Werewolves attack

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A man was running toward them. He was injured from head to toe. And blood was dripping from everywhere. Nadia never sees this much blood in her life. Her hands and feet turn cold. A man came to them and collapsed. “What happened to you?" Bindi asked. "Wolf," that is all he said. Then he lost consciousness. Bindi; Subha; Mary helps him. They all went into a two-storehouse. Nadia enters with them. Anna saw them and asked, "what happened” "Azam is injured. Wolf attacked him." Subha ran into another room and came back with a bottle. It contains blue water. Nadia was watching this. Subha pours the blue water into Azam's wound. It starts to burn. And smoke comes out from there. But the injured part healed immediately. Nadia was amazed. She sees all new things, and she thinks the world is vast. Some minutes later, Azam wakes up. He tries to sit, but bindi stop him by saying "Don't move. We heal your wounds, but you lost too much blood. If you drive more, then you will die. " Azam nodded his head and said, "Wolf attacked me. I was on the boundary. I was trying to find some herb for medicine when suddenly a wolf attacked me from the back. He was so aggressive. I never saw a wolf attacking like that. Maybe because of the herb there." "No. We put magical barriers in that area. Wolf will not be able to enter there in the first place. How come he came there and attacked you? Maybe our magical barrier is weak." Bindi said. She looks at Mary and said "Go, Mary. And ask the keeper what they are doing?? How can a wolf enter our territory?" Mary nodded her head and went out. Anna and Subha were helping Azam to clean his blood. Bindi looked at Nadia and said, "Come. We should leave. We have so many things to discuss. " Nadia nods her head and starts to follow bindi. First, Nadia thought it was a two-storey building. But they went up to the fourth floor. How was it possible??!!. "I know what you are thinking. We put magic barriers to hide the actual shape of the building. Only the witch can see the actual shape." "Then isn't it proven that I am not a witch?" Bindi smiled and said, "smart girl, but still, you have to go through with the process.” "Wait a few more days. Special circumstances will occur. And we will hold the ceremony." Nadia said "I have a question.” "Tell me?" bindi said. "If you see the future, then you must see the girl. So why don't you match me with her." Bindi smiled and said, "How can I match, dear? Can't I see you? " Nadia said, "what?? But you are looking at me." Bindi asked and said," I am looking toward the sound. And see my eyes move. They are not perfect." "So you really can't see?" Nadia asked. "Yes, dear. I cannot see after I receive this power. It's like a curse and a boon. I lost my eyesight but can see the future. But I cannot see the present with my own eyes. " Nadia felt sorry for her. And said, “I am sorry. And I am also sorry for being rude earlier. You know that for you, my mom and sister died. " "Yes. I will never deny that. But trust me. It was not my intention to kill anyone. But then the world is cruel. They want blood all the time. And those children pay the price." "Even if the prediction was right, you people shouldn't have killed anyone. No matter what you do, what is about to happen will happen." Nadia said. "I agree with you,” said bindi. They finally reach the room. Bindi opens the door, and Nadia enters. She saw all the paper was here and there. "Sorry. It is too messy. I was working. "Bindi apologized. "It's ok," Nadia said. And find a chair to sit on. Bindi also sits in a chair. "Now, let us get things clear. How will you perform the ritual to know if you are a witch or not? Did Anna or Subha say anything to you?" "No. They only threatened me. “Nadia replied. Bindi laughed aloud and said, "If it was another occasion, I might have liked you and made you my disciple. But luck is not in my favor ". Nadia only nods her head. She knew that her mom was a witch. But nothing more. "Ok, now; where are we? Yes, on the day of the exam, all you have to do is take a shower with a unique herd and then at the given time place you hand a big stone. If light reflects, then you are a witch. " "And if it doesn't, then you are free to go.” Nadia said, "Ok. I understand. " Before bindi could say more, a knock was heard. She said to come in. And Mary entered. She looks frustrated. "What happened, Mary?" "Head. Keeper is dead." "What "bindi screams and stands up from her chair. "Yes. All six are dead," Mary said Nadia becomes afraid. Why do people die one after another? Bindi asked "Is it done by the wolf?” "No, it's done but potion. And it is only available to us. So that means the witch killed the keeper. " Bindi falls back to a chair and said "It's all coming true. Who will save us now?" And she directly looks into Nadia. She said "Only you can save us now." Nadia shivers hearing it. Can she save the world??? What does SAVE mean in the first place?? To know more about it, please read Hi, guys hope you all like today's chapter. Please comment and let me know. WE WILL SEE OUR TWO MALE LEADS IN THE NEXT CHAPTER. STAY TUNE❤❤❤
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