Chapter-4 New journey

742 Words
Nadia said goodbye to her grandmother. She only took some dresses and mia. When Anna saw her taking mia, she asked "Why are you talking, cat?" "Can't I" "No, you can't," Subha said. "You guys came and took me forcefully. Still, you people cannot let me take a cat. If you don't permit me, then forget about me.” Subha starts to say something, but Anna stops her and says, "Ok. You can take your cat. However, it would be best if you looked after it yourself. " Nadia smiled and said, "Yes. I will '' then she looks at her dad. Her dadi came near her. "Dadi, I will miss you. Soon. I will meet with you. You do not have to worry. You should take medicine on time and do some exercise." Dadi hugged her and said, "I will miss you too, dear. Come back home." "I will," they hug for some time. Subha said "Come on, and we have to go. It's a long way." They broke their hug. And Nadia went out. However, she looked back and saw her standing there crying. She cries and hugs mia. Mia said, "Meow." "Hush. Don't make noise," Nadia said. " We will go to the station," Anna said "So you guys live in this world?"Nadia asked Both Anna and Subha give a look that said "Are you stupid?” "Well, I think that maybe you don't live in this world." "Unfortunately, we do. So did werewolves and vampires, "Anna said. "What!!!!! There are werewolves and vampires in this world?"Nadia scream "Yes, yes, and you should pray that you never meet with them. They are not the friendly type. Or better they hate you, "Subha said "Why would they hate me? They don't even know me."Nadia asked back. "They don't know you personally. But they know about the prediction. " " And because of it, they are willing to kill you. That is the main reason why we let you live in the human world. Therefore, they will not be able to find you. In addition, if you are not that witch, then you are safe to live everyday life. However, if you are that witch; only God knows what we will do with you. " Nadia becomes more afraid and hugs mia. She does not know what will happen to her. Her future seems uncertain. She wants to live, but maybe that wish is too much. They reach the station. And brought a ticket. "Where will we go?" Nadia asked. "You will see, "Subha said. Then they took the train. After an hour, they reach and abandon the station. Only three of them got down. It looks so deserted that it feels like a ghost might pop out of nowhere. Nadia was so afraid that she wanted to cry. Then she asked "Have we reached?" "No. It is only half a path. Welcome to witch station. " "Why witch station?"Nadia asked "As only witch got a pass to get here. You are exceptional as we allowed you. "Anna said. "Then where will we go from here?" "Come, let me show you." They took Nadia and went into an open field. It is so vast that you cannot see what is beyond that. She was looking at the vast area. "We will go in the middle, and then from there, we will go to the center of the witch world." They start to walk. After walking for an hour, both of them stopped and said. We reached. Nadia looked around and saw nothing but three of them. "Does your witch world only include you two? Cause I am not seeing anyone or anything. " Both Anna and Subha smiled and said," Hold our hand." Nadia holds Anna's hand. In addition, Anna starts to chant something. After chanting a few words. Nadia feels like the earth beneath her is moving. And suddenly, a soft brim falls on all three of them. And Nadia thinks that she wants to vomit and that light is blinding her. She shouts, ``Are you planning. To kill before we reached." In addition, the light brim vanishes. It comes and goes like a thunderstorm. Nadia cannot see anything due to the sudden fall of light. She then tries to adjust her eyes to the new light. When she opened her eyes to see, she was shocked... What do you think Nadia might see?? Please tell me on the comment
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