My king, Val

1280 Words

Val felt cold water was thrown at him. He stood up and looked at the most irritating person in the world. "Why are you here? And can't you knock?" Hope looked at the person she hated. "I have no manners. Sorry. Please forgive me, prince. As I am not a princess, I gave no idea of rules and manner. Happy?" She said sarcastically. Val said, "Tell me what is the reason you have to wake me up in this grand style. If it is not worthy I will suck out all your blood." "Cranky granny. '' Hope said. "I heard you'' Val replied.”Here" Hope made a transparent screen in the air and it showed many burned places. People were running; crying and begging. Building collapsed. Werewolves and vampires killing people. "It is all over the news in every channel. If we do not announce our existence and say that w

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