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~Rahman~ "Finally, I am here. '' Rahman said. He looks around and sees the beauty in this country. He was heading towards the witch house. "It's a must-have protection," he thought to himself. However, when he came near the house, he did not feel any protection around the house. He saw a four-storehouse. It has a window in front. He thought to go and ask the leader of the witch about the accident. He was about to go when he heard a voice. He looked towards the source, and his breathing stopped. FINALLY, he sees whom he wants to see for ages. She is his mate. She is so beautiful. Have black eyes and black hair fall to her waist. She was playing with a black cat. She was talking with the cat. In addition, another girl was beside her. Her laughter made his heart beat fast. He was feeling butterflies in his stomach. It was flying around his stomach and reaching his chest. Finally, settle down in his heart. He wants to touch her and feel her soft skin. He wants to give her world and protect her. He was feeling all-new emotions when suddenly he heard, “the test will be held tomorrow?" Moreover, his soul mate said, "yes." Then he remembered why he came. He came for revenge, and she is a witch. He again looked towards her and felt no power from her. She looks like a human. Then the other girl said, "I think you will pass the exam. I have this feeling, Nadia." "Please do not curse me, Mary,” said Nadia. Therefore, her name is NADIA. It is beautiful. He wants to call her out and tell her a thousand poems. Mary said, "If you pass, then will the prediction come true? You will be so powerful that you can destroy the world?" "I don't think so," Nadia said. "Even if bindi is true, I am not the one. Maybe someone else is that girl." "Tomorrow, we will know, "Mary said. "Yes, tomorrow we will know about it." Rahman heard their conversation and thought about which prediction. Suddenly he remembered his pack leader said that a girl will be born on a new moon and will have the power to end the world. He looked towards Nadia and thought if she was the one, what will she do? On the deathbed, his pack leader said, "If you find that girl, kill her. She will be dangerous to our pack. Never spare that girl. " Now Rahman is in a dilemma about what he will do. Should he kill her? However, he can't feel any power from her, and what if she is innocent? Will he be able to bear the pain of killing his mate? No, he does not want that. He will wait. Tomorrow in the exam, if she is proven that witch, then he will decide. He remembered Abu asked if one day he had to choose between a pack and someone precious who will you choose. Rahman said he would select the pack. However, when he is faced with the actual situation, he is confused. He does not know what he will do. What will he choose? ~Nadia~ She was playing with Mia. Mary was there. They were talking when she felt someone was looking at her. She looked in the direction but saw nothing. "What are you looking at?" Mary asked. "I don't know. I felt someone was looking at us." "It must be your illusion as no one is here. Now come. We have work to do. "Mary said.”More work. I have never worked so much in my life." "Don't say that. Come let us work. “Mary said.”You love to work, don't you?" "Yes. Now let us go ``Mary pulls Nadia with her toward the laboratory. ~Val~ "We should reach there by tomorrow," he said to himself. Roy said, "Yes. Around midnight” Hope "only you 2 came. How are we supposed to fight all witches?" "Don't worry. We will not fight. We will steal," Val said. Then with his ice, he made a map. It was beautiful and detailed. Even the trees are in complex construction. Hope asked, "How did you make a map when you never go there?" I never went, but my subordinates sent me a video. Therefore, I know every little detail. Therefore, here is my plan. "I heard that keepers are all dead, so the shield will weaken. We will go and attack those who will protect the stone. In addition, we will do it after the witch selection ceremony ends. In that way, no one will notice that the stone is stolen immediately. In addition, before they notice, we will be long gone. And here I take it." He gave Hope a stone. It is the same as the stone for witch selection, the “crown of the witch." "Where did you get it?" Hope asked. "I made it, "Val replied. "Ok. Your plan sounds reasonable. We will try that and replace the stone with this one, ``Hope said. "Smart. Now for stealing, we need fewer people, so we came in fewer numbers. I hope I make my point clear." "Yes. You did. I get that." Hope touches the stone. It felt cold to connect with a numbing sensation. It looks just like the "crown of the witch” Val said,” ok. Now the plan is a seal. Let's move." ~RAHMAN ~ "Where are you?" Abu asked him through connection. "I am here. Waiting to see the ceremony," Rahman replied. "Witch selection?" Abu asked, "Yes," Rahman replied. "Why? You are supposed to come today. Don't you know it's dangerous?" "I know, but I met with my soul mate, '' Rahman said.”What? How? When? Where?"Abu asked. "Today in the witch's home. She is staying here for the test. ?" "If she passes, what will you do?" Abu asked, as he was afraid of the answers. Rahman said, "If she is, then as I promise I will kill her with my own hand." Abu became shocked and said, "don't do anything in a rush.” "I won't. "Rahman promised to Abu and himself. However, if she is the witch, will Rahman kill her? In addition, will Val and hope be able to succeed in stealing the "crown of the witch”?? To know all the answers, please keep reading "curse of witch." In addition, please add it to your library. Moreover, please, please comment. Love you all❤❤❤
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