Chapter-3 Ring of promise

737 Words
"Dadi, what is going on?" Dadi looks at Nadia and said "Dear, can you go inside? We have to talk" Nadia nods her head and moves from there. "Why are you here?"Dadi asked the woman. A woman named Anna said, ``we made a promise. And we are here to fulfill it." Another women name Subha said "Give us the girl, or you know the consequences." "Please; she is just a child. Moreover, I look at her closely. She does not have any power. " Dadi begged. "We will see If she has power or not. Now give the girl, or we can take another measure,’ Anna said and showed a bottle containing purple liquid. Dadi said, "No...No. Please wait. I will give it to the girl. Just give me some time. I will tell her and pack some dresses." "Ok. We do not have a whole day. Better hurry up, "Subha said. Dadi went upstairs to meet with Nadia. "Nadia" Nadia looks at dadi and runs to her. "Who are they, dadi?" What do they want from us?" "Listen to me very carefully, Nadia. I will tell you about our past. You have to listen." Nadia nod her head and sit beside dad in bed “75 years ago, a witch predicted that a girl would be born on the new moon. Who will have enormous power to destroy the world and also the ability to bind all the creatures in this world together? So from then on, all the witches born on the new moon were killed out of fear that they could destroy the world. Moreover, 18years ago, on the new moon, twins were born. Both are girls. And as law, they are ordered to be killed. However, twin mothers offer something. She said she would sacrifice her life to seal the power of one child. So let one child live. However, no one agrees. But the one who predicted the future said to let one child live, but she gets to decide who will live. The mother and other agreements with her. Moreover, she agreed upon one child. The child's mother sacrifices all her power to seal the magic inside that child, and another is killed. As the child becomes powerless, she is cast out in human society. But before that, a promise was made. When she turns 18, she must return to the witch world and make sure she does not have any power. If she is proven to have any ability, she must be executed." "And now the time has come, and you will have to leave, my dear." Nadia looked towards dadi and said," you are telling the truth. Then my mother is a witch, and my twin sister is killed due to some stupid predictions?" "I know you don't want to believe it. But it is true. Your mother wants to make sure at least one of her children may survive. As you, father and I were normal humans. Therefore, we thought maybe you could be. Therefore, whatever remains of the power you got from your mother, she seals it. Now all you have to do is go there and prove that you don't have any power and come back." "All your mom and dad want is you to live as a normal human" Nadia was shocked. She starts to think all her life is based on a lie. Now that she knew about her parents and siblings, she felt pain. Her dadi used to say her mother died in childbirth along with her sister. And her dad died before she was born. But now she knew all of them died trying to protect her. She starts to cry. "Now, don't cry, Nadia." "You have to be strong. Now here is the ring." Nadia took the ring. It has ruby and moonstone. And have two fairy wings engraved in it. "This is the last present your parents will give you. They call it the ring of promise. Promise that you will survive and live happily." Nadia nodded her head, and she was determined to fulfill their wish. She will survive and return to her dad. Her dadi gives her a silver chain and makes her wear the ring as a locket. "Now go, dear," grandma said. Nadia hug dadi and cry "I will return. But please take care of yourself." "I will" Now the new journey will begin... stay tuned.
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