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~ Rahman ~ He went outside after getting ready. Abu was there. Abu said "Let me go. I will handle it. " "No. I will go there myself. Have to talk with the witch head. " "Ok. However, do not rush and kill them all. "Abu said. "Do you think I kill people for fun?” Rahman asked. "No. You kill for us, and that is why I do not want that. It would be best if you tried to live for yourself. "Abu replied "You all are part of me. If you guys are not there, then there is no meaning in being alive. " "That's why I am worried, Rahman. If one day you find a situation where you have to choose between us or your precious thing, which one will you choose?"Abu asked "I will choose you. Even over my life." Rahman said. Abu released a profound sign and said, "Ok. Still, I want you to live for yourself. You deserve it." "I am happy now. So don't worry."Rahman said. "If you say so. Now take care and come back safely," Abu said. "I will. Wait for me," Rahman told him. However, what he did not know is that this journey will change his PATH, his DESTINY; his BELIEFS; his TRUST. He went to the woods and turned into a wolf. He has light brown fur, which shines more in the light. It is beautiful. He runs towards his DESTINY, or should we say DESTINY is leading him towards Nadia. After running an hour, he stops. He came in human form and went near a lake. It reflects the moon. He looks towards it and thinks about what Abu said. He indeed thought his Luna could be human. If she is, then he decides never to pursue her. Humans will be at risk in a wolf pack. Especially if it is about the pack leader, she will be more in danger. In addition, he never wants that. By staying away, he can protect both: his lover and his pack. After thinking all this, he drinks some water. When he felt another presence, he looked toward the source and saw a werewolf was looking at him. He tries to link his mind with him but gets blank. Rahman was shocked as a werewolf can connect to each other anytime, anywhere. Therefore, Rahman asked, "who are -” Before he can finish the sentence, the werewolf attacks him. He transformed into a werewolf and defended him. He tries to talk but fails .Rahman cannot find the link. The werewolf was attacking Rahman, blinding. It is like he was not in the right state. So Rahman defended him and struck less. After 10 min, Rahman finally makes him unconscious. He tries to connect with Abu. Abu replied, "What happened?" “Come to the hill track forest. We have a guest, "Rahman said. Abu said, "Ok "an hour later, Abu came. He saw that Rahman was sitting near a lake looking into the lake water. "What are you doing? Weren't you supposed to go? Who is the guest?" Abu looked around and saw that forest turn into a battlefield. Almost all trees have scratch marks. Rahman said, "Someone attaches me," Abu said, “Do they have a death wish? Who? Alive or dead??" "Of course I'm alive. I made him unconscious." Rahman said and pointed to one tree. Abu walked there and saw a man lying there. He was breathing. "Why did he attack you?" "Don't know. But did you know I can't communicate with him?" "Is that even possible "Abu asked. "That's what I am thinking.” "What should we do?"Abu asked. "You take him to our pack. I will continue my journey. I have to get there. It is going to be a new moon in 2days. I will go there before it."Rahman said. "Ok. Come back soon. As in the new moon, we cannot change back to human form, "Abu said. "Yes. I will. You take care of him. And see what is wrong with him. Inform me." Rahman said "Sure." Moreover, they parted ways. Rahman started to proceed to his destination ~Nadia~ "Wake up, sleeping beauty," Mary said. Nadia said, "5 minutes more, dadi." "Who is your dadi? Wake up." Mary said and pulled Nadia into a sitting position. Nadia looked around and said, "What!!! What!!! What!!! Did the house caught on fire" "Why should our home catch on fire? I wake you up as we have worked to do." Mary said and started to eat breakfast. "O. Ok. I will work. I will do all the work. "Nadia kept on babbling. "Are you sick?" Mary looks concerned and comes near Nadia. "I am fine. It is just that when I don't have enough sleep, I keep on babbling things." "Ok. I got that. Now go. Freshen up. And eat breakfast, "Mary said. "Yes," Nadia said and left. After returning, she eats some food and gives Mia some. Both eat, and then Mary said, "Now let's go." Mary took her to the backyard and said "Please pull purple flowers as much as you can.”Then she pulls one and gives it to her. "This is it." Nadia starts to pull flowers. And Mia was standing by her side. They are working when Anna come and said "Mary, Nadia Head calls for you." Both look at each other and follow Anna. They reached the same office as yesterday. Bindi was sitting there She said, "Sit down."Both Mary and Nadia sit down. Bindi said, "I call you as I have a vision. In it, you both will be in danger. " Nadia said, "How? What did you see?" "I saw you, Nadia, in a forest. You are running from a werewolf. "Bindi said "And for Mary, I saw someone push you, and you hit your head." She added. Mary becomes pale white. She said "I don't have any enemies here. So who will harm me? And where did this werewolf come from?" "As keepers are dead. Casters are working hard to defend the area. But it can fail at any moment. Therefore, an attack from a werewolf will not be surprising. However, I do not think werewolves pushed you as it was during the new moon. Werewolf cannot change that day. So it's done by someone else." "So we will be attacked on the new moon?" Nadia asked. "Yes. However, I cannot tell if you both survived or not. As my vision ends there. No matter how much I try, I can't see more." "But how did you know it was Mary and I that got attacked? You cannot see us. "Nadia asked. "Yes, I can't. However, I can hear Mary's voice. That is how I recognize it. "Bindi said. "So we can die in this attack?"Nadia said, holding her breath, as she did want to know this answer. If she dies, what about her grandmother? She will be left alone. Thinking this, Nadia was determined to survive and return to her home. But will Nadia be SAFE?? Which WEREWOLF will attack Nadia? Will Mary be safe? Who will push Mary?? All the threads are tingling up. We will solve it one by one. So stay; like; comment; follow the book. PLEASE ADD THE BOOK TO YOUR LIBRARY FOR THE LATEST UPDATE. SEND GIFTS AND LOVE IF YOU LIKE THIS BOOK.
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