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~Nadia's prov~ "As I say, dear. There is a high chance that you both can die. However, there is a possibility that you will Live. “Bindi said. "Ok," Mary said. Nadia looked at Bindi and said, "Please let me go. My grandmother needs me."Nadia begged. "I know you want to return but you have to go through with the test. It will be held in two days. On the day of the new moon, the test will be held. “Bindi said. "Okay. Now do what you are doing? In two days, we will know what will happen. “Bindi said. Both Mary and Nadia left the office. Mary said, "What will happen to us?" "Don't worry. We will be fine. We will fight back. " "How will we fight the unknown?" Mary asked. "We can. If we have enough fighting spirit to live; we can fight with anyone ". Mary said "Ok. Let go back to work" Mary and Nadia pick flowers. Then Mary takes Nadia to the laboratory. It was a large room with Many little jars filled with different color liquids. "Don't touch anything. It can be poisonous. "Mary warned Nadia. "Ok," Nadia looked around the room and saw an old book. Nadia loves to read a book. So she Picks the book. Mary saw it and said "It's the oldest book on poison. I love to read it. I already finished reading it thrice. " Nadia holds the book. It has a black cover. And the leather cover is soft to touch. Nadia opened The book and saw many plant's pictures. Each plant has detailed descriptions. She starts to read It. However, something caught her eyes. It is a white little flower. It said that if this white flower is used In a werewolf, it will lose its sense. It can make them faint. She saw the flower and thought that She saw it in the garden. She looked up and saw Mary was crushing some leaves. Nadia got Curious and asked, "what is it?" "It's pesto. It can make people refreshed after taking it. And help to clear your vision." "Wow. You are really an herbalist." Nadia said. Then she pointed out the white flower and asked “I Saw it in the garden. Does it really make the werewolf faint?" "Yes if it is written here. However, I never saw with my own eyes ``Mary said. "I was thinking about taking some measure. If bindi was right then I have to take precautions. " "Great idea. I will make a potion with it. You can carry it anywhere” "Thank you Mary." "No worries' 'Mary said. That day they make potions out of white flowers. In addition, make a belt in Which Nadia can carry the potion? ~Val ~ Val prepares to go. Roy also gets ready. They stand and hope comes. She was hiding her face With a hood. "You know if I want to, I can rip your hood'' Val asked. "You can try. I will put wood in your heart. "Hope replied. Roy got angry and attempt to move Forward. But Val stopped him and said, "I like your attitude but when you promise then what will You do?" "I will promise to never betray you and kill you. But never promise to become your loyal dog" Hope said. Val laughed out and said, "I guess you are not those who will lick anyone's shoe for power. I am Happy. " Hope just nods her head and moves on. She said, "Give me a room with open space. Chalk and Candles. And a bowl" Roy nodded at some maid and the maid said "come; follow us." They all enter into a room. In addition, candle lights are lit up. Hope make a circle and write different Things with chalk. Then put candles on four sides. She stood up and took the bowl. She came Near Val and said, "put some blood.” "Shouldn't you be the one who will put some blood?"Val asked. "We both will be in contact. So how can I be the one to have blood? It is a blood contract so I need Both of our blood." "Ok. I will give blood," Val took a knife, cut his palm, and squeezes it to fill the bowl. After filling The bowl hope took it in the middle of the circle. She began to enchant something. Sometime Later all the candlelight became still. It does not move. She continues it. Then she said "I; In the name of God and witch promise that I will not betray Val the vampire prince and will Never try to kill him. With the flowing blood of us, I make the Blood promise. "And she cut her Palm. One drop of blood falls into Val's blood and it emits light. Val saw it have a golden light and All the candlelight started to move violently. Hope shout “please accept my offer and make the Bond. In which I can never betray or harm. And If I try I shall die" All the things in the room start to move. It feels like an earthquake and a big one. All the maids Start to scream. However, Roy and Val were calm. After a minute all returned to its normal position and All the candlelight died down. Suddenly Val felt a burning sensation on his wrist. He looked at it In addition, saw a circle tattoo was made. It was the same as the circle Hope made. Hope came out of The circle and saw her wrist. It has the same circle. "Now we are bonded," hope said. Val felt uneasiness but pushed it aside. "Tell me; when will we start our journey.” "Now is the best time. As we are all ready." Hope said. Roy nodded his head and said "yes. Let's go" Val smiled and said, "Its gonna be fun." All three left for their known path with an unknown destination. TOMORROW RAHMAN AND NADIA WILL MEET. Are you guys excited about their fateful? Encounter???? Hope you like this chapter. Please comment and let me know what you think. I have fun writing it so please enjoy reading it. I know I am going at a slow pace but all of this is Needed for THE ADVENTURE.
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