Devil's Innocent Obsession

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" But Liam , I am tired and yu-" Amber couldn't complete her sentence as she felt a stinging pain on her cheek.

" How . . . how could you slap me ?" Amber stutters looking up at Liam innocently with tearfilled eyes.

It was something no bride expects from her husband on her wedding night.

" Don't even think that I married a b***h like you because I fell in love with your nasty face and filthy body." he laughs as his words pierced her tiny heart.

" Then why ?" she screams as another slap lands on her cheek.

" Don't you f*****g raise your voice at me , I am your lawful husband. You love to act like a brat , I'll show you what brats deserve. " he growls fisting her hair as she cries out in pain.

" But I . . . I love you." she whispers fisting her wedding gown tightly still hoping this is just a nightmare which will come to an end soon and her loving Liam will return.

" Too bad baby , I am far away from loving a s**t like you and this is no lovestory but a revengeful one." he smirks maliciously throwing a punch on her face.


He loved her to moon and back without any doubt , until . . . ugly secrets of past got revealed. He has to punish her for her deeds , even if he doesnt wants to . . . he has to.

It is when a love story changes into a revengeful one.


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Chapter 1 - The Devil
LIAM KNIGHT'S POV " Don't do it , please." the woman yelled.  " Please boss , I'll pay you back everything ." the man begged.  " Liam Knight never forgives anyone." I muttered in a cold voice. I raised my hand up and in the next moment my men killed their child. The woman screamed out loudly while the man stood frozen at his place . Their only ten-year-old son was lying in his own pool of blood on the floor of the cold basement. I walked out of the basement without any regret of my doings. I believe that to hurt someone badly , you need to hurt their loved ones. Only that way , they'll know the real pain. I am a cruel , dominant and heartless bastard. My name is Liam Knight. I am the ruler of the country. But no one ever got guts to question me or tell me what to do.   I do whatever I want without anyone questioning because everyone has their loved ones to protect from the wrath of Liam Knight. I went home and immediately a pair of tiny hands wrapped around my leg. I looked down and saw my little niece hanging on my leg smiling at me. " Hello cupcake." I smiled leaning down at her level. She is just five years old .  " I'm angry with you hero." the little girl pouted causing me to laugh. " And why is that ?" I asked.  " You didn't come to my school today. I was waiting for you." she said looking upset.  " I'm sorry princess. Tomorrow , I'll pick you up ." I mumble but the tiny bundle of joy still looked angry. I quietly took out a large bar of chocolate which caught her attention and her tiny eyes lit up like Christmas tree. " If the princess is angry then I think I'll eat this chocolate myself." I said and the little girl immediately shook her head. " I'm not angry, hero. Can I pleeeaaaassseee have the chocolate ?" she asked in her baby voice kissing my cheek.  I chuckled at her adorable behavior and gave her the chocolate. She squeaked in happiness and ran away with the chocolate. " Don't forget to pick me from school tomorrow, hero." She said running up the stairs. I laughed at my niece's adorable behavior and started walking towards my room. My elder sister , her mother had a horrible life. But I couldn't do anything to help her. My sister got married seven years ago but after three years of marriage , her husband started abusing her.  When I got to know about this , I took my sister with me and came to India so that no one will know about their location. My little niece was only an year old at that moment and I wanted to protect my family at any cost. My sister always stopped me from hurting her husband because she still loved him and I had to listen to my sister. Whenever I saw my sister crying , I got thirsty for that bastard's blood. I always calmed myself down by telling that one day I'll get my revenge from him.  I am burning with anger right now , I needed to control myself before breaking something and troubling my sister. I called my men and asked them to bring a girl from the brothel immediately. I always got calm by whiskey or a girl's v****a and right now I wanted both.  Minutes later a girl was pushed in my room. I turned around and saw the girl shivering with fear , she looked pretty and scared. That b*tch is shaking in fear just by looking at my face. " What are you waiting for , b***h , take that dress off." I shout causing her to flinch and start fumbling with the zipper of her dress. She pulled her zipper down and her dress fell on the floor in a ease. Now that's a f*ckable piece. I looked at her shivering body , I saw her small breasts and her princess part from the lacy undergarments she was wearing. Even though I like woman with good curves and big breasts , she is not that bad. " Take them off and do a dance for me." I mutter sitting on the couch like a king I am , while that b*tch took off her undergarments and started dancing as per my demand. She was dancing when suddenly I pushed her on the wall and attacked her lips . I bit her lips harshly and squeezed her breasts. My fingers found their way to her v****a and started pumping my fingers in and out of her.  When I had enough , I took out my monstrous length and sat down on the couch while the girl gave me a blow job. She jerked my jewel and wrapped her warm mouth around it. Every girl in my brothel is trained on how to please me as I don't like unexperienced ones. After good few minutes I shoot his c*m in her mouth and she licked me clean being a good girl.  " Ride me. " I order. The girl nods and stood up immediately . She placed her legs on his shoulders and guided my length in her warm v****a. Once it was settled in , I sat there drinking his scotch while she moved up and down , back and forth on my length. After a few hours of different positions , the girl was tired and tears were visible in her eyes because of my brutality. I finally allowed her to leave and she ran out of his room without a single word. F*cking wh*re couldn't even handle a hard f*ck. ---- Next morning , I went to my office early so that I can go to my princess school today.  Today I managed to do all work on time and got dressed to go to school. Knight Industries is not something one can easily manage , it needs sh*t load of cunningness to work it out.  When my car pulled into the parking lot of the school , I groaned in irritation. There was so much noise and so many children here. I hate small irritating children , they are so horrible. I spotted my doll running towards me , I leaned down and Agnes ran into his arms. " Hello cupcake. I'm here." I said kissing her chubby cheeks.  " Thank you hero. You're the best." Agnes said kissing my cheeks.  Just then my phone rang and I handed Agnes a chocolate so that I could talk on his phone. She isn't one of those irritating small demons , she is a quite kid. When I completed my talk , I couldn't find Agnes anywhere.  I got panicked. how could I lose Agnes here ? Though it is a school and I'll find her but still I started panicking.  After a few minutes I saw Agnes running towards me but a car was also coming from the opposite direction on a break-neck speed.  " Agnes , stop." I shout but she couldn't hear my voice in the noisy school ground. The car came and then I heard Agnes' scream . I closed my eyes unable to see the dreadful sight I front of me.  When I opened my eyes , I saw the car stopped at its place and Agnes was in a girl's arms on the ground. I ran towards them and helped them stand up. The girl's face was covered with her long black hair which I admired. I have never saw such deep black colored hair before. But when she removed her hair from her face , I stopped breathing. My heart began skipping beats and butterflies began flying. I just saw an angel in front of me. Her eyes were innocent big doe-like , her lips looked pink and juicy to taste , moving down her deep cleavage is visible as Agnes is in her arms pulling the material down , my mouth went dry once her meaty thighs caught my attention from her jeans. She is so delicious.  I knew I want her in my bed now.  " Hero." Agnes said looking at me. I picked her up in my arms .  " Sorry cupcake , I was busy in my call." I mutter kissing her nose. " Busy in a call , that's why you couldn't watch your daughter ? " the young girl asked in disbelief. I was thankful to her , she jumped in front of the car to save my little cupcake but this young lady should really watch her tongue. Her voice was soft and melodious to my evil ears which were used to hearing screams. I wonder what she will look like when she will scream under me on my bed when I am plunging into her. " I'm sorry but I don't think a call is more important than your daughter's life." she said in a stern voice.  " I'm sorry little girl , I was not looking in front." the driver came. He was a man in his middle age and looked quite scared. I wanted to tear his body apart but before I could say something , the girl started.  " Not looking in front. Then where were you looking ? At the back ?  As long as I can observe , God has given you eyes at the front of the head and not at the back. Firstly , who even gave you a driver's license with such a careless driving ? What if something happened  to my Agnes ?" the girl shouted in rage while I quietly observed her.  She looked more beautiful when she was angry. " I'll talk to the principal and you will not be allowed to drive in the school compound from tomorrow . What if something happens to any of the kids here ?" she said and the man ran away nodding .  The girl turned around to see me smirking at her. Obviously I enjoyed watching this innocent beauty fighting for my niece.  " And you mister , if you've given birth to her then you must take care of her. A call can wait but not someone's life. " the girl shouted.  " It was important." I mutter holding Agnes tightly.  " To hell with your important. What kind of father are you ?" she yelled. No one has ever screamed on me except for my father. I sigh looking at her confusion. " I know , I've also spent my childhood in a family where people ignored me because they had their own things to do. My dad never came to school to pick me and I see today is the first day you've came to pick Agnes. Just a little advice from personal experience , the money will get you fame and luxury but it can never get you love and peace." she mumbled looking into my eyes.  It was the first time when my dead heart skipped a beat. It told me  that she was the one. The only one who can heal my wounds. I knew that this girl did not only make a place in my bed but also in my heart. " Thank you and Agnes is not my daughter but niece." I clarified and saw her eyes go wide. A crimson color made way on her cheeks , she was embarrassed.  " What ?" she sequeked. " Yup." I smirked.  " Sorry." she mumbled. " It's okay but I don't forgive people easily. Yours is exceptional." I smirked. I cant wait to spank her cute little ass as her punishment. How much pleasure it will be to have my fingers printed on her skin. " Hero , this is my angel." Agnes said chiming in the conversation. I recalled Agnes talking about a kind teacher , at that moment I thought she was some old kind lady but today I saw what I had been avoiding.  " So friends ?" she asked holding her hand out. She really has no idea what she is asking on herself , I smirked internally. " Friends." I say taking her hands in his and shaking it. I felt thousands of electrical currents running in his body and his d*ck twitched in his pants.  " Good bye. Hope we'll meet again." she said smiling at me. She walked away before kissing Agnes on her nose as I stared at the fine piece of ass I am going to f*ck really soon. I  also kissed Agnes on her nose just to get the girl's touch while Agnes was sneezing because of so many kisses on her nose.

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