Love; hate and revenge

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~In a dark room ~ A man was working on some paper. A knock was heard. He looks up and said, "Come in" "We have a situation. Two wolves went missing last night. In addition, one was found around the witch's area. He injured one of the witches. And another whereabouts are unknown. " "What time did they go missing?" the man asked "Around 11 pm," he answered "Now you are telling me?? You know that the contract between humans and us is broken. We are on the verge of extinction. And two of my brothers went missing. Who do you think I am to know about it so late"? He shouts. "I am sorry, Alpha Rahman. I will never make the same mistakes again. Please forgive me. We thought we would be able to find them. But we failed. I am sorry. " "Your sorry won't bring back my brothers. Go and make a search team of three and go in each direction. Remember, without them do not return. " "Ok, Alpha." Rahman took a deep breath. The fire within him wants to burst off and kill everything. He loves his pack to the point that he is willing to kill everyone for him or her. He works hard to run the pack. He has many responsibilities. However, one thinks he can fulfill. That is to find his Luna. No matter what, he cannot find her. Maybe he does not have Luna in the first place. He felt pain in his heart. So he walks up to the window and asked "Where are you, my love? I am waiting for you. " Then he returned to his chair and started working. ~Somewhere far in Bangladesh ~ Nadia felt an uncontrollable pain in her heart. It feels like someone is missing her. She looked around and saw nothing. Then bindi said, "Nadia. We need to check your power. " "You can, but you won't get any results as I am a mere human.”Nadia said. "We will see. I have to prepare to find out the exact time for the test. " Then bindi looked at Mary and said, "Take Nadia to the room. She traveled from so far away. She needs some rest. ``Mary nodded and left with Nadia. Nadia asked, "Why does the witch kill the keeper? And who are keepers?" Mary said, "Keeper is the highest influential person in the witch realm. They control the domain. In addition, about why they are killed, I do not know. However, I know some inside news that the witch joins hands with the vampire. They want to rule the world. Those vampires are too much. Their greed never ends. Especially that spoils prince. He kills for fun. I wish I never saw him. " Nadia was curious to know this vampire and why all hate him. However, she did not know her curiosity would make her pay a considerable price. ~on a cold room in Manchester ~ "Lord, please no more.”A girl begged. However, the cruel Val did not listen. He bites her neck and has his fill. When he left the girl, she was almost on the brink of death. Roy, Val's assistant, came and said, "You again did it? Why don't you listen? If you keep killing them, the king will get angry. " Val took his pants and started to wear them. After fully dressed up, he looked at Roy and asked, "When is your king not angry at me? As far as I remember, he does not look into my eyes and say a warm word. In addition, I do not care about them. " Roy gave a profound sign and said, "Here is your today's activity. Make sure to do well at today's party. In addition, please behave. " Val took the paper and ripped it into two pieces. He said, "I am not attending any party. I have somewhere else to go." "Where?"Roy asked. Then he remembers today's date and said "Can't you stay?" Val gave a sad smile and said, “I have to go. Take care of her for me. And give her enough money." Then Val left. Roy looked at his retreating figure and said "Why do you become like this? If only she were alive. No, both of them are alive. You would be happy, Val, like before. " Roy looks at the girl who turns white due to blood loss and calls the maid. He instructed her to treat the girl. In addition, he left the place. Val went out and bought a flower. White orchid. It is so beautiful and pure. However, whenever he sees this, it breaks his heart. It reminds him of her. He took the flower and went into the woods. After walking for some time, he reached a place. He put the flower down under the tree and sat there. He looks up to the tree. And said "You hold all our memories. Our happy one, our sad one. " Then he put one hand on the trunk of the tree and said "Why?? Why does everyone leave me? Don’t I deserve love? Is it because I am not human, I don't deserve love? I am a beast, so what?? I can be hurt too. I want to be loved by someone too. So why?? Why I am alone?" His voice echoes through the woods, but he never got the reply. He sits down and closes his tired eyes. He had a dream where he was happy. But it felt like he was watching someone else's memory. But losing her, all he wanted was to die. But God is cruel enough to let him survive. So he became cruel and what to have the world. To rule the world. Even if he can't give the world to her, he will make sure to keep the promise of giving her the world. For that, he is willing to go to any extent. Hi, my dear readers, We have a Sneak peek of our leads. Please tell me what you think about all of them. I know Rahman's part is small, but even in this, his love for the pack is shown. So hope you all like my chapter. Please comment and let me know. Like my book .please, please... please ... ❤❤❤
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