Moment of truth

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The day of the test
《 Nadia 》
Nadia felt suffocated. She is having hard time breathing. She does not know if she can return home. The home where she grew up, the home where her grandmother was waiting. She thinks about the feeling of grass under her feet when she runs in a meadow. She felt the taste of fruit she stole. She smells the flowers that grow in her grandmother's garden. She was having all feeling and missed her home. Mia comes near her. She picked it up and asked, "Do you miss your home? I do. ``Mary came and said, "Let’s go. We have to prepare for a test." "Ok," Nadia said. Then they went to a large room on the second floor. It has many rooms. And all rooms are locked. “Why are they locked?" Nadia asked. "It's because it is only used for purification. Now come, let's get you to a room." Mary said. They went inside a small room. Nadia saw a large bathtub in the middle. Mary went near it and started the tap. In a minute, the bathtub was filled with water. Then Mary opens a small bottle and drops the contains into the water. She looked at Nadia and said, “Come. Take a bath. Stay for at least 10 minutes. Then you will be purified. “Nadia went near the bathtub and touched the water. It is cold, and it has a nice aroma. It feels refreshing when the aroma hits Nadia's nostrils. It makes her feel at home. Mary said, "Ta, take your time. I will go out." She left Nadia in that room alone. Nadia looks around and sees there is a white gown near the bathtub with towels. So she thought that she must wear it after cleaning. Nadia removed her cloth and went inside the bathtub. She likes the aroma. She starts to hum her favorite song. After 15 min, she went out. She wears the dress. It fits her perfectly. She smiled and went to look for Mary. She found her on the third floor. She was making some potion. Nadia said, "Hi, I came back. ``Mary looked up to Nadia and said, “O, You are back. Let us eat something. I am hungry." "Yes, let's go." They went to the kitchen. This house has only one kitchen, and it was on the first floor. Five people continuously cook. They went to a common space and said, “We are hungry. Please give us something to eat, “Mary said.”Wait, dear. I have an apple pie. It is in the oven. As soon as it is done, I will give it to you two. “One kitchen staff said. Both of them nod their head. The staff went away. Mary said, "You look nervous. Do not stress. “Nadia said, "Yes, I know I shouldn't stress, but I can't help it." “It’s natural." Within a few minutes, food came. They had their fill and went up. Then Mary said, "Let’s keep you distracted. Help me pick herbs. "
Nadia agreed, and they went to pick herbs. When she goes to the garden, she feels like someone is watching her. She looked here and there but found nothing. She thought she was illustrating, so she ignored it. Mary taught her about some plants and their benefits. Nadia listens to it. They do it until sunset. Then Mary said, “let go. We should meet up with the head. “Nadia nodded her head and starts to follow her. Nadia went with her. They went to the fourth floor. Bindi was there with Anna. Mary said, "Head, we are here." "Good. The test will start in an hour. We have to leave now. We will go to the forest where the Crown of the witch is kept. Now let's go."
They all went to the forest. It is a dense forest. You cannot see clearly. In addition, it is a new moon, so you can hardly see anything. Nadia holds Mary's hand. Mary said, "Don’t be afraid. I am here. '' Nadia nodded. She was feeling her bonds drying up. It is so cold that her fingers and toes went numb. She is hoping for a miracle. A miracle is the only thing that can save her. After walking for an hour, they reach a wide-open space. It is amazing. The forest was dense, but not a single leaf was present. She looked in the middle. In addition, saw a colorful pointing stone situated in a round rock table. Moreover, seven people surrounded it. From these seven, one asked, "did you come for the test" the head replied, "yes?" "How many will participate in the test.?" "Twelve," Bindi replied. "Then wait for the moon to rise. When it is just above the crown of the witch, you can conduct the test. Before that, let's begin the enchanting ceremony. “One said. Nadia asks Mary, "Who are they?
Is that the stone I have to touch?" "They are a caster. They protect the stone. They are continuously on guard so that they could protect the crown of the witch. ". "Ok. I get it" then all seven started to chant something. Nadia did not understand a single word. And they start to move rhythmically. After dancing for some time, they stop, and all of them move their hands. In between their hands, a light emerges, and they all send it toward the stone. The stone shines brightly. And they say, "now the test began" Nadia looked upward and saw the moon was aligned with the stone. And the stone is radiating more light. Head looked toward the participant and said, “Dear, come one by one and touch the stone. Try to connect with the stone. Remember to ask in your mind who you are supposed to be? And you will get the answer."
One by one, all participants go. And they all are witches. Six are caster, 4are herbalists, and one is a keeper. Now it is Nadia's turn. Everyone was looking at her. Mary squeezed her hand for encouragement. Nadia nodded and went near the stone. Every step makes her afraid of the unknown. She finally stands before the stone, which will decide her fate. She wants it to make her an average human—a normal human who can live freely. With a cold, shaky hand, Nadia touched the stone.
MOMENT OF TRUTH. Nothing happened…. Light did not shine or indicate anything. In addition, the light starts to fade away. Nadia smiles and thinks maybe because she is human; the light begins to fade away. But soon, her dreams start to fade away with the light. When all heard a c***k sound, they all look toward the source and become astonished.

Hi, my dear lovely reader, How are you all? IN This new chapter, I showed Nadia's fear for the future and wished she could go back to her past. In our life, there is a time when we all want to go back to the past. But still, we move forward and make a better future. Nadia is doing the same. Please support her and please subscribe and add this book to your library. Your love is the thing that makes me keep on going. So help me to keep going by showing love.


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