Chapter-2 Witch in the wood

494 Words

"Wake up” grandma shouted.

"If you don't wake up, how will you eat khir."

Hearing khir (sweet item), Nadia wakes up. She looked towards grandma and saw that she was standing near her bedside holding a spatula.

"Good morning, dadi (it means grandma)."

"Good morning, my foot! Why are you waking up so late? Can't you wake up early?”

"My dear dadi, How can I wake up when the sun does not."

"Look outside. Sun is already up and doing his job."

"Ok, dadi, I am up. But instead of them, why are you holding a spatula?"

"My dear grandchild isn't up. So her sweet grandmother came with a spatula to beat her."

"No. Today is my birthday. You can't beat me."

"Why? Is there any rules that we can't beat, birthday girl”

"Yes. Rules in my book. "Saying this, she smiles and gets up.”Now, if you excuse this beautiful lady, she will go to the washroom."

Dadi signed and said

"Drama queen”

Nadia went to the washroom to freshen up. And come to the kitchen.

"Hum... the smell of this is so lovely.”Nadia said.

"Of course. Who made it?"Dadi smile

"Great dadi of Nadia’s "says Nadia.

Dadi smiled. Suddenly Mia came and sat on Nadia's lap. "How are you, mia?” Mia looked at Nadia and said


"Good, me too. But see, our dadi isn't giving us food."

"Stay put," dadi said and gave her the air. It is so tasty that Nadia ends all the khir on her plate. When she was about to ask for more, a knock was heard.

Dadi signals to remain silent and go to the door. Through the peephole, she saw two women standing. She opens the door. One woman

"Hello. We are here as we promise."

"Who are you?"Dadi asked

"You forgot about us?"

"We are here to fulfill our promise. Give us the girl".

Dadi became afraid and said

"No, Nadia is 17 now" by this time and came to the front door. And asked

"Who are you?"

"We are witches."

Nadia cannot believe that in 21 century, she will meet a witch. Maybe they are crazy.

Nadia said, "See. Today is my 18 birthday. Therefore, I won't scold you for telling lies. But please think of a solid lie before you say it."

The hooded women smile and said

"Can you let us in?"

Before dadi can deny, Nadia said


Both of them entered the house, and the door locked itself. Nadia's eyes got big to see it.

"What... was that?" she said

Both of the women removed their hood and said

"We are the witch in the woods. It is nice to meet with you. Now you have to leave with us?"

"What?"Nadia asked

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Why do they want to take Nadia?

What has the promise dadi made with them???

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