Curse of witch


A PREDICTION about 75 years ago changed the world. Many were killed. But within the passing time, a girl was born. Her name is Nadia. Who has enormous power to destroy the world? Also have the power to make all different races come together. What will she choose?

Will she want to save the world or destroy it??

Rahman; alpha. Due to prediction, he wants to kill Nadia. But then he will discover that she is his mate. Will he be able to kill her? Or will he swear to protect Nadia?

Val; vampire prince. He loves power. And for gaining power he needs Nadia. Will he go to any length to have Nadia?

All their lives are interlinked. Let's see what the future brings to them.

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CHAPTER-1 Prologue
75 years ago... IN A DARKROOM "No, No... It can't be". She tried to stand up but fell to the ground with a loud crash. A girl heard it and ran toward her. "What happened?" "No. Why?" The fallen girl started to cry. "Why are you crying?? Did you see anything; Bindi" Bindi cried and begged, "Please take me to the center" "Now?" "Yes please" The girl helped Bindi and they went to the center. Bindi knelt down and said, "Why? Why do you have to do that? Will our world be destroyed? That GIRL wills she be able to save us or will SHE BE the cause for destruction?" A tear rolled down from Bindi's eyes. When it landed on the ground, it emitted light but soon disappeared. Her question remained unanswered. Only time can tell the future they will have. ~Eighteen years ago~ "Dear, please refrain from doing heavy work." An old woman said. "It's okay, mother," Mena said. Mena was looking at the bright sky. She said, "The weather seems nice." The old woman nodded. Mena touched her belly and said, "Children, do you know I want to see you as soon as possible." "But not today," said the old woman. Mena looked at her and gasped. She asked in a trembling voice, "Is today the day?" "Yes. So please be careful. You are carrying not one but two children." Mena hugged her belly carefully and said, "I will be careful." She again looked at the sky and wished to survive the day. But her wish remained unheard of. Her water broke and she screamed to defeat the thunderstorm that was howling outside. Mena's mother told her to breathe. But the increasing pain made it impossible to follow her lead. Her mother said, "Please bear it. Let the night pass. I beg you. Just for tonight bear it." But the birth attendant said, "Madam, it is impossible. If we don't deliver now all three will die." "If you deliver now they will die too," Mena's mother replied. Mena shouted, "Mother!" "Yes, my child," She said. "Please, help me." Mena begged. Mena was bleeding profusely. Her mother could not bear it and said, "Do it." The birth attendant nodded and started to work. Mena's mother looked outside. It was a new moon night. And they would come to get the children. No children survived this night. There will be no exception unless she finds a way to keep them alive. She thought and finally, she remembered something. She ran upstairs. The storm was getting stronger but her mind was in a bigger storm. She roamed through a drawer and suddenly she touched a book. She pulled out and saw the brown cover book. She searched through pages and finally got what she was looking for. But she gripped her hand. She could not believe she was going to suggest it. But it was the only way. The only way to let one child live. In the distance, thunder fell on a tree and burned it to ash at the same time she heard a cry of a newborn baby. She ran downstairs and saw her daughter was holding two beautiful children. The birth attendant said, "Congratulations, you become the grandmother of two beautiful granddaughters." She nodded and went near them. Mena smiled and said, "Look. Aren't they beautiful?" "They are," She said. She was about to touch the girls when she heard a knock on the door. Mena held her children tightly. Her mother looked at her and said, "Stay here." She went out and opened the door. She saw five women standing before her door. She asked, "What is it?" "We heard about the delivery. Congratulations." She gulped down and said, "Thank you." One woman said, "Hand us the children. You know you keep them." Mena's mother knelt and begged, "Please spear them. They are just children." "We cannot. It's the law." That woman said. Mena's mother looked at Bindi and said, "You are the head. Please tell them to stop this massacre." Bindi looked down. Two women pushed her and went inside the house. Mena's mother shouted, "Stop." But no one listened. They entered the room where Mena was. Two women took two of her children. Mena shouted, "Leave them. I said, ``Leave them." Bindi came forward and said, "Anna, you know what to do." "Yes, head." She was about to take one child when Mena's mother said, "Stop. I have a solution. Please listen to me." All looked at her. She said, "My husband found a solution." "And what was it?" Anna asked. "We can use our power to seal another power." She replied. "It must be a forbidden magic," Bindi said. "No, it's not. But there must be a heavy price to pay." Mena stood up and said, "I am ready to pay any price. Tell me, mother." "You have to transfer all your power into the child and her power will be sealed by your power. But by doing this you will die." Anna said, "That's absurd. Because in the near future that child might gain her power." "But there is a high chance she won't," Mena's mother said. Bindi thought and said, "Okay. If Mena agrees to sacrifice her life to protect one child, she can. But I will decide who will be the child." Anna said, "But, head-" Bindi raised her hand and asked, "Mena, will you sacrifice your life for one of your children?" Mena looked at her children and nodded. Bindi said, "Okay. Let the ceremony begin." All women make a circle and chant the magical spell. Mena sat inside the circle. She was holding one child. She said, "Sorry baby. I could not protect your sister. Please live on." She kissed her child's forehead. The child was sleeping peacefully. Bindi said, "Mena, it's time." Mena nodded and said, "Can I hug my other child for the one last time." Bindi nodded. Mena's mother came with the child. Mena hugged the child and said, "Forgive me, I couldn't protect you. But soon we will meet." A teardrop fell on the child's cheek. She looked at her child and said, "My baby." Then Mena looked at her mother and said, "Promise me that you will take care of her. Please let her live." "I will. Mena, are you sure." "Yes, mother. I know you do not want me to die. However, it was the same for me. I don't want my child to die either." She gave her baby one last kiss and went back to her other child. She said, "Nadia. That was what your father wanted to name you. So your name will be Nadia." And with this, she touched her head with the child's head. A golden ray came from Mena's head and shifted to the child's head. It took only one minute. And suddenly Mena fell to the ground. She was holding her child. Anna came and took the child. She checked the pulse and saw that the child was alive. Then she went to Mean and saw she was no more. Anna looked at Bindi and said, "The ceremony is completed." Bindi said, "Bring the child to me." Anna went near her. Bindi held the child's hand and tried to feel its power. But there was no power within her. She had become a normal child. Bindi said, "Take her to her grandmother." Then she said, "We will let the child live for eighteen years. After that, she was to come here and prove that she was not a witch. If she was proven to be the cursed witch then we will eliminate her. Now leave the witch society. You and your granddaughter are not welcome here." Mena's mother took the child and said, "Okay. We will leave." Bindi said, "Remember. We will come back. So pray that your granddaughter remains human for the rest of her life." She nodded. Then she looked at her other granddaughter. She was on the verge of crying but she held it in. Bindi said, "Let's go." Then she ordered Anna to kill the child as law. Anna took the child. And all of them left the house. Mena's mother hugged the child and said, "We will survive. You will be a human." The next day she and some of the witches help her to bury Mena. She cried and vowed to protect her granddaughter. Then she took some of her savings and left the place. She went to a new place with a new identity. Where she tried to forget this nightmare and built a new home for her granddaughter. She looked at her and said, "Sorry dear, I forgot to tell you this." The child opened her eyes and looked at her grandmother. Then her grandmother said, "Welcome to this world, Nadia." Hello, my dear readers welcome to the new journey of Nadia. In this journey, we will laugh, cry and understand love, sacrifice, and many more things. So please stay on this journey and support Nadia. Looking forward to seeing all of your comments. ~From you author, Sunshine~

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