles! If you haven't read Dragon Alpha's Last Mate, that's okay, this one can be read as a standalone. Just be aware that there will be spoilers in this book if you want to read the first one after this.

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1. Meet The Children
Marina’s POV My alarm blares, marking 11:59 the night before my 15th birthday. I sat up in my bed, turning my alarm off and waiting for her to come to me. In less than a minute, I will find out if I get a Fire Dragon. This is my only chance to become the first female Alpha our world has ever seen. Any other element means everything I’ve worked towards my entire life goes out the window. I nervously tapped my finger on my leg as I watched the seconds tick by on my phone. Finally, the clock turned over, and I felt a rush of energy consume me. I waited to see her, to see any indication of my element. Everyone says the feeling and experience is unique, and to be ready for a story. I felt myself fall back into my bed, my eyes growing heavy as unknown energy filled me. As soon as I closed my eyes I could see an entirely different world. I stepped forward, looking through the white space and trying to see who my Dragon was when I realized no one was around. “Hello!” I called out while stepping forward. “Hello,” A beautiful voice responded, catching me off guard, “I am Syry.” She continued, but I still couldn’t see her. “Where are you?” I asked, reaching forward and stumbling into a massive creature. “I’m right here,” She said, turning her head towards me. I realized now she was in front of me the whole time as I squinted my eyes to see her reflective white scales. “Woah,” I gasped in awe, taking a step back as the area we were in turned black. Finally, I could see Syry in her full glory. Her white scales glistened, though there was no source of light. They were bright and clear, almost like pure diamonds placed on a white surface. “Come here, child. There’s much I must tell you,” She said to me, leaning her wings down so I could climb on. I was hesitant at first, but I had to trust her. She’s part of me now. I stepped forward, and as soon as I touched her wing, I was her. I could feel our thoughts co-mingle as we became one. “Much better,” Syry said to me as she jumped into the black sky above us. “I have to know,” I said to her, surprised by how easy it was to link with her, “Are we fire?” Instead of responding, she released a storm of fire, illuminating the blackness in front of us. “Yes!” I cried out, “Please, tell me your story,” I asked, now needing to know who she was before she was with me. “I am a new Dragon, a special Dragon. I was made in the vision of Azza, and once you learn to master me, you will be stronger than her. You receive me as a gift because of what your mother and father have achieved in their lifetime. I was made for you. You are meant to achieve great things with me.” I allowed her complete control as she swirled through the air freakishly fast. “Our mate is already out there; we just have to find him. But, it will be inconvenient.” Syry was quiet for some time, but she had to have more to tell me! “What do you mean by this? Who created you? Why is finding my mate inconvenient?” “This is all I can say for now. Rest well, and happy birthday,” I could feel myself leaving this world, but I know it’s not the last time I’ll talk to Syry. I slowly opened my eyes and was surprised by the time. It felt like I was in there for less than an hour, but in reality, it was almost noon. “Good morning,” I said, trying to reach Syry. I could feel her inside me, pushing to come out and shift for the first time. There’s nothing I’d love more than to be able to release her, but it’s tradition to perform the first shifting in a ceremony. Plus, I don’t think mom and dad would be happy that I destroyed my room to shift. Syry is massive. I got out of bed and looked at the over-the-top dress Minas had made me for today. It was encrusted in jewels, with fine lace covering every inch of the red silk fabric. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes before setting it back down to go to the bathroom to get ready. After a little bit of time, I was cleaned up and ready to pick out a much less gaudy dress to wear. I went to my closet and pulled out a beautiful, floor-length white dress. I held it in front of myself in the mirror before asking Syry what she thought. I could feel her excitement inside me as she agreed it was perfect. I pulled the dress up, letting the thin straps rest on my shoulders. My long brown hair sat flat against the low-cut backing. I looked at myself in the mirror, satisfied with how my tanned skin looked against the shiny white material. I slipped on some white tennis shoes, pulling the dress over the front of them. No one will ever notice with this long dress. I gave myself one last look in the mirror before leaving for the ceremony. As soon as I stepped into the hallway, my big brother Adonis was standing there in a formal tux. “You didn’t want to wear the red one?” He said, pointing to it on the hanger behind me. “No, this one suits my Dragon much better,” I replied, a smile creeping on my face. I tried to hide it, but he could tell I was excited. “Fire?” He whispered, and I couldn’t hold it back anymore. “Yes!” I whisper yelled back at him as I threw my arms around his shoulders. He easily caught my hug, swinging me around before setting me back down. “Have you talked with Mihail yet?” I pressed, and he shook his head. “Let’s go get him,” Adonis said, holding his arm out for me. I gladly wrapped mine with his as we went to my brother's room next door to mine. I wasted no time banging on the door for him to come out. ~ Mihail’s POV I could hear Marina’s alarm blaring before she turned it off. I quickly sat up in my bed as my heart started pounding. If I don’t get a Fire Dragon, I have no chance of becoming the Alpha. I’m older than she is, so as long as I get Fire, I’m the Alpha. Marina and I have wanted this ever since Adonis revealed his Water Dragon. I laid my head back on my pillow, trying to soothe my nerves when I felt myself get lightheaded. I closed my eyes and saw a world filled with fire. Yes! This has to mean I’m a Fire Dragon. I looked out as the smoke rose, trying to find my Dragon. Maybe he’ll be red like Azza, mom's Dragon, or black like Azzorrel, Cory’s Dragon. I continued to look out when I saw a bright blue Dragon soaring towards me. I watched as the deep blue stripes running through his wings got closer to me. I covered my head and ducked as I felt the wings touch me, instantly becoming one with my Dragon as we flew over the burning city. “I am Leviathan,” My Dragon said, releasing a spout full of water from his mouth to put out the burning buildings. My heart sunk as I watched the water fall from my mouth. “Do not be sad, my boy. You will become everything you’re destined to become with me as your Dragon,” He said, but that made no sense. “We’re water; we can’t be the Alpha of the Fire Court,” I complained, “It’s all I ever wanted, and I can’t have it,” I continued as I heard his laugh fill my head. “In every life I’ve lived, I have ruled Water. Trust me to guide you,” He said as he flew effortlessly through burning buildings, expertly putting them out as if it were nothing. “I have much to teach you in good time,” He continued, but I cut him off. “Tell me now!” I didn’t want to wait; I needed to know everything about him now. “It’s time to go,” He said, flying towards the darkness and away from the burning buildings. I could feel us leaving this plane together. I woke up with a gasp when I heard banging on my door. I looked at the time, damn I’m late! How did it take so long? I ran out of my bed and opened the door to see my brother and twin sister standing before me. She wore an elegant white dress, but I know they had a red one for her. “Are you…?” I started, pointing to her dress choice. Did we both not get a Fire Dragon? Mom and dad are going to be so upset. I watched as Marina zipped her lips, pretending to throw away the key before she smiled back at me. “Same time?” She said, and I nodded before we looked at Adonis. “Okay. One… Two… Three!” As he finished, Marina and I both said our elements simultaneously. “Water.” “Fire!” She yelled with excitement, then her eyes softened when she realized what I am. She looked at me with a blank stare as the realization settled in her. “Mihail…” Her voice shook as she said my name. Now she knows she’s going to be the first female Alpha, but I know she wanted me to get it too. I threw my arms around her in a tight hug, “You deserve this,” I whispered to her, pulling away and holding onto her shoulders as I looked into her sparkly blue eyes. “Thank you,” She choked out, and I could tell she knew I was being sincere. She deserves this more than anyone I know, including me. “Okay, get dressed. Moms going to throw a fit if we’re late,” Marina said, sniffling quickly as she pulled herself together. “Of course,” I told her, running back in and putting on my tux. I looked at myself in the mirror, seeing Leviathan's eyes flash over mine as he took in our appearance. “Let’s do this,” I said to him, waiting for him to respond. When he didn’t, I walked out of the room, grabbing my sister's arm to walk with her out to our ceremony. “Your sister's Dragon is special,” Leviathan’s voice boomed in my head. “How so?” I asked, glancing at her, noticing the smile plastered on her face. He didn’t answer, so I figured he didn’t know. Let’s just get this over with. ~ Adonis’ POV “Come on, hurry!” Uncle Christoph yelled at the twins as we made it down the stairs. I stopped for a moment, looking at my siblings in an entirely new light. Today, they become full Dragons. “I’ll see you out there,” I said to them, giving each of them one last hug. I walked away towards the ceremony where our parents were waiting for their Dragons. “So, tell me what you can,” I asked my Dragon, Roghun. My Dragon is a historian; he tells me everything there is to know about Dragon culture, both new and old. Every time his host dies, he’s immediately reborn to help keep the history known. “Well,” He started, his deep voice calculating his words carefully, “Your brother's Dragon, Leviathan, has lived long lives. He was one of the original Dragons, and in every life, has been a ruler. It will be an adjustment for him to not strive for leadership. He does have a mate, but changes in each lifetime, like us.” “And Marina?” I pressed. “Hers is quite unusual,” I could hear him humming while he thinks, “I know nothing of her Dragon. She might be new,” He continued. “Why is that unusual?” I asked; surely there’s been plenty of new Dragons. “Her being new isn’t what’s unusual. There’s something else. We will have to see,” He said, and I could tell he was done sharing. I stepped up next to my parents at the ceremony, and we waited for my siblings to come and reveal themselves to us.

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