Just kill me

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Cracking Sound increases and Mary shouts "Nadia move” Nadia moves backwards and to her horror, the stone broke. Nadia was afraid to do anything. Everyone is shocked to see what happened here. The crown of the witch has more power than any witch. How can it be broken?? Nadia was so afraid that she collapsed. Mary ran toward her and asked, "are you okay?" "What just happened?" Nadia asked. Mary looked toward the head and bindi was astonished. Then she composed herself and said "it is proven that she is more powerful than us. Or how else are you all gonna describe it?" The rest of the witch agreed with her. She looked at Nadia and said "see I told you my prediction never fails. Now the question is what will we do?For that let's just take some time. In the meantime, Nadia will stay with us." Everyone agrees. Mary helps Nadia to stand up. They all went back home. Nadia was shocked to feel anything. She sits on the bed. Mary said "don't worry. I will see what their decision will be. “she left. Mia came near Nadia and said "meow" Nadia comes out of her trance and hugs mia. She started to cry and said "please; mia tell me; this is all just a nightmare. I can't bear it. They… they will kill me. How did I ever have that kind of power? My mom sealed it So how?" She remembered the ring of promise. She took it off and cried. She cried her heart out. After crying so much she fell asleep. She saw a beautiful dream where she was playing with Mia and her grandmother was cooking in the kitchen. She saw her home; her backyard; her garden. But suddenly it all caught on fire and everything vanished. Only ash remains. She cried in the dream. When she feels like someone is pushing her and calling her name. She opened her eyes and saw Mary was standing there. "Nadia you have to go. here put it on" she gives her a black cloth with a hood. Hide your face with it. And here put it on your body. Then Mary sprayed it. "This way you won't be noticed." Mary said. Nadia looked at Mary and asked, "what are you doing?" "Preparing you to escape. All the heads and others decide to imprison you. So I am making your escape." "But where will I go? it is a foreign country. I don't have a passport to go back. "Nadia replied.”I know that.that why I am giving you this." Mary gave her a bag. She said"it was for my emergency escape. I made this passport and here is some money. It will help you reach your home. She gave me some food. Nadia asked, "why are you doing all this?" "Because you deserve to live. I saw you for the last three days. But you helped me and you never complained. You have a good heart. Maybe the prediction is right but you may not be the girl. It might be someone else. “Nadia hugged Mary and said, "I will never forget you." "Me too. Now wear it. We have to leave before they suspect us. “both Nadia and mary wear the hood and come out. There were 2 on guard. But they are talking with themselves. Mary said "don't worry they won't be able to follow. Now you go and here go straight. You will find residents. Go there and ask for help. They are generally helpful but you have to find them. Make sure not to get caught. “they come to the first floor. Mary opens the back door and both start running. Then after 15 minutes, they separate. Nadia took Mia. She ran and ran. Suddenly she hears a wolf calling. Her heart started to beat more. She felt like running and she was about to when she heard another howling. She looked toward her right and saw a wolf was standing there. It has brown fur. It's beautiful and dangerous. But she felt a connection with it. She felt like she knew it. She wants to move forward and touch it. When she heard the crushing sound of leaves. It was coming toward her. She wants to run but she can't. Her feet were like ice chunks. Her mind is telling her to move but her brain isn't working. Suddenly the wolf pushed her. It howls on her face. She also shouts. She saw it coming close to bite her. She stopped breathing and waited for the pain. But nothing came. She opened one eye and saw that the wolf was on her but not looking at her. It was looking
down. She tried to see what it was looking at and thought that this wolf was a p*****t. How can it look at her chest? She said "if you want to kill me just kill me. Don't look at my chest. How can you be so perverted." Wolf looked at her and they heard another noise. "Now what?"Nadia asked. She looked toward the source and saw 4 more wolves. They are surrounding her from 4 sides. The wolf on her left her. She tries to stand up but fails. After the 2nd attempt, she stood up. She said "what do you want? Look; I am so thin. You won't be able to enjoy my meat. So let me go. Please. “she tried to corner to one side but one wolf howled. She screamed. And all hell breaks loose. The one who attacked Nadia first started to attack other wolves. She saw it. They fight like crazy. All want to attract their neck. Nadia guessed that it was their weak point. But Nadia feels odd because instead of attacking her they start to attack the wolf. They are fighting. And Nadia saw the chance and started to run She ran and ran. She got tired due to running. She touched a trunk tree and took a deep breath. She holds Mia and looks around. She is so tired that she wants to collapse. But she keeps moving. Then she saw a cave and went inside it. It was an abandoned cave. She set mia down and took some big tree leaves. She covers the mouth of the cave and hides there. She took out a water bottle and drank a few sips. She tries to hear the voice but hears nothing. She sits and tries to relax her excited nerves. Almost an hour passed. She thought it was safe to come out. So she came out. And start to go in the direction Mary told. Thank god Mary gave her campus to follow it. She walked and walked. And suddenly she stopped. Mia looked forward and weakly called out. Nadia was too afraid to breathe. In front of her, a large wolf is standing. It came toward her. And she walked backwards. It has white fur. So Nadia can see it in the dark. She was praying to God that He sent someone to help. And the wolf launched at her. She tries to scream but it didn't come out. Before it, she starts to see black…
Hi, my dear readers, Hope you like today's chapter. Our Nadia is so afraid but anyone will be if they are thrown in front of a wolf. But tell me; WILL OUR NADIA BE SAVE? WILL GOD HEAR HER PRAYER AND SEND SOMEONE? Please tell me in the COMMENTS and if you like my book please add it to your library and keep reading. Hope you will enjoy the journey. Love you all. THANK YOU to all who add it to your library.

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