Do I love them both?

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Nadia touched her cheek. "It is burning." She said to herself. She liked Val. Now she is sure. However, she still wants Rahman. She felt a different type of bonding with him. She heard a knock and she said, "come in" Rahman entered the room. He took a shower. So his hair was wet. Moreover, water droplets were falling from his hair. "Come here, "Nadia said. Rahman went to her like an obedient child. Nadia made him sit on the floor and started to dry his hair. Rahman closed his eyes. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes. He launched at Nadia. Nadia was shocked and shouted "aaa… What happened?" Rahman started to take rigorous breaths to control him. He is inches away from turning into a werewolf. He said, "Where did you go? Who was with you?" Nadia was afraid of his changed nature. Rahman was polite to her but right now, he was like a very different person. Therefore, she became afraid but said, "I was in the woods. I saw Val was going there. So I followed him." Rahman looked and said, "Why do you reek of his smell?" Nadia became shocked. Yes, she hugged him. In addition, he kissed her. Nadia said, "Val was crying so I hugged him. And… and he kissed me." Rahman roared and left her. Nadia tried to stop him. However, he jumped from her window. She thought he would die. He jumped from the third floor. However, he is shape shifted and become werewolf. He ran toward the forest. Nadia shouted but he never listened. Nadia sat near the window and cried. However, no. She then stopped crying and stood up. She took her knife and other material and ran out. Roy saw her and asked, "Where are you going?" "To the wood." In addition, ran towards the wood. Nadia shouted "Rahman. Rahman." But no replies. It was dark and she could not see anything. But still she shouted. She fell down twice and cut in different places. But still she moved on. After walking for an hour, she stopped. She sat on the ground. She held her head with both of her hands and said, "Where are you? Please listen to me." She felt another presence beside her. She looked up and saw Rahman no Wolfie was there. She stood up and tried to go near him. However, wolfie roared. He moved little by little toward her. Nadia became afraid. She again said "wolfie." But the cute wolfie was nowhere to be found. He is a beast. Nevertheless, Nadia was determined. She said, "Please hear me out. He kissed me in the forehead. And he did not like me. It just occurred in the moment. And I like him. But I love you more." She said it. She finally confessed. But she never thought she would confess in this type of situation. Wolfie still moved towards her. He was only one hand away. Nadia looked at his eyes. It is still brown as his human self. She tried to find Rahman there. She raised her shaky hand and touched his head. She felt the softness of his fur. She was touching his head and said, "Please listen" her teardrops find its way down her eyes. Wolfie looked at her tears and moved close to her. Nadia hugged wolfie and said "You i***t. I love you but you didn't believe me." Wolfie moved and sat beside Nadia. Nadia creased his fur. After some time wolfie nudged her. She looked at him and asked "Now what?" He again nudged. Nadia stood up. He started to move forward. "Hey; you are leaving me?" He didn't even look back. Nadia sighed and followed him. They came in front of the palace. Nadia saw the palace and said, "You want us to return?" Wolfie nodded. Roy and Val came running from another side. Both asked "where were you both? We were searching for you." "We are in the woods. We returned. Rahman didn't have a dress so he came in werewolf form." Nadia said. Val came near Nadia and asked, "Are you ok?" Nadia nodded. "We just went out." "Then why did Roy say you were running?" Val asked. He looked toward wolfie. Both were sending death glared to each other. Nadia came in between them and said, "Forget it. We returned safely. That is what it mattered. “Val nodded. In addition, all went inside. Val looked at wolfie and said in a very low tone "Take care of her. Alternatively, I can snatch her away from you ``Wolfie gave a low howl. Nadia looked at them and asked, "What happened?" "Nothing,” Val said. Roy said, "We have to go. Tomorrow we must protect the palace and make a counter attack." Nadia said "yes. Good night. See you all in the morning. “All went to their respective room. Nadia went inside the room and freshened up. She thought about today's incident. She tossed from one side to another. She heard a knock. She went close to the door and asked, "Who is here?" No answer came. She got afraid. She took out her knife and slowly opened the door. She saw a shadow coming near her. She raised her knife to stab that shadow when a person held Nadia's hand. "It's me" Nadia moved far and said "you made me afraid. When I asked who you; why didn't you reply?" Rahman said, "I was guilty. So I was thinking if I deserved to knock you or not" Nadia nodded and said, "why are you here?" Rahman touched his neck and looked down. He said, "I am sorry. I had behaved rude with you. And I almost harmed you." Nadia said, "You should have listened to my explanation then react. I was trying to tell you that it just occurred in a moment. ““I know. However, I got jealous. I felt like you will leave me. You will go to him. And now if you really want to leave I won't stop you?" Rahman said. "Why won't you stop me?" Nadia asked. "Because in love we don't receive love. We must give love. And if your happiness is with other; I won't stop you."Rahman said. "Won't you be sad?" Nadia asked. "I will be but I will control myself.” Nadia laughed and came near him. She stood on tiptoes. She gave a prick on his cheek. "Wolfie. I will not go. I will stick by your side." Rahman gave a genuine smile. In addition, hugged her. He was spinning her. "Stop stop. My head will spin soon." Rahman got her down. Nadia said "Rahman my wolfie; my angry wolfie. I love you, which are the truth. When this war ends let's get married. " "Aren't I supposed to propose?"Rahman asked. "You are late. Maybe in the next life you could propose to me first," Nadia said. Both laughed. "It's getting late. Go to bed" Rahman said. He kissed her forehead and said, "I love you. However, I want you to have your freedom, your happiness. Therefore, if ever you have to choose between I and freedom choose what your heart desires. I will be there to support you." Nadia smiled and said, "I know. You will always be there. Now let's go." "Where?" Rahman asked. "You said to sleep so let's sleep." Rahman looked at her. However, Nadia already pushed him towards the bed. "Let's sleep." Nadia said stubbornly. Rahman gave up and lay down beside her. She came close to him. In addition, buried her head in his chest. Rahman put his nose into her hair and smelled her lavender rose smell. It is sweet and soothing. However, both of them slept well. Unknown to their future. A future where Nadia will come in front of two paths. One leads to destruction and one leads to salvation. Let us see what our Nadia chooses. 
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