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She thought that she was about to faint. But before it, the werewolf launched at her. She suddenly remembered the potion Mary gave her. So she took out the bottle. At the same time, the wolf landed on her. She fell to the ground and the bottle rolled out from her hand. The wolf was about to bite her neck when another wolf came and pushed it. The two howled. And then they started to move in circles. It looked like they were checking each other's strength and weakness. They give three rounds before launching at each other. Nadia was bewildered to move from there. She was looking at their fight. Both werewolves are equal in strength. No one is backing down. Finally, the white wolf strikes the brown wolf. The brown wolf has an injury close around its neck. Then the brown wolf launched and they are fighting so first that Nadia can't differentiate who is fighting and who is losing. Suddenly she thought no matter what she had to run away. She looked for the bottle and took it. Just when she was about to leave she heard a wounded howl. She looked and saw that the white werewolf was heavily injured. And a brown werewolf was looking at it. She felt pain for the injured werewolf but thought that it was the one who attacked her first. So she tried to run away. But one dried branch broke under her feet. She holds her breath. But the brown wolf already saw her trying to escape. She took Mia and made a run. The brown wolf ran after her. They run but the strange thing is he never caught her. Nadia ran for 10 min and stopped. She thought if this wolf was going to kill her then so be it. She couldn't run more. She held onto a tree and took rapid breaths. But then she saw the wolf stop and keep looking at her. She got curious. And asked "why are you chasing me? Do you want to eat me? No; you are only chasing me. Are you having fun?? Here I am in a life or death situation and you are chasing me at a slow pace. Why?" The wolf didn't say anything. Then Nadia said "of course you can't say. You are a wolf. Look wolf if you want to play with run and chase find someone. I don't have energy. Please spare me"Wolf howled in a deep low voice. Nadia said "fine. Do as you please. But don't attack me out of anywhere. At least give a warning so that I can pray before my last breath. " Wolf was looking at her. Nadia also looked at it. Then after some time, she said to herself "Nadia; you have gone mad. You are talking with a wolf and the one who attracted you." She looked toward the wolf and said "Remember what I told you. Don't attack me." After that Nadia started to walk again. This time the wolf walked by her side. Nadia became less afraid of the wolf. She even started to talk "hey; do you understand what I am saying? Are you from here? Why did you fight with another wolf? Did you live alone? Wait!!! Don't tell me you fight with them to save me?? No; no why should you? You don't even know me. Do you have any name?" She continued to ask questions but got no answers. But still she asked. Then she said "sorry. Actually, it's dark and I am walking alone. So I want to talk to make me distracted. “wolf nobs its head. Badia smiled and said "so you do know my language. I am so proud of you wolfie. Yes. I will call you wolfie. It's cute. I hope you don't mind. As long as you let me live I will call you wolfie. God promise" and she gave a beautiful smile. In the wolf's eyes, she looks like a spring who brought life after a ruthless cold. Giving it the life it wants. His spring. Nadia stops and looks at the campus. She saw it's not directing anything. "Strange. It was ok a few minutes ago. What happened now??" She tried again but it didn't give any direction.”Now what?? How can I reach the station or locality? This campus is broken. “the wolf came near her and nagged her.”What is it; wolfie?" It nags again. And look toward a path. Nadia saw and asked, "do you want me to follow that path?" Wolf nod its head. "You won't take me there to kill me; right?" Wolf nob again. Nadia thought about what to do. This wolf didn't try to kill her and help her escape my other wolf. Also got injuries when fighting. So she thought to trust it. And if it tries to kill her she will use the potion. With this determination, she said "lead the way. I will follow you." ~Val~ "What was that?? We came to steal" the crown of the witch” but before We could, that girl broke it. Is it even possible?" Val asked. "I don't know. Maybe she is the ONE. “Hope said. "What do you mean by The One?" Val asked. "Do you remember the prediction? 75 years ago the head told that One girl will be born who will have the power to destroy the world or she can reunite the world. That's why for 75 years many witches lost their child and their lives too." Hope said. Val looked at her and said, "so she can be that girl." "Only that explains why the "crown of the witch is broken'. But what I don't understand is how she broke it. I checked all the candidates. In them only she was the weakest. Weak to the point that you will think of her as human. But how can she destroy it?" Hope asked in confusion. "Yes. But what should we do now."Roy asked. "Of course we should take the girl,” Val said. Both Roy and Hope look at him."Are you crazy?Why should we take her?"Roy asked. Hope said "Val; think. It's dangerous. " "No, we have to take that girl. If she is on our side we can easily win. “Val said. Hope tried again "Val there are so many witches. We are only three. How can we win against them? Think about the odds “but Val said we don't have to worry about fighting. Look “he pointed towards the wood. Roy and Hope looked at the wood and saw a girl was running away. The hood hid her face. "Is she trying to escape?" Roy asked. "Yes. If she stayed, they might kill her. So it's a nice move but a risky one. “Val said. And he started to follow her. Both hope and Roy follow him too. After following for an hour when they thought they would be distended from the witch area; Val attacked her. But to his surprise that girl was first and moved aside. Then Roy attacked her. But she took a needle and pushed it into his neck. He stops moving and falls to the ground. Val shouts "ROY!!" But the girl started to run again. Hope went near her and pushed her hard. She fell and hit the stone. Blood started to pour out of her head. Hope went near her and removed the hood. When she saw her; she said "You???" Hi guys. Hope you like the chapter. Who is the girl in the hood? And should Nadia follow that werewolf? Who is this wolf? Why is he helping her? or is it helping Nadia or sending Nadia to her death.Please give a review. Please add it to your library. And enjoy reading.
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