Werewolf;vampire and witch are all in Bangladesh!!!!!

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~Nadia ~
Mary and Nadia reach the room. It has two beds. Mary said, "You can stay here."
Nadia said, "Ok," and looked around the room. It is beautiful. It has two beds and a reading table. There is a window facing the front of the house. She went there and saw Mia playing on the ground. She calls out
"Mia," the cat looks up, and Nadia gestures to her to come up. Mia runs up. Mary saw the whole thing and said, "wow!! Your cat is so obedient. I can't believe it."
"Do you have a cat?" Nadia asked.
"No. I used to have one. But she died. "Mary said.
"I am sorry to hear it," Nadia replied.
"It's ok. No need. I am fine now." Mary said.
Mia came into the room and went near Nadia. She put her on her lap Mary said
"Do you want to eat something?"
"Yes. Please. I am hungry."
Mary gives her something to eat. Nadia eats and says, "Tell me more about the witch?"
"You don't know anything?"
"No. Today is the first time I am learning about it. "
"Ok. So we the witch are for three categories
1. Keeper. Who makes barriers and protects us. They are the most powerful
2. Caster. Who can cast magic? The fundamental difference between these two is that the caster is less powerful and cannot make a shield to protect them.
3. Herbalists. Like Azam and I. We make the potion. And have the power to control the herb growth.
And a unique type is our head who can foresee the future. They are not in any categories.
We all work together to make a balance. But now the keeper is dead. I do not know what we will do. “Mary said.
"Can't caster protect you?"
"They can but are not good like a keeper."
", O I see.”
"Don't worry, and the exam is not only for you but for all witches. If we find a keeper, then we will keep the damage under control."
"How will you know what kind of witch they are?
"When the individual touches the stone, it emits light, and you will know about it. It is like sixth sense. You can feel it."
"Now, no more questions. We will sleep. We have work tomorrow. "Mary said
"Me too?"Nadia asked.
"Yes. Everyone has to work here. So you are included. Now go and sleep."
"Ok, good night," Nadia said
"Good night," Mary replied.
Nadia went to bed and thought about all the things that happened. Never in her life, had she felt she had to go through with this. She remembered Bindi's eyes begging her to save the world. But can she? Is she just 18 years old?
After thinking about it, she falls asleep.
After work, he went out to get news about his brothers. When he meets Abu, his trusted friend. Abu was looking nervous. So Rahman asked
"What happened?"
He did not reply but remained silent.
"Tell Me," he inquired
"They are dead. We found their dead bodies. They died due to poison. Witches kill them".
Rahman clenched his fist and asked, "Witch? From which area. "
“From Bangladesh”
"Ok. I have done all the paperwork. You only need to submit it. In the meantime, I will visit Bangladesh. I need to know which witch has the power to kill my brothers. And I will drag her /him here and avenge my brother."
"You shouldn't leave the territory now. It is dangerous. “Abu insists
"No. It's dangerous but for them, not for me."
Saying this, Rahman walks into his private chamber to get ready and meet with the one who killed his brother. He promised that himself he would make them suffer twice a fold.

After screaming, his heart falls asleep. When he walked up, the sun was about to set. He left the place. But not before looking at it closely and saying goodbye.
He returns to the palace. All the maids bow before him. But he did not even look at them. Then Roy came and said, "Now you come. I thought you wouldn't return."
"I wish the same, "Val replied
Roy said, "Val ~" one of the maids entered and said, "Lord, someone wants to meet with you."
"Say that I am busy."
"No, you are not.” women in a black hood enter. Val smile and said
"Maybe you don't love your life."
"I do. That's why I am here."
"What do you want?"
"The crown," the woman replied.
Val laughed and said, "You can't have it. No one can."
"I know, and I don't want a vampire crown. Then which crown you want. The witch crown."
"As far as I remember, they chose head by their power. And I can sense you are powerful. So why do you want that?"
"I want to be more powerful and rule. I suffer injustice, and I want my revenge. To have that, I want the crown of the witch. This is the magic stone.”
"The stone, which helps them to know which kind of witch you are, "Roy asked.
"Yes. However, it is used for another purpose. Whenever a stone was touched, it absorbed the power of the witch. So it contains enormous power. I want that power. And I will help you fight back in the war."
"So you know war is coming, and you want to take our side?"Roy asked, "Yes," she replied.
"Ok. But tell me how well you absorb it. And how will I know you won't betray me?" Val asked.
"I will take an oath. You know that when witches swear about something, they cannot break it. If they do, she will lose all her power and even die."
"Hum... Ok. I will believe you. But you come today for a reason. Tell me what it is?"
"I need help. More human resources to succeed in it. "
"Ok. I will personally assist you, and if you betray me, I will kill you."Val said.
"Do as you please.”The hooded woman said.
"Tell me what your name is, asked
"It's... Hope"
"Not your real name," Roy said
"Sorry, I don't want to disclose it. And you both have to be ready. We should leave now to catch up before the ceremony.”
"Witch choosing ceremony, "Val asked
"Yes. It will occur in Bangladesh. So we should leave now to get there before the ceremony. "
"Ok. Off to Bangladesh, "Val said and looked at Roy .Pack our necessary. We will have a witch hunt," and Val laughs loudly.

All of them are going to BANGLADESH. Will all of them MEET WITH each other??? What will happen if they COME face to face???
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