You destroy my life

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"Where are we?"Nadia asked. As she sees a forest. It is green and full of a different tree. "Welcome to Bangladesh” "We are in Bangladesh?"Nadia asked "Yes. The majority of which live in Bangladesh. In addition, many witches live in a different place. However, as everything has its headquarters. Our witches have too. And it is in Bangladesh. " "Wow. It is so beautiful, "Nadia said.”It, is "Anna replied "Though it is a small country, it's lovely and rich in every food, and it has rivers, which have a variety of fish. In addition, in Bangladesh, we have a hill and sea beach. All are found in one country, "Subha said. "Wow. I want to see all the places, "Nadia said, "You can when you survive, '' Anna said. Then a young girl came to them. She has red hair, red-eye. This is rare to see. That girl came running and said "Anna, you came?!!" "Why dear? What happened?" Anna asked "Head is looking for you. She said, "You have reached. Head want to meet with you. "Red hair girl said. "Ok, let me take the girl," Anna said. "No. Head only wants to meet with you alone. " "Okay, '' Anna left. Subha said, "Meet with her. She is Nadia, and she is Mary." Nadia extended her hand and said, "Nice to meet with you." Mary shook her hand with Nadia and said “nice to meet with you too." Subha said, "Why does the head want to meet with Anna." Mary said, "I don't know. Something about werewolves, I guess. " Subha took a deep breath and said, "Why can't they stay put. Always making trouble for everyone." "Still, the new pack leader is good. He is so powerful, and after he becomes the new pack leader, he is strictly handling them." "Yes, he is good as much as he is promising that stupid vampire prince is bad. All that i***t wants is the Throne. However, never care about his subject. " "Yes. Sadly, he is the only pure blood for the Throne. Not all others are pure blood. In addition, he is damn powerful. " "Are you guys talking about werewolves and vampires?”Nadia asked. "Yes," Mary said. "They are so cool. They have power too. And werewolves and shape shifters. And all those vampires..." She was talking as if she was the biggest fan of vampires and werewolves. "Don't they eat humans?"Nadia asked "No. Human government and those two kinds make a contract. That they won't harm a human. Although humans are weaker, they are more in number. So if they want, they can eliminate werewolves and vampires. But instead of that, they call for peace. So all live together." "Wow, that's great.”Nadia became happy to hear it. "All are doing fine, and only this vampire prince is the problem. Also, the alpha is so powerful that we all are afraid of them. I wish they remain low. Because if they want, war can occur. "Mary said "Don't think badly. No one will do that."Subha said. "Only the future can tell that," a woman said. All three of them look toward her. Subha and Mary bow their head and said, "Good day; head" "Raise your head. May you all be happy ``. She is old. Maybe around 90, but she is strong. She excludes intense energy. And her back is still straight, like she does not age at all. She is wearing white clothes. Nadia knew it. It is a saree. She is looking very beautiful, and you can guess she must have looked amazing when she was young. She looks at Nadia and observes her for some time. Then she said in a melodic voice "Welcome to the witch world. I am bindi. The head of all witches. Also, I am the one who summoned you." Nadia looked at her and said nothing. She did not feel happy to be a part of it. She was forced to come here. So Nadia said "When can I return home?" "As soon as you prove that you don't have power.” "So what are we waiting for?? Let's prove it and go home," Nadia said. "It's not that easy. You have to wait for an exact time. In addition, it will occur only once a month. "Subha said. "How will you know it is that time? Do you guys have a device for that?"Nadia asked "Not a device but a holy person. Moreover, she can predict the time, just like she predicted the future of the world. "Mary said. "Prediction. Do you mean that person who predicts that a girl will bring an end to the world? "Nadia asked. She felt angry towards that person. Due to her prediction, all her family members died. She does not know who she is. However, Nadia hates her. "Yes. In every witch generation, one has the power to predict. And we call her' eyes of God'. Mary said "Oh, I want to meet with that person who predicted the future. Due to her prediction, so many people died. Maybe she is wrong. If she is wrong, will she be able to bring those who are dead? "Nadia said. "How dare you say it in front of our head?"Subha asked. But bindi stopped her and said, "Dear, I wish I was wrong. But sadly, I never predicted anything wrong. And my predictions are proven today." "What!!!! You are the one who predicted it, "Nadia shouted. "Yes, dear. I was the one who predicted the future 75 years ago." Nadia wants to kill bindi for what she did. But bindi said, "My predictions are right. The world is going to have a war. The contract between all kinds is broken. We will soon see the end of the world." All three of them looked towards Bindi, and suddenly they heard a loud noise. Nadia look towards the source of noise, and her heart stops beating What do you think Nadia saw? Please tell me about the comment. Love you all.
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