The Alphas Unwanted Mate (completed)

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Elle Smith, a sweet, charming wolf. Loved by everyone around her, no one could fault the beautiful wolf. That was until something tragic happened and immediately got blamed by everyone she knew ever knew. Everything around her changed. Only when the new family arrived to town her life would change again for the worst?...Or for the the better? Would her new found mate help change her life for the better or would he reject her for what had happened?

Completed (Under Editing)

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Chapter : One
Elle's POV  I had the perfect family. The perfect friends. The perfect boyfriend. The perfect high school experience. That was before the tragedy happened. After my mother died and I found her everything inside me died with her, that is when everything went bad. I was blamed for my mother’s death after she was killed. I was hated by everyone including my friends, boyfriend, strangers and the worst was my own family. I was blamed because everyone thought I was the monster that killed her own flesh and blood. I knew the truth, and no one would or ever could believe just a fifteen-year-old girl.  *flashback* It was July seventh twenty fourteen "Honey, get up and shower or you're going be late and dirty for school." I heard my mom shout up to me, waking me up from the best dream I've ever had.  "Ugh okay, I'll be down soon." I shouted down to her, well more like whispered but could you really blame me? I had just got woken up.  I quickly got up to get a quick shower, so I could hurry up and get those delicious smelling pancakes awaiting to be eaten. I practically ran down the stairs in a hurry to eat them.  "Hey honey, good luck on your practice today for your tournament. " My mom came over and hugged me sideways with the biggest and most beautiful smile I've ever seen. She truly was a queen and deserved to be treated like one too.  "Why thank you my dear mother, I honestly cannot wait for the cheer leading tournament. It's going to be the biggest one of the year and I know me and my girls will win it." I replied smiling at her and my dad.  "Well you will do amaz-" He started out before a car horn silenced my father. "Like I was saying, you will do amazing and we will see you later on sweetie" my mom gave me a kiss on the head and I gave my dad a quick hug before leaving out to see Eli.  "Eliiii oh my god I've missed you so much. So, tell me how was your holiday in New York?" I practically screamed while jumping inside his car.  "Well hello to you too babe and it was amazing thank you and I missed you too" " He said while kissing me on the head.  "But I do have to say I am so happy to be home back to the beautiful Alaska" He continued while leaving to drive to school.  "Okay but you must tell me about it like, was it beautiful? Was there loads of lights at night? Did you take loads of photos?" I gushed out, making it known I was interested.  "Okay calm down hah I will tell you all about it later but for now we are here and I want to find out how my best girl has been doing without me" He laughed out while tickling me from his seat giving me the longest passionate kiss making it known he'd missed me.  As we got out everyone looked our way and smiled while moving out of our way. We were the popular kids. I was the captain of the cheer squad and Eli was the captain of the football team. Although we were popular, we weren't horrible to anyone, as I saw it life was to short to argue with anyone. I never hated anyone here seeming as how I forgave everyone for their mistakes and always understood them. Everyone would come to me to seek help on their problems and I would always help them or at least try.  As we walked past people they said "hi" or "hey" or "hello" and I would always reply kindly. Maybe that's why everyone liked me. I was always grateful to have so many friends.  Before the bell rung me and Eli met up with the rest of our group.  "Hiiii omg I missed you guys so much" I screamed as I ran up to my best friends Cleo and Sophia.  Sophia was my oldest best friend ever since we were only three years old and I met Cleo when she moved here six years ago.  "We missed you too" They both said in unison  "So, what did you both do over the break? Go anywhere nice?" I asked them both  "I went to Spain with my parents" Cleo replied in a cheery tone  "And I went to Bora Bora and omg it was just absolutely beautiful the ocean was like crystal blue and it was just a-maz-ing." Sophia practically gushed on about it just as the bell saved me from hearing about it anymore otherwise, I would only get more jealous of her for going to a stunning place.  Once the first bell rung, Cleo said her byes as me and Sophia left to go to our first period - History. Possibly the worst class that I have got. Yippee.    I hope you enjoy this episode and let me know if you like it. :) Also, would mean a lot if I could get book cover ideas or even if you want to design one and send it to me it would be amazing you would also get credit for it. :) Please enjoy 

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