The Prejudiced Alpha

opposites attract
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enimies to lovers

The sequel to The Wolf Within- Daily updates!

The story continues! The Prejudiced Alpha picks up where book 1 left off!

Jon's best friend, Gabriel, is getting married. This would be a happy event for most but for this Alpha, it poses a problem. Why!? The maid of honor is his mate and she's human. Jon vows that he will never accept Lacey as his mate. He despises humans. But can Jon resist the pull he feels? Can he stay away from her when every cell in his body seems to want her?

Lacey is a girl from a small town. Her best friend, Carrie, is getting married. Lacey dreams of finding someone to love. She finds herself drawn to the handsome friend of Gabriel's despite his cold and aloof demeanor. But can she love a man who seems to hate her at times? Can they get past the obstacles that keep them apart or are they destined to live in two separate worlds?

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Intro "But I want Grandma!" The little boy howled. It was so unfair. All he wanted was Grandma. Grandma was his best friend. She always told him stories and made the best sweets. "Jon, I told you, Grandma and Grandpa are gone." His Father, Damien, repeated for the fifth time today. "They went to the human village and some evil humans attacked them. They died, honey." Damien explained again. "But couldn't their wolves heal? Why didn't they fight?" Jon asked, still confused and scared. "No, they were shot too many times. They couldn't shift, not in the human town." Damien said as Jon started to cry again. "Humans are selfish and evil, Jon. Your Grandparents should never have been in the human town. They went to see a movie and the humans killed them for their money." He finished. He had been explaining this all day to his young son. He was tired and honestly just pissed off. Damien had been very close to his parents and now, thanks to the greed of humans, they were both gone. They died violently and horrifically. Anger filled him. He shouldn't have to tell his son this. He shouldn't have to bury his parents. He had been pacing the living room. He glanced over at his son's tear streaked face as he cried in his mother's arms. Humans were the problem. There was only one thing he could do to protect the family he had left. "From now on, we will no longer go to the human village. I know a lot of the other wolves do, but we won't. We will stay away from the filthy creatures and hope they stay away too. Agreed?" He asked his wife and child. They both nodded. "There is no reason to ever go around humans. Rabid, selfish, filthy beasts! Do you hear me Jon?" He asked. The little boy nodded his head. "Yes, Daddy." He replied obediently. Jon didn't fully understand. He understood that his grandparents were gone but didn't really understand what that meant. All he knew was he couldn't see them and that was bad. Daddy told him it was the humans. Humans are bad, Jon thought. The prejudice planted in Jon's heart that day would only grow as he did. Jon grew from a small boy to a strong man and new Alpha of the pack. He was strong and fair, and he despised humans. So of all the creatures in the world, why did the moon goddess curse him with a human mate!? Chapter 1 Today was the day! My best friend's bachelorette party! I was so excited. I had been looking forward to this for weeks! I checked the mirror for the third time today. I wanted to look my best. I brushed my black hair and decided to make my smokey eye makeup a little more intense. Smokey eyes always made my eyes pop. I always thought my eyes were kinda cat-like. My eyes were a weird golden color. I guess they were actually just a light brown but in the light, they looked gold. Add that to my dark coloring and my eyes stood out. My father was from India and I had inherited his coloring. I had long, straight, black hair. My skin had that bronzed color and then there were my eyes. I think most people expected me to have some traditional Indian name, like Brinda or Daksha, when they first met me. Most were really surprised to find out that I didn't have an accent and my name was Lacey. People just saw my coloring and assumed I was from India when in truth, I had never been there. My Dad has lived here since he was a child and my Mother is white. Anyways, back to tonight. My best friend, Carrie, got engaged a few weeks ago. Carrie had been my bestie since we were kids. We had always been close but had lost touch a few years ago. Carrie had attacked a girl at school and, as a result, was locked away in a mental institution. I still feel a lot of guilt about that. It was my fault. Carrie had confided in me and I had betrayed her. I hadn't meant to. Carrie was being bullied by a girl at school. She was a vicious bully and had picked on Carrie for a while. It drove me crazy that Carrie wouldn't defend herself. I ended up stepping in a lot. I wasn't afraid of Malorie Andrews. Malorie had been picking on Carrie that day and I told her to basically shove it. Malorie retaliated by dumping milk all over me at lunch. I had been humiliated. For some reason, this had sent Carrie over the edge. She attacked Malorie and had to be forcibly pulled away from her. She even tried to lash out at the teachers who were breaking up the fight. The whole thing ended up getting blown out of proportion. Malorie's parents were talking about charges and lawsuits. The school was talking about expulsion. After the fight was over, Carrie was unconscious. No one knew why. She hadn't been harmed but she wouldn't wake up. An ambulance was called and she was taken to the hospital. I stayed behind and tried my best to advocate for Carrie but the Andrews were an influential family. It was clear that since Carrie had been 18, they wanted her charged. When I realized there was nothing more I could do, I went to the hospital. Carrie was still not conscious when I arrived. They had put her in a bed and had an IV in but she seemed to be sleeping. Carrie's adoptive mother, Diane, had arrived at the hospital soon after me. She was flustered and upset and I did my best to calm her. Attacking someone was not like Carrie and we all knew it. Something was wrong. Diane and I talked and she told me that the school had contacted her and said the Andrews were going to press charges. "Why would she do this? This isn't Carrie at all! I just don't understand what was going on in her head." Diane had said to me, literally crying on my shoulder. Then I remembered what Carrie had told me earlier that day. Carrie had been hearing voices, well, a voice, but still. Thinking it would help her mother understand, or maybe help get the charges dropped, I told Diane about the voice. I still regret it. It was years ago and I feel horrible every time I think about it. Once the doctors heard about the voice, they decided Carrie was crazy. They had decided to lock her up in the psych ward before she even woke up. The only silver lining was that the charges were dropped in the end. Anyways, that was years ago. Now, Carrie is out. She is engaged to an amazing guy. His name is Gabriel. I don't really know him too well. Carrie and I only reconnected a little over a month ago but he has been very nice every time I have seen him. And most importantly, Carrie loves him and she is happy. Carrie is also pregnant so, sadly, tonight will be an alcohol-free event. We still had a fun night planned though! We are going to the city tonight and we were having some fun! The guys are staying in town from what I have heard. Gabriel's best friend, Jon, was his best man. He was in charge of the bachelor party. Jon seemed like a weird guy. I got the feeling that he didn't like me very much. The one time I had met him, he had been right outside Carrie's house. Carrie and I had been out, getting lunch. We went back to her house after. Jon came walking out and it was awkward. I mean, the man was hot. Can't even deny it. He was tall, 6'4" at least. He was tan and looked like he was ripped. I was always a sucker for a guy who was muscular and Jon was. His eyes had looked nearly black in color and he had straight black hair that was cut short. He was rugged and manly. Something about him had attracted me. Not really sure why. He hadn't said a word to me, not even when Carrie introduced us. He had just stood in her front yard as if rooted in place. Eventually, Carrie had decided to show me the backyard and Jon left but I hadn't stopped thinking about him. I could only guess that it was because of his looks that he was so captivating to me. I shook off my thoughts of Jon. It had been over a month since I had met him and still he was haunting my thoughts. I had initially hoped the guys would come to the city with us. We planned on going to a nightclub in town. Carrie had never been to one and I wanted her to have some fun. I finished loading some supplies in my car. I had bought a few novelty items for tonight . A sash and veil for the bride to be. Some p***s-shaped suckers (which I thought were hilarious), and some noise makers. I had wanted to go all out and throw Carrie a huge party but she had begged me to keep it small. Carrie didn't like being the center of attention. So I had decided on a night at the night club. It seemed simple enough. Those of us who could drink could have a few and we could all dance. I finished loading the car and went inside to say goodbye to my parents. I hopped in the car and headed to Carrie's house. I hadn't been to her house since we had lunch the month before. We had hung out since but she always seemed to want to hang out elsewhere. At one point I was worried Gabriel didn't like me but he had come with Carrie for one of our lunches. He was so nice and friendly that it had driven the thought away. After a short drive, I arrived at Carrie's house. Party time!

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